euphoriacreations is my new fave online shop! they have a wide range of spiritual and mysthic jewellery like necklaces, rings and earrings for an affordable price.

I’m in love with the whole online shop especially with the Crystal collection, so you should definetely check it out! 

The shop is based in England, UK, but they also ship worldwide and deliver within 7-10 working days only. 

The owner, Ella, is a really kind and lovely person and started the online shop in 2013! 

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click here to be redirected to the online shop. If you have some questions, just ask me them in my askbox. xxx

sooo. if there’s anyone who’s stalking my tumblr you may’ve noticed my skul photo.

i’m working on a paraphrase of baroque still life now. i need to get all the stuff, this is just a draft but still i like it a lot.

it’s made with acrylic paints but the final version will be in oil.


and now i’ll bite my fingers and wait what the tumblrs reaction will be….

fck. my first art post on tumblr.