Maybe we should dedicate Wednesdays to Hugh and Dot?

Yes why not michele02132!

folks were talking earlier tonight about having Hottie Wednesday - and it made me think how much the rest of the cast really bring the show to life - I would have lurved Season 3 to have been a little less frenetic so we could have had more Dr. Phrac time - cos they are the best of besties!

ladygrayluvs agree the ensemble really makes it. And I love rest of the cast posts because well the blog is dedicated to the show and I like to get everything associated with the show in it ;-)


This month in DC History

The first appearance of Red Hood happened in 1951. Although the current Red Hood is Jason Todd, the first Red Hood was actually one of a group of criminals in a gang called the Red Hood gang. The gang would take turns under the hood giving the appearance that there was a singular mastermind behind the crimes. Red Hood was also used as the origin for The Joker but didn’t tell us how he got those scars.

What else happened in 1951?

  • Killer Moth was introduced (also in February). Although he’s now usually seen at the but of a joke. Killer Moth started out to be the “anti-Batman” and got his own “Mothmobile.” He also probably had two living parents who took care of him as he grew up, can’t get more “anti-Batman” than that.
  • Space was all the rage while superheroes were struggling so DC came out with Mystery in Space, it’s second space title. Spoiler alert: The Space Butler did it.
  • All Star Comics, which was a buffet of all the hero comics DC was producing, met it’s end. It ended on issue 57 with the ironically titled story “The Mystery of the Vanishing Detectives.”

Variety, March 9, 1966:


Krantz Digging in Comics Field

With an eye on the kidvid slots, producers are now combing the newsstand comic books in earnest. One who’s been quick to wrap up TV rights is Steve Krantz, the Manhattan film distrub and video consultant for McCall’s mag.

Exec has the telefilm deed on a quartet of comics put out by National Periodicals (“Superman,” “Batman,” etc.), plus a number of characters purveyed by the Marvel Comics Group. Included in the Krantz portfolio are “Metamorpho” (the element man), the “Atom,” “Sea Devils,” “Mystery in Space,” and “Spider Man” (a regular ceiling walker, this guy). It’s all for the color animation mill.

A pilot on “Spider” has just been completed, and Krantz reports that the next one to come off the drawing boards is to be “Metamorpho.”