things me and my friend have said on skype ask meme

“Does this look like a fucking GAME?”
“No, you hang up first.”
“Fight me.”
“Is it too late to make popcorn?”
“What about waffles?”
“I’ll spray deodorant on it.”
“Stop singing Phantom Of The Opera.”
“It’s not dying.”
“Why isn’t it dying?”
“It’s like the size of an anaconda.”
“I’m in my pajamas, is that awkward?”
“What do worms smell like?”
“I accidentally dropped my iPad out the window.”
“Eat it.”
“You’re so smart.”
“Gimme more!”
“Fuck you!”
“Do you need to pee too?”
“Where would you be going?”
“Oh my fucking God…”

the last two episodes of stranger things are the absolute best because like. the entire season, the show was divided in three separate groups of characters that were investigating the same mystery but going at it in completely different ways. basically, the change in tone made it feel like it was three different series cobbled together (kids dealing with mysteryous science-y stuff and bonding in the process / adults investigating a creepy government conspiracy / a literal teen horror movie). and then the last two episodes come about and mesh them up together in a way that almost feels like it’s a crossover between different series, but no, it’s in the series itself. it’s amazing

Alvis from Xenoblade Chronicles || Art by me || sketch ver. || Twitter

One of the reasons why I hate Alvis so much is because throughout the game I always get the feeling that he’s laughing at me, acting so mysterious all the time. The kind of face someone makes when they think “Oh, poor people. They know so little. They’re playing my game.”.

Most useful instructions on how to make a dragon. From The mysteryes of nature and art : conteined in foure severall tretises, the first of water workes, the second of fyer workes, the third of drawing, colouring, painting, and engrauing, the fourth of divers experiments, as wel serviceable as delightful, published in London, in 1634  [source]