Not a Mystery Anymore (pt. 4)

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3 weeks later

Another boring day at school that was only about to become an even longer one since I had to stay after in the library to study for AP Biology. Mrs. Finch just had to give us a stupid project over the DNA of a snail. Sounds easy right? Wrong she decided you had to also apply that to how it affects the DNA its predators too. What kind of animal would give a teenager such a horrendous topic? The good part is that I’m almost done. As I was about to begin the writing portion of my project my stomach began to growl so I got up to go get something to snack on from the vending machines? When I got up I noticed hoe dark it was outside and how creepy the library can look when it’s just you and the books at this time of day. I took my phone with me since it was the only thing keeping me from be surrounded by complete silence and continued to sing along with the song that was playing.

  When I got to the vending machine I put my money in for a bag of chips but just as it was about to drop the chips got stuck in the coil. I groan as I hit the machine slightly but not enough to shake them lose. Before I could raddle the machine I though I heard a loud growl and took out my headphones. I looked down both hallways and begin to walk towards the way I thought the noise came, as I neared the end of the hallway I heard the growl again but much louder than before. When I come around the corner I saw someone with their back facing towards me and Scott, Stiles, and Kira on the other side of the person.

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Mystery Pack!

My mystery pack from Kyle arrived last Thursday. I was so glad to receive it and I wore the shirt by the time I got it (I sound weird but it’s true).

Here are pics that I snapped using the webcam (sorry for the ugly me lol).. 

The box

Oversized KP shirt tee hee


Kyle’s first solo ep, “KP”

Signed pic

A “Thank you” note and a page from his fave book

Guitar string and trivia pursuit card

Guitar picks! I have no plans to use it. Will save it instead :)