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Having a teammate that sleeps 18 hours a day may seem like a drawback, until you find out she can hypnotise herself to act while asleep. Just… don’t expect a conversationalist I guess??

Arthur Personality Headcanons
  • He’s no damsel in distress. Sure, he gets himself in over his head, but the man is smart and fast. He will think of as many options as he can, and when dealing with the supernatural, loopholes are his forte. Vivi can handle direct confrontation, Arthur is the one coming at it from the side where it wasn’t expected.
  • He’s brave, but not your typical brave. His courage is the kind born of loyalty, of caring so much about his friends that he does what needs doing, even if his knees are knocking.
  • He can become immune to terrifying things through a string of situations gradually getting more intense. After a while, he could look a demon in the eye without flinching because, “Look, I dealt with a high-level god last month, you’re going to have to do better than that to freak me out at this point.”
  • Will not give up. Has temporary lapses when under extreme duress (excessive exhaustion, generally), but a little rest and he’s back at trying to figure out or fix the situation the team is in.
  • Not the “leader” of the group but also not a hapless tag-along by any means. Highly functional contributor to the group. Sometimes takes the reins in situations where he has more expertise or knowledge of what’s happening, but considers Vivi the official leader of the Mystery Skulls and defers to her.
  • Major flaws tend to be anger, guilt, or envy. Also pushing himself too hard (to the breaking point), taking all responsibility whether it’s his to take or not.
Dating Wanda Maximoff Would Include...

Requested by two anons

  • Wanda being very standoffish when you first meet
  • Her only mission being to take down Ultron
  • But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get distracted by you
  • And your beauty
  • And your laugh
  • And your smile
  • And, before she realizes it, she’s falling hard for you
  • Thinking Wanda was the brooding, mysterious type when you first met
  • But, after the Age of Ultron, she opens up to you
  • And you realize that she’s one of the greatest people you’ve ever met
  • Both of you being stubborn and refusing to admit your feelings for each other
  • Clint highkey trying to get the two of you together
  • And recruiting Tony to help him
  • “There’s so much tension, Tony. Please help me.” “Yeah, yeah, alright.”
  • Finally admitting your feelings for each other after long, relentless months of hiding how you truly feel
  • Starting to date soon after that
  • Being Wanda’s first kiss
  • (You know, being experimented on by German scientists didn’t give her much of a chance for romance)
  • Sharing many more amazing kisses after that
  • Including long, passionate kisses
  • Short, sweet kisses
  • Nose kisses
  • Neck kisses
  • And basically every type of kiss out there
  • Wanda having a hard time controlling her powers when things get heated
  • But eventually learned to control
  • And once that happened
  • You have sex all the time
  • Always cuddling afterwards
  • Helping comfort Wanda after she has nightmares
  • Reaffirming Wanda that she’s not a monster after she hears the things people say about her on the news
  • Not being able to quite believe that you’re dating an actual Avenger
  • Constantly complimenting each other
  • Wanda being afraid to tell you she loves you, because the only other person she loved is dead
  • So wait till she’s ready
  • And when she is ready
  • You make sure to tell her that you love her more than life itself

entp: i’m always attracted to quiet, mysterious types, i just want to know what’s going on inside that head, i think that’s why i find infjs so puzzling and fascinating

infj: *singing inside their head* london bridge is falling down falling down falling down london bridge is f

infj: i’m sorry what


i started over in psmd, and in this 100% happy funtime romp of a game, tototile gets a goddamn BOWTIE

so i propose to you:


Post-Season One Character Analysis: Garnet

The strong, silent, mysterious, stoic type, Garnet hasn’t had that much in the way of character development this season – that is, not until the very end. Garnet isn’t a great conversationalist, but she has slowly started to open up, and to Steven in particular. She’s always the first to support Steven when the others (notably Pearl) think he’s out of his depth – “Monster Buddies” and “Marble Madness” immediately spring to mind, as well as Alone Together. 

However, this lends its way to some situations where she has trouble saying “no,” which may present some problems later on. She can’t always give Steven everything he wants - he may be maturing, but he’s still just a kid.

“Garnet’s Universe” revealed that Garnet had never explicitly told Steven she loved him – something that’s, for the most part, been resolved as of “Jailbreak.” It’s clear Steven knows that Garnet loves him, but she hadn’t had the “strength” to tell him so herself, which is indicative of an issue Garnet tends to express – while she may be the literal embodiment of love, she has trouble expressing her feelings and engaging with her team and family, and rarely lowers her defenses. She far from excels in social situations.

She’s a “punch first, ask questions later” type. She solves her issues by taking action; “I thought violence would be the answer.” Luckily, Garnet believes in Steven, whose methods are the exact opposite - compassion, patience, and giving people a chance. Garnet’s already starting to refer to Steven on these matters more and more, but I suspect we’ll see his techniques rub off on her, too.

Garnet didn’t choose to be a leader - she had that responsibility thrust upon her when Rose decided to up and off herself. She wasn’t ready for this role, and that’s come across a few times. She’s starting to situate herself as the leader of the group, though - she’s becoming more diplomatic, delegating more to the others, and making quick, thoughtful decisions. I think Steven will end up taking over the role of leader, or perhaps they’ll decide to work more as a team without anyone necessarily in charge, but for now Garnet is doing a fantastic job with what’s she’s been given.

And of course, the big reveal: Garnet is a fusion, and not only that, but a fusion of love. And while I’d love to take a moment to analyse Ruby and Sapphire, anything I could say here I’ve already said before. Hopefully I’ll have more to go on for these two lovebirds by the end of season two!

I love the way that Garnet’s reveal was handled. We spent an entire season getting to know Garnet as her own character, her own person. Whether or not you picked up on the clues along the way, and whether or not you theorized that Garnet was a fusion, and whether she did end up being a fusion or not, Garnet was and is her own character. Ruby and Sapphire are not Garnet; Garnet is not Ruby and Sapphire; she is her own person. 

It’s likely that Garnet decided to side with the Crystal Gems since it’s unlikely she would have been able to stay fused as Garnet back on Homeworld - according to several comments made by Jasper, it’s apparently frowned up and seen as deviant. The implications of this, along with the fact that Garnet clearly represents a gay relationship, has me very interested to see where this goes and how things are handled.

One thing that puzzles me is why exactly Garnet waited so long to come out to Steven about Ruby and Sapphire - after all, both she and Steven are, in essence, fusions of love.

“Gracing the shore of the Grand Lac (Grand Lake) in Paris’ Bois de Boulogne is voluptuous Anita Ekberg, soaking up some end-of-summer sun. She was in the French capital to make Paris Holiday – a United Artists film starring Bob Hope. In the movie the Swedish beauty plays a seductive Mata Hari-type mystery woman. She’s just the gal who can do it! (1957)”