Set Phasers to Stunning

When I saw that the Sock Knitters Anonymous mystery socks for September 2015 were named Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. and were…

Written in honor of tea drinkers and Star Trek fans everywhere!

it was obvious who was going to pose in the photos with me: Captain Picard himself!

No Picards were hurt in the making of these socks.

This summer’s Adventure’s Knit-a-long has been announced!  It’s like a mystery knit-a-long, but with more adventure!  This year’s will have 10+ different items to choose from, and 24 different stitch patterns.  

It’s still inspired by Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books, but it’s really different this year, other elements will be involved.  (See the first one to get an idea of what it will be like, but just generally.)

Pre-order begins now, knitting begins mid-August.  Find lots of details in the blog post; it’s on ravelry over here.


This was a mystery KAL run by stitchnerd or Susan Ashcroft, who is someone I have tested shawls for in the past. The sneak preview pictures were very intriguing, see previous post! It turned up at the perfect moment because I was looking for a Christmas present for my friend, Sheila and I thought the colours in the noro taiyo would really suit her.

Pattern: Colourwheel cowl

Yarn: Noro Taiyo

Needles: 5mm


 A Penny Dreadful Mystery

Remember when I was doing all those mystery KALs? This is the second one finished, one is still awaiting blocking.

I was planning to be super nerdy and knit this shawl when, and only when watching Penny Dreadful. Yeah, that didn’t go as planned – I still haven’t seen anything beyond the pilot.

The pattern as written uses 720 beads. I wasn’t sure I’d have enough yardage so I chose to replace the nupps (which consume a lot of yarn) with beads and not place beads where beads should go. Yes, very logical. But I still ran out of beads.

The light purple 8/0 ones pictured above were my first choice, but I ran out of them about halfway through the last clue. Switched to dark purple beads for the remainder of the clue, and then finally to bigger, size 6/0 beads in the same color for the crochet bind off (which was not in the original pattern).

Here’s the video to Paula’s tutorial.

So happy with my decision to follow through with this sudden brainstorm I had yesterday of adding a cover to the Adventure Knitting book!  I’m a bit sleep-deprived this week, but it’s so worth it!

(It’s still in mystery knit-a-long phase till next week, but the final section goes out at midnight tonight and I’ll be posting spoiler photos of all eight of my sample knits tomorrow!  I am pretty much just ridiculously happy with how this whole crazy adventure knitting idea has come together!!)


Finally, FO pics of the Birds of a Feather mystery shawl. It’s an odd shape and size, and I’m not sure whether I’m entirely pleased with it. I really don’t know how to wear it, that’s for sure.


This is another failed mystery KAL, failed in the sense that I couldn’t keep up with the pace the clues were released in. Originally released as Fall Mystery Shawl 2012 from Goddess Knits, but I finished knitting it in January 2014.

  • On Ravelry: Moss & Gold
  • Pattern: Grania by Renee Leverington, $6.00 USD download on Ravelry
  • Yarn: Knitlob’s Lair Aino, 677 yards/619 m in colorway “Sammal” (Moss)
  • Gold-colored metallic 8/0 seed beads
  • Needles: 3.0 mm
  • Mods: Designed a proper edging for the shawl because the design just ends abruptly after Clue 5.
WIP Wednesday: Mysterious Birds...

Did I not just post about a failed mystery KAL? I never seem to complete these on time but here I go again.

SPOILERS for Erica Jackofsky's Birds of a Feather mystery shawl below…

Here’s the yarn I’m using, tosh merino light in Baltic and Glazed Pecan – you can never go wrong with Madelinetosh! Besides, it's Mad May.

And here’s Clue 1 completed. So far so good, finished well in advance of the second one.


WIP Wednesday – the curse of the mystery shawl strikes again!

Had a major setback with Birds of a Feather over the weekend and had to rip out the entire Clue 1. Cast on again (for the smaller size this time) Saturday morning, caught up with Clue 1 in just two days, and Clue 2 in three. Back on track, baby!

The elements are sort of there but I still can’t figure out how this is going to become a shawl.

It’s Valentine’s Day – time for Valentine KAL!

This KAL features an easy to knit, lovely asymetric triangular shawl worked in panels on a bias. There will be some garter stitch panels, some panels with heart stitch patterns, and some other cool visual interests and textures along the way.

You can knit the small or large version. There are two sizes to choose from: Small requires 1 hank (420 yards) of any Lucky Violet Color Co. fingering weight yarn; Large requires 2 hanks (840 yards).

The KAL will officially begin on Sunday, February 14, 2016 with publication of the first section of the pattern that morning. The first pattern section will be enough information for knitting at least one-third of the small version of the piece.

I’m totally joining this → Valentine KAL by J. L. Fleckenstein