Nostalgia (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Prompt: I’m a sucker for the sad romance of the 1940s. Bucky was on top of the world back then and now he’s broken, lonely, trying. He cracked a few smiles in CACW. I would love it if you could do a fic about Bucky using a coping mechanism of going to see a photography collection about the 40s and meeting reader, who he catches smiling at a photo that he was trying hard not to smile at. He decides to practice his charm, see if he still has it? Xo

A/N: This was too cute to handle. Nostalgic Bucky and a cute girl. These are the asks that make my life. After ‘Tenderly’ yesterday and now this..? I’m dying over here. I hope you enjoy, mysterious anon who left this prompt :) 

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Did you draw a lil karamatsu for me? Wow!! Thank you so much! I'll always keep it with me. Hey, it's ok, I shouldn't have to bother you that time, you know? but i'm fine now! i could talk to a friend and everything goes well now. You're such a sweetheart... Please don't feel bad, it's ok, after all i'm just an anon-san, right? haha Keep being the way you are, never change, ok? Keep drawing, keep doing the things you like no matter what... No, it's not a goodbye it's just a see you later haha


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I accidentally sent my last ask on anon (mysterious benedict society anon) but !!! I have never met another person who has read the series ??? They were my childhood and honestly some of my favorite books ever, like I got rid of a lot of my "kid" books (which I r e g r e t), but I have kept those with me and probably always will. I need to reread them again soon tbh

those books always made me feel better about being a kind of weird kid growing up and I Love Them so much

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You made me smile each time you post, but I feel sad whenever you are depressed. But still, I enjoy your blog content. ~mysterious anon

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hey so a long while back in like 7th grade I saw a girl reading a book at my lunch table and i caught a glimpse of the summary and it seemed really good and I was wondering if you knew what book it was. okay so it was like a blind girl's mom goes into a pharmacy or something and leaves the girl in the car and some dude gets in to steal the car and drives away with her and ends up accidentally kidnapping her

I’m 99.9% sure it’s Girl, Stolen by April Henry! 

Sixteen-year-old Cheyenne Wilder is sleeping in the back of the car while her stepmom fills a prescription for antibiotics. Before Cheyenne realizes what’s happening, the car is being stolen.
Griffin hadn’t meant to kidnap Cheyenne and once he finds out that not only does she have pneumonia, but that she’s blind, he really doesn’t know what to do. When his dad finds out that Cheyenne’s father is the president of a powerful corporation, everything changes–now there’s a reason to keep her.
How will Cheyenne survive this nightmare?

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Also 131... courferre!

131. ”This is an apology pizza. Please take it or I will start crying right here.”

When he heard a knock at the door, Combeferre debated whether he should get up to answer it. He was feeling better, it was true: the itching and swelling had gone down and he hadn’t vomited for the past hour at least. Still, he wasn’t quite back at full capacity. Maybe if he just lay there on the couch, whoever it was would just go away…

The rapid fire banging that occurred as soon as the thought entered Combeferre’s head told him that wasn’t going to happen. He managed to stop himself from audibly groaning when he stood up, but he still shuffled his way to the door as slowly as he could.

He opened it, expecting to see maybe a concerned Joly or perhaps the downstairs neighbor complaining about him flushing the toilet so often (it did funny things with the water pressure), but not a pizza box shoved in his face. He recognized the bowed head behind it by the mass of coppery brown curls. Before he could extend a greeting, he was cut off by,

“This is an apology pizza. Please take it or I will start crying right here.”

Combeferre leaned against the doorframe, a fond smile finding it’s way to his face. “Courfeyrac…”

“I’m serious, ‘Ferre.” And the way his voice quivered on the ‘Ferre made Combeferre believe him. He quickly straightened up and took the box from Courfeyrac’s hands.

Finally, Courfeyrac raised his head. He really did look on the verge of tears.

“Do you want to come in?” said Combeferre hastily, hoping to get the question out before Courfeyrac actually started crying.

Courfeyrac nodded and with a sniffle entered the appartment. He sat down on the couch Combeferre had just vacated and Combeferre followed him, placing the pizza box down on the coffee table. They sat in silence for a moment, but true to form, Courfeyrac didn’t let the silence stand for long. He broke it with a blurted,

“I swear I didn’t mean to poison you.”

Combeferre smiled at him kindly.

“You didn’t know I was allergic to soy,” he said gently. “In hindsight, I should have told you when you decided veganism was the flavor of the week.” Combeferre paused and stared off into the distance as he reflected on what he had just said. Then a small smile came over his face. “Heh. Flavor of the week.” He turned back to Courfeyrac. “Get it? Because it’s food?”

Courfeyrac looked bewildered. “Did… did you just laugh at your own joke?”

Combeferre coughed. “What? I’m allowed,” he said in what he hoped was a dignified manner.

Courfeyrac cracked a dimpled grin that made Combeferre’s stomach feel like maybe he had ingested soy again. Except… upon reflection the sensation was much more pleasant. He wondered what that meant.

“Anyways,” said Combeferre, clearing his throat before such thoughts could get away from him. “Even though there’s no reason for you to apologize, I accept your apology. What kind of pizza did you get?”

For some reason this question made Courfeyrac shift uncomfortably in his seat. “Well…” he said, rubbing the back of his head. (The action made his hair stand up which caused Combeferre’s stomach to flip again but he ignored it.) “I wasn’t sure what else you were allergic to. I know a lot of people are lactose intollerant, so I couldn’t get cheese pizza, and apparently some people who are allergic to dairy are also allergic to meat, so I couldn’t get you meatlovers. And some people are allergic to tomatoes, so red sauce was out of the question. But I don’t know what they put in white sauce so I couldn’t risk that either… And did you know people can be allergic to broccoli? I didn’t, but apparently it’s true and you could be one of those people as well so…”

Combeferre’s head was spinning. “Okay okay,” he said, raising his hands. “So what exactly did you order?”

“Well,” said Courfeyrac sheepishly, “I remember when you went to Hawaii for your mom’s wedding, you said you liked the food there. So I figured it was safe to go with pineapple.”



“Just… pineapple?”

Courfeyrac flushed. “Yes.”

Combeferre opened the pizza box to confirm his suspicions. Sure enough, “You got me baked pizza dough with pieces of pineapple on it.”

It wasn’t necessarily a question, but Courfeyrac still answered, “…yes.”

Combeferre stared down at the pizza. It looked dry and completely unappetizing. But out of the corner of his eye he could see Courfeyrac earnestly watching him and dammit if that didn’t make up his mind for him.

“Well,” he said, pushing his glasses back onto the bridge of his nose. “It’s not going to eat itself.”

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thank you so much anon!!!!!!! i’m laughing because i keep seeing “98% APH ROMANIA” as being some kind of advertisement for like juice lmao

Crash (AU!Chris Evans x Reader)

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Prompt: hello you beautiful human being i was thinking and like, what about like an AU of Chris Evans where he’s not an actor but like a paramedic and the reader is in a car accident and gets like pinned inside the car and she cant get out so chris stays with her through the whole thing (until they manage to get her out) and i mean if platonic (or more than) relationship continues that’d be super cool as well p.s. ily & you’re amazing. have a great day (:

A/N: This was literally the sweetest message to get, I’m still not over it. I hope you enjoy, mysterious anon- thank you for your prompt.

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Remus/Sirius for 87 please! ~mystery anon dance~

87. “I tried to change the duvet and I got stuck inside.”

“Remus? You home?” Sirius called, closing the door behind him and kicking off his boots before flopping down on the worn out couch. He should have grabbed a beer before doing that. Now he was comfy. Why did he never plan ahead for these sorts of things?

He heard scuffling coming from the bedroom but no verbal response. “Moony?” he tried again.

“In here,” came a muffled reply.

“Well, come out. I still don’t know how to make the telly work. There are too many buttons on this damn thing,” he said, fiddling with the remote he’d just found wedged between the couch cushions. “Oh, and grab me a beer while you’re up, if you would.”

“I… can’t.”

“Fine, I’ll get my own beer, but really you have to deal with the television situation. I don’t know what button I’m supposed to press and Lily says they’re going to recap the football game.”

“No, really,” came Remus’ still muffled voice. “I can’t.”

“What are you on about?” said Sirius, his face pinched up as he managed to turn the television on but not get it to show anything but static.

“I mean… I… can you just come help me?”

Finding his battle with the remote fruitless, Sirius flung it down on the couch and got to his feet with a loud groan. He walked over to the bedroom and pushed open the ajar door.

“What the–”

Instead of finding Remus lounging on the bed with a book, or folding clothes or something, you know, normal, what Sirius walked in on was their room in disarray. The bedding was stripped from the mattress; clothes were everywhere – okay that wasn’t unusual. But what was unusual was the mass of fabric on the floor shaped vaguely like–


“Hi, Sirius,” replied the fabric.

“What are you doing?”

“I tried to change the duvet and I got stuck inside.”

“Would you like some assistance?”

“Yes, please.”


After that incident, Sirius was in charge of changing the bedding.

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Hi, so this might be an odd request, but do you know any books that are like the thriller/haunted summer-camp types? Kind of like the show Dead of Summer on Freeform, if you're familiar with it? Thanks!

Hey! This isn’t an odd request at all! I’m really liking DoS, it’s creepy! You might like the following books:

  • Ten by Gretchen McNeil 
  • The Devil You Know by Trish Doller
  • The Merciless by Danielle Vega
  •  Killing Mr. Griffin by Lois Duncan
  • They All Fall Down by Roxanne St. Claire

Have fun reading these! 

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I really like your Romania/Moldova Brother Bear thing! :3 (please do more pretty please!) (hungarytoobutimjustadumbanondontlistentomeX)

when your totem is the “bear of love,“ you should probably assume you’re not going to hear the end of it

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what would vampire elipana au be like `v`

Hanayo supposes she should be used to feeling so helpless and weak, but the shame still strikes her deep to her bones and makes her want to shrivel up and hide in a shadow. She knows that Eli will never resent her, nor will she look down on her, but the fears still linger like flies that can’t be swatted away.

Yes, she knows she’s helpless and weak, and yet Eli never regards her with anything but warmth and kindness that can make even Hanayo’s most ingrained anxieties feel like nothing.

“Hanayo, I’m back. I brought dinner,” Eli announces, kicking off her shoes and holding up two plastic bags. The apartment is dim enough to be comfortable for Hanayo, but not too dark that Eli can’t see.

Hanayo cautiously crawls out of the pillow fort she’d been occupying herself with building and runs her tongues over her teeth. The useless, dull tips of her fangs remind her yet again that she can never live like a real vampire.

But Eli doesn’t care. She doesn’t care about any of it. She even goes through all the trouble of bringing home bags of blood, neatly sealed and packaged and most likely illegally obtained, and Hanayo wishes she could do something to make up for everything Eli’s done for her.

“Thank you, Eli…” Her voice isn’t much more than a little whisper. Eli simply smiles and pats Hanayo’s shoulder, setting the bags down on the table. The smell of cheap Chinese takeout doesn’t complement the blood very well.

Humans and vampires can’t coexist, they say, but for a vampire with useless teeth and a human with too much time and compassion, it could probably work.

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What are your headcanons for Ro?

ahaha okay, umm… let’s see.. some ro headcanons..

- he’s light on his feet (which makes him really good at sneaking around unnoticed)
- ro was a wicked little bastard of a child and has retained his impish nature
- he is a godawful driver – never get in the car with ro – to him, stoplights and road signs are merely suggestions
- he spoils mol rotten (always brings sweets just to slip them to the kid during world meetings)
- he has a morbid sense of curiosity and a slightly morbid sense of humor to match. can be oblivious about it sometimes
- ro’s GREAT with computers and techie stuff, but especially hacking and he has a variety of borderline-illicit hobbies..
- he catnaps a lot
- ro has no set sleep schedule. he’ll be up at odd hours of the morning or sleeping into the afternoon or up at 4 am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. completely unpredictable (hence the catnapping)
- he LOVES cats but also loves dogs a lot too. except for hungary’s dogs (they don’t like him either)

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Do you have any headcanons for aph Moldova?

erm, yeah, i have a few..

- mol is very resourceful and crafty; he made his halloween costume from scratch after all
- he is also street smart and capable of taking care of himself
- he may act childish sometimes but is actually very mature for his (physical) age
- he likes all animals (and will bring home all kinds of critters) but farm animals are his favorites
- he can be somewhat easily persuaded with sweet foods and/or candy
- he is really good at hide and seek
- he has a mischievous spirit like his brother, but unlike ro’s impish tendencies, mol is simply playful
- while he loves his big brother a lot, mol is adamant about his independence when it comes to talk of reunification