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Sketch Page #2

It’s amazing what a week of not being able to draw can do for your productivity when you get back into it. Was having a hard time jumping back into commissions so I once again used the MSA characters as practice since I’ve been wanting to loosen up my posing and expressions anyway, so this was a good exercise. Little bit of everything on this one too. Mostly everyone is wearing simple clothing since this was more for anatomy practice as well. No fancy outfits this time. :V

Anyway enjoy! *swooshes to bed*

Hyper Perception is a phenomenon which occurs when a person visits a place for the first time yet experiences a strong sense of familiarity. This should not be confused with the phenomenon déjà vu which is most often fleeting and just a brief feeling of having seen something before or done something before already. Hyper Perception can be extended when the person may also perceive things about the place that they possibly could not have known. The feeling grows stronger the longer they stay, and sometimes people have even reported suddenly being aware of past memories of the place, often from other times - even decades or centuries past.

In certain cases people who have experienced very strong hyper perceptions find the experience quite disturbing. The picture above is of the main hall in Warwick Castle in England. Years ago a member of Britain Explorer visited the castle to take photos and was left overwhelmed with having a sense of having lived at the castle. He later spent months researching his family tree and the history of the castle but couldn’t find a connection. He claims the feeling was like nothing else he had ever experienced.

Very little appears to have been written about this phenomenon.

Luis Romo making Morgan Freeman look like the god he is, in this very cool illustrated character poster.

Oblivion (2013)

A veteran assigned to extract Earth’s remaining resources begins to question what he knows about his mission and himself.

Director: Joseph Kosinski

Writers: Karl GajdusekMichael Arndt

Stars: Tom CruiseMorgan FreemanAndrea Riseborough

Poster Designed by Luis Romo


Solitaire by Alice Oseman

Re-Release Date: March 30, 2015

Genres: Mystery, Mental-Health

Age Group: Young Adult

Check it out on Goodreads here.

I received a copy for review via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review

NOTE: This whole review is NOT a spoiler, BUT there might be moments where you might feel spoiled, so, read with care—these are the ramblings of a slightly crazed reader

"In the swirly wallpaper of my room, stooped yellow figures creep back and forth and back and forth until I’m hypnotized. In my bed someone has placed an enormous glass cage on top of me and the air is slowly stewing sour. In my dreams I’m running around in circles atop a cliff, but there’s a boy in a red hat catching me every time I try to jump off" (Alice Oseman) 

The thing about Alice Oseman’s Solitaire is that it demands to be read. This young adult novel is an incredibly layered novel that challenges what we deem as real—which is perfectly ironic considering the protagonist’s stance on what is real. 

Victoria, or Tori, the protagonist, is a self-proclaimed pessimist and by her negative view of the world around her, it’s easy to see why she’s come to this conclusion. Tori is the type of person who quietly observes and judges from the corner of a room, while pretending to care about the people around her. It’s pretty easy to not like Tori, just like she doesn’t like herself. What’s interesting about Tori isn’t so much how she treats those around her, it’s how her world is so warped that it’s hard to notice what’s real and what isn’t. 

First, I want to mention the absolute brilliant idea of working in themes from the darker sides of classic literature into a book about a protagonist who supposedly doesn’t care about anything literary. The quote I started this review with is the perfect example of how disconnected she is from the world around her. She actively hates the idealisms found in certain novels, but they still find a way into her subconscious, begging the question of whether her attitude is also a figment of her imagination. The people she meets, the friends she makes/loses—they all represent something inside of her that she is willing to either comprehend, see, or accept. This is where reality starts to warp for me.

Bear with me for a moment—this book has completely warped my mind.

Tori herself is the person who brings into question the validity of her experiences. She’s constantly reaching out to see if what she is seeing, experiencing, and learning is real. At one point she comments on how reading literature is horrible and unhealthy because you’re seeing the story through the protagonist’s eyes, making it impossible to see what’s real and what isn’t. The fact that she states this is intriguing because as a reader, I am experiencing exactly what she’s stating. I’m seeing the world through her eyes, so I’m just as much in doubt of what is real and what isn’t as she is, because her point of view is all I see. All I have to go on are the barest of hints thrown out as bait throughout the novel, and as a person too curious about reality, I cling to these morsels of information as if I haven’t eaten in weeks. 

The references used from certain mind-bending novels like The Catcher in the Rye and Fight Club not only serve the purpose of maybe hinting that something isn’t quite right in this story, but also bring to mind that perhaps Tori is that embodiment of relevant culture and how things, like the internet, blur the line of reality. Solitaire, the website, is just another way of her to experience something she constantly denies herself. It’s like this website is another side of her that just won’t act when she needs to. It’s a way for her to connect with the world in a way that she won’t allow for herself. The use of escapism via the internet and films (Donnie Darko and Garden State) also appear to be in conflict with the messages found in certain classic novels. All of these references suggest the idea of dark imaginings and warping of realities to match what we feel and what we’re unable to comprehend—as if compartmentalizing is possibly the only way to deal with the reality of life and truth. 

My mind is literally warped right now. I want to explain what I’ve read and how it’s affected me, but all I can think about is the conclusion and how everything is so open-ended in a way. I feel as if I’ve read a book that wasn’t real. As if I was sitting with my e-reader reading a blank page, because the words, the sentences, and the themes hint to the idea that nothing in Oseman’s novel was true for Tori. I feel like every moment was imagined and she was just living a constant daydream that she couldn’t wake up from. 

Okay, let me be a little more concise than my previous paragraphs: this was a great novel that actually makes you think, but has the potential to mentally screw with you. Is Tori’s reality actually real, or is it just a hoax to make you think that her experiences are real?

I’m probably thinking too much about this, but when I started reading Solitaire I sure as hell did not expect to be so mindfucked.

Would I recommend this to anyone? Yeah, because as messed up as it is, it’s still nice to read something that could reach out and change the way you view things. Do I feel like my brain is melting and I need to read something a bit lighter and more sane? Yes.

Happy reading!

Saturday, 28. 03. 2015

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I babysit for two boys off and on and a while ago, I showed them Mystery Skulls Ghost and they fell in love with it. Whenever they see me now, they ask to see the video. A few hours ago, they came over for the night and they saw my Vivi painting. They asked if they could color the gang too. Since there is no real coloring pages, I drew a couple at their request. Palmer, age 6, loves Mystery and thought his kitsune form was a spider so he got the mutt in his kitsune form and in a spider costume. Harmon, age 5, loves Lewis and wanted a drawing of Lewis painting. I left Lewis’s canvas blank so that Harmon can draw his own little photo and he did a great job.

March 24, 2015 — This day was a normal day. I got up, drank hundred cups of coffee, listened to some good music, posted and reblogged things on Tumblr, read creepy short stories on Reddit – every little part of my daily habit. It seemed like it was just another not-so-worthy day of being unsociable and coming face-to-face with my computer. Until all of a sudden I had an urge to try this photography thing that was so much fun and engaging. I took pictures of the flowers, the plants, the trees, the sky, and everything I found fascinating.

So fast-forward to the editing part. There was this photograph of the sky that caught my attention. Here’s a look of the unedited photo I was blogging about:

It looks pretty normal, right?

But if you’re curious enough, you might want to zoom in at the upper left part of the photo, and you’ll notice three dots (they seem like dots but surely there’s more appropriate word for them) forming a triangular shape.

When we are so baffled at something, we tend to look it up on the internet to find some theories and explanations. Even so, sometimes we just ended up being even more puzzled.

Despite of that, I looked it up because someone else certainly had or have witnessed it. As it turned out, there were many other people who reported seeing similar (though not identical) three dots or lights in the sky, but with different days, months, and years.

What was that triangular shape in the sky? With so little information to work from, it’s ineffectual to say beliefs with certainty.

However, it surely wasn’t a plane. It was something more.

A mysterious flash of light in Russia is raising a lot of questions

Russia, known throughout history as a land of unique music, art and literature, is increasingly becoming known for another distinction: unexplained nighttime phenomena. Residents up late in the southern city of Stavropol were treated to a bizarre blue and white burst that lit up the sky at roughly 12:49 a.m. local time Tuesday, RT reported.

Scientists say it wasn’t natural nor from power lines