mystic lilies

Hey everyone ! ^^ How are you ? :-) This is a new… Drawing ? I don’t really know how to call it, to be honest… This is very different of what I am used to do. But I hope that you will enjoy this picture anyway. :-) So this is some Lily x Saeran (again… Sorry, I hope that I am not bothering you all with this couple. ^^”). When I created it, I had this kind of scenario in head :

ZEN has entered the chatroom :

ZEN : Oh ! Lily ! Hi ! ^^

Lily : Hey, Zen !

ZEN : It’s a beautiful day, today. I was wondering if you wanted to go outside, with me ?

Lily : U-uh, well… ^^”

Unknown has entered the chatroom :

Unknown : ZEN…

(I made it myself).

ZEN : Uh-oh…

Unknown : I think I already told you that you shouldn’t aproach her, or else…

ZEN : But PLEASE ! I was just asking to her if she wanted to go outside with me ! Where is the matter ?! I don’t see it ! Gosh ! I don’t know which is the worst between you and that other jerk that Jumin is !

Jumin Han has entered the chatroom :

Jumin Han : What did you just say ?

ZEN : Oh, that’s just GREAT ! Too many jerks in that chatroom ! Lily, say something !

Lily : Well… What Saeran PROBABLY wanted to say, was that we were already hanging out together.

Lily : Here’s a pic !

MC has entered the chatroom :

ZEN : NO WAY ! But… What about MC ? I thought that you were always together !

MC : Hey everyone ! How are you today ?

ZEN : MC ! Is that true that you let Lily go outside with Saeran ?

MC : Well… Yes. Why ?

ZEN : But what if she is attacked ? What if she has a problem ?!

MC : Well… Saeran is here with her, right ? So, she’s safe. It’s okay.

ZEN : No, this is not okay !

MC : Why ?

Jumin Han : … Don’t ask. He is just jealous that Saeran has a girlfriend and not him.

MC : Ooooooh, I see !~

707 has entered the chatroom !

707 : Lolol ! Poor Zenny, always complaining about being lonely ! Do you want me to bring you Elly to give you some compagny ?

ZEN : Don’t you DARE to bring that furr ball here !

Jumin Han : How DARE you insulting MY Elizabeth the 3rd ?!

ZEN : I just say what she is ! A lazy furr ball !

MC : Guys, PLEASE ! STOP !

ZEN : …

Jumin Han : …

ZEN : … Why did you went out in the first place ?

Lily : Oh, well… Saeran wanted to go on a date with me one day, and the day has come. He brought me to the park after eating some Ice Cream that he offered me.

Unknown : Hey, hey, HEY ! Careful about what you say.

Lily : Why ??

Unknown : Because… Come on, you know why !

Lily : I don’t…

Saeran : You do ! I don’t want Zen to think of me as a generous person.

Lily : Why not ? It’s good to know that you are kind ! ^^ You even paid the bill !

Saeran : Gaaah, sh-shut up ! It was an exception, okay ?!

707 : Lololol !! The big bad wolf seems to be in fact a little kitten that needs affection !

Unknown : I sait SHUT UP !

707 : Aww, don’t be shyyyyyy ! Once you’ll get home with Lily, we’ll do a family hug ! ^o^ Okaaaaayyyyyy ? (^w^)

Unknown has left the chatroom.

707 : Lol, so shy ! Make sure he doesn’t lost himself, Lily, alriiiight ?

Lily : Y-yes, of course ! Then… I’ll get going. I see you and MC later ! Bye, guys !

Lily has left the chatroom.

In real life…

Lily : Saeran ! Wait ! Why did you ran away like that ?

Saeran : …

Lily : Come on, stop pouting ! I didn’t wanted to be mean, I swear… I’m sorry…

Saeran : It’s not that. It’s just that… I don’t remember how family hugs feel. I never had one since I joined the RFA; So I’m a bit stressed…

Lily : Hey… *Comes near Saeran* It’s just a hug. You’ll get used to it.

Saeran : I don’t know… I never had that kind of hug for so long…

Lily : Then… I’ll give you a preview, then.

Saeran : Whaa- ?!

Lily : *Hugs Saeran* See ? It’s not that bad…

Saeran : Yeah… Thanks… Lily. *Hugs Lily back*.

WEEEEEEELL… THIS TIME, I ADMIT IT, I WENT TOO FAR. (0o0)” But I now have a name for this couple (at least for now) : Saeily ! :-3 So ? What do you think about this post ? :-) Don’t be shy to comment, I’ll read everything ! ^^ Thank you for reading this post, and

never forget that YOU are the BEST ! :-)

Dear Lily, Welcome to the RFA !

Hey everyone ! So, I wrote a little scenario, which tells how Lily explained her personnal story to the RFA members. I am not a professional writer, so this may contains grammatical mistakes and a poor storyline, but I still hope that you will like it ! ^^ Enjoy ! ^^

Welcome to the RFA !

It’s been three days since Lily and Saeran officially joined the RFA. But still, if Saeyoung had aready told everything about his twin brother to everyone, nobody really knows who Lily is. MC decided to do a question time at 707’s apartment to make Lily answer all the questions asked by the RFA members, thinking that it would help her getting along with everyone.
Being the shy girl she is, Lily wasn’t okay to do this at first, but being as stubborn as she is, MC succeded and, in the end, Lily had to answer everyone’s questions.

MC :  Okay. So. Who wants to ask something first ?

Yoosung : Me !

Lily : Y-yes ?…

Yoosung : Have you ever played LoLoL ? (^_^)

Jaehee, Jumin, Saeran and Zen : *Thinks : Seriously ?? (=_=)*

Lily : W-well, no, never… I never played video games before…

Yoosung : Really ?! How is it possible ?!

Lily : I-is it a bad thing ? Oh my God, I am so s-sorry !

Zen : Stop it, Yoosung. Don’t you see that you’re scaring her ?

Yoosung : Oops, um… Sorry. ^^;;

Zen : And you keep wondering why you’re still single ? (-_-)

Yoosung : Hey ! I didn’t know, okay ?!

MC : That’s okay, guys. She’ll live. Right, lil’ sis’ ?

Lily : O-oh, uhm… Y-yes, of course…

MC : Next question ? … Yes, Jumin ?

Jumin : How did you become a Mint Eye member ?

Jaehee : *Chokes with her coffee* Mr Han ! Isn’t it a bit… Rude to ask her this kind of thing when she just recovers about it ?

Jumin : I don’t see what is the matter. Like you said, she recovered. And I am really curious about her answer.

Zen : Are you serious, dude ?! What about her feelings ?!

Lily : …

Everyone (except Saeran) : *Wait for her answer*.

Saeran : Lily… If you don’t want to, don’t feel forced to answer. It’s your right.

Lily : Thank you, Saeran, but… I am going to answer. I am just searching for my words…

MC : You seems to know many things about this, Saeran…

Saeran : We’ve been supporting each other for years, so she had time to tell me many things despite our hard work with Mint Eye…

Lily : … It all started when I became to feel like a total stranger at home. I was probably ten when I felt like that. You have to know that… My parents didn’t want me. They were very kind with me, though ! But… They were treating me like a stranger. The only one who was treating me as a member of her family was MC. But, like she was the only one to be that kind with me, I began to think of me as a weight for her. So… I ran away. And after many hours of walking, I thought of MC… And I realized how much I missed her. On my way back home, I met some strange guys. They told me that they were going to bring me to paradise. I was too weak and they took me with them. When I woke up, I was in a very strange jail. That’s when I met Saeran… We were both so alike : we both missed somebody and… We were weak… They gave us a strange treatment, and Saeran began to change his comportment… Seeing him change everyday… It was scaring me… But… I… I still wanted to protect him. But if I wanted to protect him, I had to stay the same as I was. So I told Rika… That I wanted to join Mint Eye by myself. I told her that I would'nt be a traitor because I was too traumatized to tell anybody what happened to Saeran and I. She accepted, but… Just to make sure that I would officially be a member of Mint Eye…

Saeran : They tattooed this symbol on your neck, despite your protests…

MC : Saeran ?

Saeran : Rika forced me to see this. She told me : “See how she is free from her pain, now. Isn’t it beautiful ?”. I wasn’t myself, so I thought like her… But that’s not an excuse… Now, Lily will be forced to remember these bad memories forever.

Lily : It’s not your fault, stop worrying… None of us wanted this to happen. This is just a serie of events that none could’ve predicted. Moreover… This is just my skin. The neck can be hidden by many things, such as… A scarf, for example !

Saeran : I would be pretty curious to see you wearing a scarf in summer…

Lily : I’ll find a solution.

MC : Still… I didn’t know that Mom and Dad didn’t desired you… That’s why they weren’t that afflicted by your disappearance ?… Oh, Lily, I am so sorry…

Lily : No need to apologize, I swear… Life is cruel, but… It gave me the chance to meet Saeran.

707/Saeyoung : And to be kidnapped, and to have a tattoo, and to be exploited… Seriously, how can you be so positive ?! Even I can’t be that positive !

Jaehee : Still… I am wondering. What happened to you, MC, after Lily’s disappearance ?

Yoosung : Hey, that’s true ! You never told us about Lily and your past with her !

MC : … Do I really have to answer ?

Lily : I answered their questions, too !

MC : Alright, alright… Well… After Lily’s disappearance, we moved away because I was depressed. The house reminded me too much of you… But, the more I tried to forget, the more you haunted my mind. I was always thinking about you, from the grocery shop to the house, during my homework… Everywhere, everytime, you were always there, in my mind. Just wanted you to be fine, wherever you cloud be… And, one day… As I left my apartment to find you, like many other times… I received a strange message, from a strange app.

Jumin : Wait…

Zen : You mean… ?

MC : Yes. That was the message that led me to Rika’s appartment, the same that made me meet you, guys.

Yoosung : I CAN’T BELIEVE IT !!

707/Saeyoung : Incredible !

MC : Yeah… So, in a way… Lily made me meet you, guys.

Lily : W-woah… I didn’t expect that… I should thanks Saeran, then.

Saeran : Why ? (-_-)

Lily : Because you could have choose anybody else, but you choose her.

Saeran : Ah. (-_-)

707/Saeyoung : Weeeeell, that was really unexpected ! Who would’ve thought ?!

MC : Yeah ! Well, question time is over, I think. ^^

Zen : Wait ! I just have one more question !

Lily : Yes ?

Zen : …

Everyone : *Waiting for his question*.

*Drum roll~*

Zen : How old are you ? Can I go out with you ? You’re MC’s sister, after all, and that’s not nothing ! (>v0)b

Lily : I… Uh… I-I… I am-…

Saeran : (+.+) *Comes over Lily* Don’t you dare to approach her. She’s mine. (+.+) Moreover, the question time has ended. So don’t you even try to touch her. (+.+)

Zen : *Shocked by Saeran’s agressivity (because he was so calm the second before he spoke !)*. 0.0"

707/Saeyoung : Lolololol !!! Zen is a victim ! Lolololololol !! *Burst of laughter*.

Lily : Haha… ^^“ U-um, th-thanks, Saeran. ^^” And, well… Sorry, Zen, but I don’t think that Something will ever happen between us… You’re not my style.

Zen.EXE has stopped. Major error reason : Friendzone.

707/Saeyoung : Well… Who wants some Honey Buddha Chips ? (^w^)

Yoosung : Me ! Me !

MC : Why not ? ^^

This day, everyone has learnt something new : Lily discovered that Jaehee loves coffee, that her sister has always a thought for her during all the time she hadn’t been there, Zen learnt that if he approached Lily too much, he would die young, Jaehee discovered that Zen could be friendzoned, 707 and MC discovered that it was really FATE that led them to know each other, Yoosung learnt that it was possible to live without video games, Saeran discovered that he could be very influent on Zen, and Jumin… Well, Jumin probably learnt Something too. (I think).

Aaaaaaaaand that’s all for now ! ^^ I still don’t know what I wrote… I hope that you enjoyed it, even if I know that my writing skills aren’t THAT good… ^^“
Thank you very mch for reading,

and never forget that YOU are the BEST ! ^^

You will discover that a pure white flower will begin to reveal itself in your being—the mystic lily, the lotus of the Eastern seers. This is the entering of the holy halls of abstract thought, where the wisdom of God, the universal knowledge, can be absorbed in the form of a force. It is a walking in the light, as He is in the light.

In this way an immeasurable divine knowledge, a divine philosophy, unfolds before you, the philosophy of magical knowledge. On this basis, at this gate of eternity, all those who are called to a new intellectuality, all lovers of true wisdom, will be united. At this gate to eternity there will be thinkers, poets, and builders, people who are called from all branches of science, art, and religion. And refreshed at the one source of Original Wisdom, as brothers and sisters linked to each other in one chain, they will set to work for the majestic unfolding of their talents. In the light of God, their talents will blossom like roses and hand in hand they will write with their luminous deeds the Librum Naturae, the great Book of Nature, as a truth which will span eternities.

Everything untrue is doomed to death; everything born out of the eternal solar heart of the Father is called to life.