High Concept Indie Game Generator 1.0

One day, a…

  1. teenage girl
  2. cute robot
  3. child or young adult of ambiguous gender
  4. female-coded artificial intelligence
  5. furry woodland creature
  6. sapient geometric shape

… goes on a journey to:

  1. an enchanted forest.
  2. a mysterious underground kingdom.
  3. a derelict space station.
  4. a dying world.
  5. Purgatory/Limbo.
  6. the realm of stories.

With the aid of:

  1. a socially awkward scientist
  2. an ugly but well-meaning monster
  3. an eclectic band of fellow exiles
  4. a spirit or deity of uncertain motives
  5. a mysterious benefactor who communicates though notes or recordings
  6. the player (who the protagonist is aware of and can talk to)

… our hero harnesses the power of:

  1. friendship
  2. their own mind
  3. grotesque physical transformations
  4. Jungian archetypes
  5. a childhood hobby or pastime
  6. literacy

… and contends with fearsome foes via:

  1. battles of wits
  2. match-three minigames
  3. collectible card duels
  4. turn based JRPG-style combat
  5. ritualised sports matches
  6. talking about their feelings

… to overcome the forces of:

  1. social conformity.
  2. institutional racism.
  3. divine authority.
  4. gender roles.
  5. inevitable fate.
  6. Capitalism.

In the end, it’s revealed that:

  1. God is evil
  2. the narrator and/or the user interface has been lying to you
  3. this has all happened before, and will happen again
  4. the player character is secretly the villain
  5. it was all a dream - but not your dream
  6. we’re all just characters in a video game

… leading to:

  1. revolution.
  2. reconciliation of sworn foes.
  3. the hero’s ascension to godhood.
  4. the hero’s tragic but willing self-sacrifice.
  5. escape from the prison of reality.
  6. universal annihilation.

Reviewers harshly criticise the game’s:

  1. awkward controls
  2. repetitive gameplay
  3. over-wordy dialogue
  4. short and linear narrative
  5. heavy-handed emotional manipulation
  6. low animation budget

… but universally praise its:

  1. outstanding soundtrack.
  2. outstanding soundtrack.
  3. outstanding soundtrack.
  4. outstanding soundtrack.
  5. outstanding soundtrack.
  6. outstanding soundtrack.

The fandom, for their part:

  1. become obsessed with an incidental side character
  2. argue endlessly over the appropriateness of popular ships
  3. produce vast quantities of angsty YouTube AMVs
  4. harass the developers on social media
  5. attempt to start a religious movement
  6. draw lots of anatomically improbable porn

… thus cementing their public reputation as a bunch of weirdos. Meanwhile, the much-anticipated sequel fails to eventuate owing to the fact that:

  1. the creative lead has left the gaming industry to become a lumberjack.
  2. the Kickstarter spent all its money on novelty t-shirts.
  3. the source code has been lost in a mysterious accident.
  4. the developers all burned out on console port QA.
  5. the writer and the artist had a falling-out and hate each other now.
  6. the cliffhanger ending was just trolling you.
big family dinner at the burrow

(based on this glorious post)

James: *trying to pay attention to the conversation at the table*

Teddy: *glances at James, touches his lips absent-mindedly, remembering something*

James: *failing to pay attention to anything except Teddy*

Ron: -well, all I’m going to say is you don’t need to go to Trelawney to know that all potters marry redheads in the end!

Teddy: *while everyone is laughing, morphs his hair to red and stares at James *

James: *looks over at Teddy and chokes on his water*

Ginny: *worried* James, love, you okay?

James: *clears throat* Yep. Fine. Absolutely brilliant.

Teddy: *looks away as if nothing happened*

James: /why do you do these things, and why do i still like you so much omg/

Teddy: /♥/

James Sirius played by my mystery crush @space-marauder

Am I the only person who doesn’t think of the Alliance as being super formal as a military? I’m not sure what exactly I think they do as far as rules and regs go, but I guess I just don’t figure they’d spend time worrying about proper military etiquette. Just MHO, and I honestly haven’t thought about it that much (I think about a lot of Star Wars things, but not…not that). Inviting discourse in. What do you guys think?