mystery shawl

gerundiv  asked:

and hey, sorry, me again (sry, my train of thought literally works in waves), we saw a "healthy" pearl on the side of blue D with a round gem, so we finally have a comparison to our oval "defective pearl". and what's your thought on rose being a diamond, because blue D was twice the size of her pearl while she sits, while rose is only twice the size of pearl when she stands....

I don’t quite know about that Pearl having a perfectly round gem. It’s possible that “defective” still refers to Pearl’s gem SHAPE but I am less and less inclined to think that’s the case. I think it’s more likely that our Pearl is defective because of the way she acts - she is no longer just a servant, a pretty thing, or arm candy. She is strong-willed and a fighter and a mechanic, none of which are her original “birth-assigned” duties. I think her labeling as defective by Jasper is a reference to the fact that she is fighting alongside the gems instead of being a quiet object on the side. 

If her gem was the issue, I think Peridot would have at least taken a jab at it while she was going around insulting everyone. She hit Garnet in her feelings about their fusion being “weird”, and Amethyst about her size (which confirmed that she is a runt, not full size, and Quartz gems are generally bigger… ) but instead of saying ANYTHING about Pearl’s appearance (aside from the fact that she was “fancy”) she pointed out that Pearl wasn’t fulfilling her Homeworld role. I think THAT is the important thing that sets our Pearl apart. Her gem might not be of issue at all. 

However, about the thing with Rose being smaller… I think it’s a fair enough comparison. I wanna suggest one thing (this isn’t new, I’ve seen this theory around) - maybe the Diamonds are not actually single gems. I think this has been pitched before. The diamonds are actually fusions - but they hide their other gems to protect their identity. 

It would fit in with WHY multi-gem fusion is so prohibited and looked down upon on homeworld. The Diamonds wouldn’t want anyone to get the idea and fuse into a greater power. 

Furthermore, it gives rise to the question of - who is that gem (Bismuth) in Lion’s mane? It’s bubbled by Rose, and clearly important enough to leave in a separate place. I think that maybe, MAYBE, Pink Diamond is not Rose alone, but instead Bismuth and Rose fused together. 

It would also make sense that Blue Diamond (the first of the diamonds we’ve seen) is covered. Maybe it’s to appear mysterious - but is that shawl over her head hiding something? A gem on her back, perhaps? 

That all being said, Malachite is larger than Blue Diamond, and Malachite is only a fusion of two gems (granted, they’re both taller). So who the heck knows what’s up with this sizing chart.