mystic lilies


✿ *wiggles fingers* this is what happens when Vanderwood is allowed to dwell on odd MM meta stuff while watching artsy movies with their friends all afternoon.

Basic idea behind these scribbles is this: instead of a MC that finds a phone and is contacted by Saeran, this MC is a witch who operates a teeny-tiny occult store that each member of the RFA visits on their route. Yoosung wants a charm to help pass his classes, Zen wants a good luck spell so he can get a role, Jumin wants a potion that’ll make his dad stop falling in love with terrible women, Jaehee wants to buy some sleep, etc. The MC, using her magic, grants these petty wishes - and gets to know each of the RFA members through doing so…

All the while wondering what the purpose of her existence is, because before that fated first meeting… she can’t quite remember anything at all.

Her personality is weird, making her prone to meandering philosophical conversation, and she’s terrible with all forms of technology.