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Ahh your headcanons are so sweet! I love them~ If you don't mind, could you possibly do Unknown and MC sweater shopping? <3

  • oh
  • my
  • god.
  • did you mean: force your boyfriend to try on millions of ridiculous sweaters while he acts all embarrassed but secretly enjoys it
  • saeran has been looking for an excuse to wear terrible garbage and have someone else to use as a scapegoat and oh boy you fit the bill.
  • changing room selfies
  • yelling at him to come out and show you already
  • him shoving you out so he can try on another sweater and you’re like, dude, you’re not even taking off your shirt
  • poor shy flustered brainwashed cultist boy.
  • anyway he refuses to wear matching sweaters but will wear the glittery sequin one just for you.
  • you beg him to do cute poses in the mirrors and he’s like ugh god i hate you fine
  • you put on one of the huge men’s sweaters, hide your hands in the sleeves, and smack him with the fabric
  • it turns into a fight. you are nearly removed from the sweater store.
  • you go to the optometrist afterwords and make him try on frames
  • he’s so damn cute holy shit
  • piles of bags in hand, you go to a coffeeshop in the mall, get a seat by the window, and drink hot cocoa while the snow falls outside
  • he’s all snuggly in one of his new sweaters and it’s just
  • b l e s s

Saeyoung: Ehe! Spread the love, Saeran!

Saeran: (I can’t believe I’m doing this, eugh, please stop touching me—)


This week in corset OOTDs (from top left, clockwise)

  • MCC 33 by Mystic City Corsets beneath a wool Modcloth dress
  • CS-411 by Orchard Corset with an Express button-up and unbranded slacks
  • Self-made waist training underbust corset beneath a thrift-store top and Pinup Girl Clothing A-line skirt
  • Josephine corset by Isabella Corsetry beneath an older dress purchased from Kohl’s

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Saeran, we don't really know each other, but after all you've been through, I hope you find happiness. You deserve all the ice cream in the world! I'd love to get to know you better if you'd let me. <3 And Saeyoung, you're seriously the light of my life! Thanks for making me smile even on hard days. LOVE YOU!! 💫

Saeran: …………..

Saeyoung: OH?! You’ve effectively broken him! Ehem. Beep beep. Brobot, please respond. Over.


Guess my favorite colors; I dare you!

Consider this a corset OOTD “catch up” post. Corsets I wore over the past week (in order of photographs): Mystic City MCC 33, SnowBlack Corsets custom cincher, Orchard Corset CS-411, Isabella Corsetry Josephine, Josephine (again), self-made tightlacing underbust, Josephine (again)


And here are a few of this week’s corset OOTDs (from left)

  • MCC 33 by Mystic City Corsets under an unbranded turtleneck sweater with slacks
  • Josephine corset by Isabella Corsetry beneath a Pinup Girl Clothing button-up top and A-line skirt
  • Mesh Cs-411 lightly laced under a thrift store top with slacks.