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Some time ago, our brother Branwell became involved with a married woman. Somehow that two-bit hussy Jane Austen found out about it.

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I'm newer to the fandom so maybe I just haven't seen it yet, but I haven't really thought of Harry as a big drinker? I thought that was mostly Louis and his friends.

LISTEN you are missing out, my friend. harry is the sloppiest drunk and it’s beautiful but it’s been suppressed lately because they’ve been pushing the louis! lads! clubbing! stuff for a couple months. but harry! gets! so! sloppy!!

(it’s my head canon that he’s an incredible lightweight but what do i know maybe he drinks like a fish)

here’s a roughly chronological (based on hairstyle) post of the sloppiest pop star of all time THIS IS SO LONG BYE

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Great fandom things of 2016

(because something positive is always nice)

* A glorious sendoff for an amazing cartoon

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* We got to meet this cutie!

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* And these guys!

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* Sun and Moon is coming out soon

* Stranger Things is apparently awesome

* Also, I hear RWBY started a new season recently!

* Lots of funky mystery music stuff

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* FNAF: Sister Location. Welcome, Eggs Benedict

* Speaking of which, I love FNAF World

* Star’s back with a vengeance

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* Weird Al’s voice-acting again and it’s great

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* Star Wars: Rebels

* Star Wars: Rogue One

* Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

* Basically, SW’s slaying this year.

* IDK if any of you guys watched Battlebots this summer, but my family and I did and it was awesome.

* Moana’s coming out soon!

* Probably more that I forgot. Feel free to add on!

There he is!! My huge nerd baby! <3 his name is Elliot and he’s a Yordle that lives in Bandle City studying theoretical biology. After their parent’s death Elliot is the only one left to take care of his younger sister Emi. One day said sister mysteriously disappears, seen last near the Glades. Elliot decides to search for his last family member in the deep forests, despite all the warnings he was given.

New FT Movie

This is only a headcannon of how I imagine the movie will be.

Team Natsu was requested by Princess Hisui to go to the country of Stella to investigate. They dress up as carabans entertainers (Hence Lucy being a Belly - Dancer) but they are cought by the general of the royal army (Ace) and are presented to the King (The guy with the crown). 

The King takes an interest in Lucy because of the legends of Anna Heartfilia and her thirteen zodic keys and decides to keep her while the others are thrown in the dungeon (Jealous Natsu). The team escapes easily with the help of a hooded figure and try to rescue Lucy, but are cought again.

The King seeing how powerfull Natsu is and how close he is to Lucy, decides to ingect him with Etherious to turn him into a monster and send him to Fiore to destroy the capital. But since Natsu is already half Etherious the new dosis only alters his demon seed and Dragon seed and starts fusing them, so in the middle of the experiment Natsu breaks free and goes on a rampage to find the king and save Lucy. 

Meanwhile, with the others in the dungeon, the hooded person appears and helps them again, thought this time its revealed that this mystery person is the sister of king, (sonya) and that her brother took the throne by force from their father. 

They all go to Crocus again where the invasion is already happening while Natsu is slowly turning into a dragon. 

And I have up to there….

So finish it if you want?