Okay but Kaladin’s mother being introduced to Bridge Four.

Let’s assume Kaladin sent them a message or something and his parents made their way down to the Shattered Plains. Lirin’s off inspecting the medical tents, and Hesina comes to the barracks.

At first?? They have no idea who this lady is? She’s pretty and a dark-eyes and maybe just someone from the camps? Except Kaladin’s stooping down to speak to her and rubbing the back of his neck and eventually turns to them and mutters ‘This is my mother.' 

and they all LEAP TO ATTENTION. because Kal’s ~mysterious~ past is held with such reverence and now?? they meet his mum?! Rock prepares her a special stew and insists she eat straight away and they all hover around her, trying to be as straight-backed and strong looking as possible, hoping their uniforms are perfect (because!! Stormblessed’s mother!) and she gently teases all of them and Kal’s just quietly standing in the corner torn between amusement and horror as she cracks out the baby stories. 


hey remember when I used to post knitting stuff?

this is my Follow Your Arrow shawl from Ysolda Teague’s mystery knitalong, using clue sequence B-A-A-B-A. It was tons of fun and I’m never taking this shawl off. The yarn is DIC Smooshy with Cashmere in the amber glass colorway. I’ve tried to tag this post appropriately so that people who are still knitting won’t be spoiled.