mystery type

robert: how’s the cul-de-sac’s prettiest dad doing today

dadsona, not looking up from his word jumble: i dunno, how are you?

robert, voice cracking: i’m fine………..


Had a super busy few weeks n spent today mostly working on owed art, so I gave myself a treat and busted out a bit of concept work I’ve had in my head for a while! More to come later, for sure–I have a lot of ideas for the how’s and why’s of these designs that I wanna address, as well as flesh out the setting.

I’ve been thinking about zombie-ish creatures created by infection from a type of mermithidae or nematomorpha worm (watch this vid ONLY IF U AIN’T SQUEAMISH) that specializes in humans. While the initial infection only seems to be discomfort from drinking contaminated water, when the worm devours/replaces ~50% of the victim’s guts it reaches sexual maturity and starts releasing control chemicals that radically alter host behavior and physical form, etc etc (for the fantasy human version, at least–the actual buggy predators are a little simpler). Since humans have a lower species turnover rate than bugs these particular worms can act as replacement organs and keep their hosts alive indefinitely…but will violently egress the body if it’s overly damaged, instantly killing the infected person. 

Infected are typically placid (when left alone) and like to float in large bodies of fresh water. They become aggressive when approached by large animals, including humans, partially from their intense hunger due to parasitization.

Scientists discovered it’s possible to save the infected in a two-step operation that surgically fuses the worm to muscle walls (preventing it from killing the host by vacating) and neuters the parasite, which stops production of control chemicals. After a few months of physical and mental therapy the infected can safely re-enter society. Post-apocalyptic humanity is desperate for all the helping hands it can get and usually welcomes them back, with post-surgery infected making up about 40% of any given settlement.

Having a teammate that sleeps 18 hours a day may seem like a drawback, until you find out she can hypnotise herself to act while asleep. Just… don’t expect a conversationalist I guess??


archangel memes [4]: wings [requested by @soulllesssam]

The wings are the most crucial and sensitive part of the anatomy of an angel. All of them have different patterned or colored feathers, and each of the angels wear their wings with vanity. If the wing is stroked or touched in a particular place, a wave of pleasure will rush down their entire being and may physically weaken them due to how sensitive they are. It is, in fact, an angel’s weak spot. If cut off and or destroyed, they may not grow back, and the latter might cause severe emotions, such as depression, anxiety, and rage which will last a lifetime and will gravely damage the brain if continued grieving over them.

Michael’s wings are dark, charcoal – and contrary to popular to belief, black and white are two colors that angels are easily drawn to, therefore many of their species envy his wings. Lucifer’s are as white as snow and as soft as a fleece blanket. When banished from Heaven and sent to the cage, the flames in hell gave his wings a more blushy color. Gabriel’s wings are golden, soft, lucid, and reflect the light from the sun when he soars. Raphael’s are umber brown, and given that they have always been such a mysterious type, they had never really been the type to show off their captivating wings.