Set Phasers to Stunning

When I saw that the Sock Knitters Anonymous mystery socks for September 2015 were named Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. and were…

Written in honor of tea drinkers and Star Trek fans everywhere!

it was obvious who was going to pose in the photos with me: Captain Picard himself!

No Picards were hurt in the making of these socks.


This was a mystery KAL run by stitchnerd or Susan Ashcroft, who is someone I have tested shawls for in the past. The sneak preview pictures were very intriguing, see previous post! It turned up at the perfect moment because I was looking for a Christmas present for my friend, Sheila and I thought the colours in the noro taiyo would really suit her.

Pattern: Colourwheel cowl

Yarn: Noro Taiyo

Needles: 5mm

So happy with my decision to follow through with this sudden brainstorm I had yesterday of adding a cover to the Adventure Knitting book!  I’m a bit sleep-deprived this week, but it’s so worth it!

(It’s still in mystery knit-a-long phase till next week, but the final section goes out at midnight tonight and I’ll be posting spoiler photos of all eight of my sample knits tomorrow!  I am pretty much just ridiculously happy with how this whole crazy adventure knitting idea has come together!!)


The Other One

Let’s step back into last winter for a while.

This shawl was the Fall 2015 Veera Välimäki mystery KAL in collaboration with my LYS TitiTyy.

The pattern is true Veera: stripes, garter stitch and short rows! The shawl ends with an interesting twisted-rib border that looks like sea shells. The yarn is lovely: soft 100% merino in deep, rich colors. And there’s nothing wrong with the pattern – it is clear and well written. But.

The shape is odd. The shawl is a half circle – not a crescent but a true half circle – which means it is too deep and too short to wrap around the neck comfortably. It would be better suited to wearing on your shoulders… but that’s not how I wear my shawls. A lovely pattern but I haven’t worn it once. :(

  • On Ravelry: The Other One
  • Pattern: The Other One by Veera Välimäki (3.90 € download on Ravelry)
  • Yarn: Knitlob’s Lair Tuulen Tytär in colors Lyijy (”Lead”, 320 m/350 yd) and Magenta (332 m/363 yd)
  • Needles: 4.0 and 4.5 mm

 A Penny Dreadful Mystery

Remember when I was doing all those mystery KALs? This is the second one finished, one is still awaiting blocking.

I was planning to be super nerdy and knit this shawl when, and only when watching Penny Dreadful. Yeah, that didn’t go as planned – I still haven’t seen anything beyond the pilot.

The pattern as written uses 720 beads. I wasn’t sure I’d have enough yardage so I chose to replace the nupps (which consume a lot of yarn) with beads and not place beads where beads should go. Yes, very logical. But I still ran out of beads.

The light purple 8/0 ones pictured above were my first choice, but I ran out of them about halfway through the last clue. Switched to dark purple beads for the remainder of the clue, and then finally to bigger, size 6/0 beads in the same color for the crochet bind off (which was not in the original pattern).

Here’s the video to Paula’s tutorial.

Okay but Kaladin’s mother being introduced to Bridge Four.

Let’s assume Kaladin sent them a message or something and his parents made their way down to the Shattered Plains. Lirin’s off inspecting the medical tents, and Hesina comes to the barracks.

At first?? They have no idea who this lady is? She’s pretty and a dark-eyes and maybe just someone from the camps? Except Kaladin’s stooping down to speak to her and rubbing the back of his neck and eventually turns to them and mutters ‘This is my mother.' 

and they all LEAP TO ATTENTION. because Kal’s ~mysterious~ past is held with such reverence and now?? they meet his mum?! Rock prepares her a special stew and insists she eat straight away and they all hover around her, trying to be as straight-backed and strong looking as possible, hoping their uniforms are perfect (because!! Stormblessed’s mother!) and she gently teases all of them and Kal’s just quietly standing in the corner torn between amusement and horror as she cracks out the baby stories. 


Finally, FO pics of the Birds of a Feather mystery shawl. It’s an odd shape and size, and I’m not sure whether I’m entirely pleased with it. I really don’t know how to wear it, that’s for sure.

We’ve changed the start of @knitpurlhunter sock KAL Cableship to Thursday, October 13th from 6 pm to 8 pm to accommodate the holidays. And we will be doing it every Tuesday and Thursday night at the same time so that it works with everyone’s schedule.

This is a FREE KAL with purchase of the yarn from our shop. We are giving a discount for the yarn for this KAL Zauberball.

This is sponsored by @skacelknitting and they are giving a set of Addi Clicks to one lucky winner who completes it and enters the contest by November 15th.

So come and join us for this fun KAL. It’s a mystery KAL. You will get a new clue each week until completion. Come for one of the nights or for both nights. Knit Purl Hunter’s KALs are always a lot of fun and very educational with videos to help us learn something new each time. #sheepthrillsfl #knittersofinstagram #knit #knitters #knitting #socks #knittedsocks #kal #sockkal #mysterysockkal #knitpurlhunter #knitpurlhuntersockkal #knitpurlhunterkal #skacelknitting #yarn #yarnshop #yarnstash #zauerball (at Sheep Thrills Yarn Store)

Made with Instagram

This is another failed mystery KAL, failed in the sense that I couldn’t keep up with the pace the clues were released in. Originally released as Fall Mystery Shawl 2012 from Goddess Knits, but I finished knitting it in January 2014.

  • On Ravelry: Moss & Gold
  • Pattern: Grania by Renee Leverington, $6.00 USD download on Ravelry
  • Yarn: Knitlob’s Lair Aino, 677 yards/619 m in colorway “Sammal” (Moss)
  • Gold-colored metallic 8/0 seed beads
  • Needles: 3.0 mm
  • Mods: Designed a proper edging for the shawl because the design just ends abruptly after Clue 5.

I’m sensing a theme here…

In December 2012, I joined a mystery KAL for Christmas-themed colorwork socks. I can’t remember exactly what happened, but needless to say, I didn’t finish these in time for Christmas. There’s four clues in total, and when I picked them up again last December, I was already ¾ done with Clue 3. A few nights of knitting and voilà, new socks for Christmas!

Bling bling!