Most people have seen the unexplained photograph above which became known as the “Solway Fifth Spaceman”, but most people don’t know the bizarre experience the photographer had afterwards. The photo was taken in the 1960′s by Jim Templeton and is of his daughter, near Burgh Marsh. After the photograph became popular, Templeton was approached by two men who claimed they worked for the government. They identified themselves as code #9 and #10 and asked Templeton to get into their car, and he complied. They drove him out to the area where the photograph was taken and began to ask him questions about the day he took the photograph. They asked him how the animals in the area behaved and he replied that they had seemed scared and huddled together. Apparently unsatisfied with this answer, the men became hostile and began to accuse Templeton of fabricating the image. The men headed back to their car and left the photographer behind to find his own way home.

Why the 2015 VMAS was Actually a Mystery Special Instead of an Awards Show

As many of us witnessed, or basically witnessed by just being on Tumblr, The 2015 VMAS were quite an eventful show, but after the ceremony, the articles, and thousands of gifs, it became quite questionable as to whether this was a ceremony or a mystery in one if its finest, most modern forms, and here are the parts that needed to be solved:

Why Miley, who literally looked like a marijuana lollipop, was not asked if she smelt like weed mixed with patchouli oil – especially with that ramen expiring all over her head

Whether Kanye’s decision to run for president was really a decision or just what happens when you have weed mixed with a large ego

Whether Kim was wondering when exactly her husband made the plan to run for president or if he just has a drinking problem

Why Rebel Wilson wasn’t also asked what’s good…

Whether Taylor Swift’s pants were too tight or if her stomach ached

because she knew she had to compete with Kanye

How The Weeknd was able to feel his face after

and whether or not he was able to feel anything after everything was over

which we were never really sure if it ever would be

And then the mystery was never solved. Yay media!

[Submission] Title: The Dame

Author: sweetUKISSfan

Length: Chaptered

Status: Ongoing

Rating: PG-13

Genre: romance, crime, mystery

Summary: Baekhyun and Kyungsoo are professional spies, illegally that is. They can do anything from swindling a man out of millions to uncover dirty family secrets including whether or not your husband is sleeping with your sister or whether your son is actually yours.

When The Dame found dead in her bathroom, it’s up to Detective Park Chanyeol to find out who murdered the prominent public figure. The Dame has a lot of secrets and the only way to find her killer is to unravel the mysteries behind her complex family.

There is no way Chanyeol can do this alone. Against his better judgement, he hires Baekhyun and Kyungsoo for the case. He is determined to find The Dame’s killer. And kiss the gorgeous Byun Baekhyun.

Whichever comes first.

thanks for submitting anon!^^

[anon: this story is just DAEBAK! although still ongoing but you can literally ‘feel’ the tension between Baek and Yeol and you just want them to kiss right there and then~ Gosh~ I’m pretty hooked up with this eversince I started to read it and the plot is very mind-bending, the secret behind each character is very well detailed and mysterious.. You’ll keep guessing through out the whole story]


This is the total of the end-credit pages on season 2. The drawing above is most probably Stan. The second drawing on the missing part is a mystery. In my opinion, that drawing is Ford and it is drawn symmetrical to Stan’s face (like they are chin to chin) but that’s just a theory of mine.

I wonder if the triangle is Bill Cipher and he symbolizes the mirror effect Stan twins have. They look the same and they are both working for the same portal but on different dimensions. Just like mirrors having two sides, they are stuck on different sides just like symmetries of the same person. And Bill is the only one who can see both Ford and Stan because he is the only one who can travel in between without a portal.


Day 50: Sam Wolfe Connelly

I’ve actually met Sam while I was traveling with a group of illustrators through New York. He told some very interesting stories, but he seems to keep a low bio/profile online.

Born -  1988

Location -  New York City

Education - 2007-2011 Savannah College of Art and Design      






Both skepticism and wonder are skills that need honing and practice. Their harmonious marriage within the mind of every schoolchild ought to be a principal goal of public education. I’d love to see such a domestic felicity portrayed in the media, television especially: a community of people really working the mix – full of wonder, generously open to every notion, dismissing nothing except for good reason, but at the same time, and as second nature, demanding stringent standards of evidence – and these standards applied with at least as much rigor to what they hold dear as to what they are tempted to reject with impunity.

Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark (Ballantine Books, 1996)

This blurry colour snap is the only extant photo of Operational Detachment-Alpha 533, Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group. The photo itself was taken by Californian war correspondent Joe Villarosa, sometime in May of 1969. It was retrieved by Army Criminal Investigation Division Military Special Agents in 1970, from a cave just outside the firebase where ODA 533 had constructed a grisly shrine, built from human bones and adorned with the personal effects of the dead, along with numerous photos of ODA 533, both in and out of action.

ODA 533 was arrested en masse after the investigation that led to this discovery. Of the twelve men pictured here, eleven committed suicide within twelve hours of being placed in custody. SSG Charles “Ham” Whittaker, back row far right, was the only survivor. After intense interrogation, Whittaker told Military Police Officers the complete story of ODA 533′s degeneration from crack special forces unit to death cult. 

In June of 1967, they began to decorate their small home base building with trophies taken from dead Viet Cong and People’s Army of North Vietnam soldiers, including body parts. On 4 July 1967, Detachment Leader CPT Kirby Macintyre (above, front and centre) summoned his men and told them he had been approached by a quiet god, who would grant them victory always if they would follow his requests. 

At this point, Whittaker said, his memories became blurred. Days and weeks ran together in a haze of jungle fires and spent shell casings. He did not recall his actions or thoughts for a period of over seven months, though he remembered coming to once, very briefly, and finding himself drinking DDT. He did not remember taking or appearing in any of the increasingly unsettling photos and filmstrips that decorated the shrine, nor did he remember killing any of the 22 war correspondents whose bones made up the shrine. He had fully recovered control of his thoughts and actions when CID Military Agents dismantled the shrine.

After being returned to his cell, Whittaker became unstable and aggressive, making repeated references to “the lord of memory” and “the patron saint of lost souls” along with numerous repetitions of the phrase “stained saint”. He died on 15 September 1970, eight days after his interrogation.

Interestingly enough, references to a “quiet god” “lord of memory” “patron saint of lost souls” or “stained saint” appear in up to 25% of operations journals of American units in Vietnam. 

The disturbing consequences of seeing your doppelganger

What happens when you meet your doppelganger face-to-face? For one young man, it meant jumping out of a four story window to reconcile his place in reality. It happened when he stopped taking his anticonvulsant medication and got out of bed one morning only to see himself still lying there.