mystic lilies

You will discover that a pure white flower will begin to reveal itself in your being—the mystic lily, the lotus of the Eastern seers. This is the entering of the holy halls of abstract thought, where the wisdom of God, the universal knowledge, can be absorbed in the form of a force. It is a walking in the light, as He is in the light.

In this way an immeasurable divine knowledge, a divine philosophy, unfolds before you, the philosophy of magical knowledge. On this basis, at this gate of eternity, all those who are called to a new intellectuality, all lovers of true wisdom, will be united. At this gate to eternity there will be thinkers, poets, and builders, people who are called from all branches of science, art, and religion. And refreshed at the one source of Original Wisdom, as brothers and sisters linked to each other in one chain, they will set to work for the majestic unfolding of their talents. In the light of God, their talents will blossom like roses and hand in hand they will write with their luminous deeds the Librum Naturae, the great Book of Nature, as a truth which will span eternities.

Everything untrue is doomed to death; everything born out of the eternal solar heart of the Father is called to life.


Photography by David Gregory =D 

We love working with David he is such a fantastic photographer <3

Lovely Murmurs

Original Imagine: Imagine being best friends with Damon and spending the night over at his house and while he thinks you’re sleeping, he runs his fingers across your cheek confessing his feelings for you

Author: paigearmitagehiddleston

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 399

Lily and Damon sat on the couch in the Salvatore boarding house.

Stefan and Elena had gone out leaving the two alone in the house.

Lily and Damon had met the first night he arrived in Mystic Falls.

Lily walked down the darkened streets of the small Virginia town. She had been born and raised here and it seemed like nothing exciting ever happened. She passed by an alleyway and saw two figures.

One of them was obviously a guy and the other, a female.

Lily figured they were making out, because she could hear the woman moaning. Her cheeks flushed and her heartbeat sped up.

The man stepped back from the woman and the woman hit the ground.

In a second, the man was standing in front of her with blood all over his mouth. His eyes were blood red, along with the veins around them.

Lily wanted to scream, but found herself unable to.

The man’s eyes slowly faded into a crystal blue. “Are you afraid?” he taunted.

Lily could only nod.

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