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I have a AU in my head for gravity falls I’d like to call it the Monster Hunter AU

It was the year 36** (aka welcome to the Cyber World)

where Dipper and Mabel went to Gravity falls at the age of 19 but did i mention they were the famous Monster Hunter duo famously called as the Mystery Twins, they came to permanently live with they’re Grunkles Stanley and Stanford Pines because The Mystery Shack, Stanley’s tourist trap attraction got passed down to the both of them as an heirloom but also because Stanley was too old to take care of a shop, he’d rather spend his time Monster Hunting with his brother.

they needed more clients for they’re monster hunting business since the town didn’t really know about the twins.. much anyways

So they decided to change the name of the shop to The Mystery Shack ; Souvenir&Monster Hunting. one day they met a short stack of a man called Gideon Gleeful who invited them to his Tent of Telepathy and there backstage with Mabel and Dipper he claimed that he could summon demons simply to impress his new love interest Mabel, They would challenge him to actually do it but instead of summoning one demon Gideon summoned two attempting to impress the female twin

and then this happened

Mabel ; Oh! My! Baby! Piggies! Bro-Bro!They’re so handsome!!! this is bad o-o I think I’m in looooove~!

Dipper ; You said the same thing about that merman guy! but yeah, I see what you mean.

Bill ; i can’t believe we got summoned just to impress a bunch of kids

Tad ; Sad really but I am certainly not complaining the female one is certainly a quite the vision

Mabel ; BRO-BRO! DID YOU HEAR THAT!! <3 <3 <3

Dipper ;…*facepalm* You’re not supposed to fall for our TARGETS Mabel.

(btw i support BillDip 100% im trash i know also Tabel (TadxMabel) )

i wonder if i should make this a story or a comic <.< hmmmm

(Tad strange design Heavily inspired by @kidsanddemons ‘s Tad >.< i only edited it a bit like the clothes and what not)

So I was looking at some background art from the new gravity falls episode, you know some pretty nice stuff as usual when

huh the “pine tree” symbol that’s kind of interesting I mean it probably doesn’t mean anything they are in a forest.

hold on



Ok I know its not super strange to see Bill symbols drawn around Gravity Falls but this isn’t Gravity Falls, this is some tourist attractions with deadly half human half spiders things.

The thing I found really weird was that this symbol was drawn with detail. Usually we see basic symbols, just showing Bills shape and eye.

We know that all these symbols were put here by Ford when he worshiped Bill before the Mystery Shack was the Mystery Shack.

Buy any other bill symbols we’ve seen have either been in the journals, put there by Ford or as we’ve seen the in places where history took big leaps. The pyramids, great philosophers and mathematicians, ect. I’m not going to go through all the details.

Anyways so that got me thinking: what has happened here that would involve Bill? There’s the half human half spider thing that’s going on up there but my guess is that Bill is looking for bigger things.

So who would have been up there? Ford. Ford would have heard of the half human half spider stories and i 100% GUARANTEE he would have gone to research them. Also, this carving couldn’t be older then oh, idk 30 years maybe judging by the fact that it’s in Oregon state, a rainy humid place that is in no way the best for preserving dead wood. They probably have to replace them every couple of decades due to rot.

Not to mention, this carving looks like something you’d doodle when you’re obsessed with something and bored. Bored, idk, maybe waiting for monster half spider half humans..??

Conclusion: Ford was completely obsessed with bill and carved him in there so that he could watch or so that maybe they could even talk or maybe just cause he was bored:) also idk if theres any significance with bill being under the pine tree symbol… but im just going to leave that for now


Mabel Pines Appreciation Week - Day 2: Favorite AU ~ Relativity Falls

Summary: After finally getting her brother back from the portal that swallowed him thirty years ago, Mabel can’t sleep. Neither can her nephew, Stanley.

For my first Mabel Pines Appreciation Week contribution, I’m showing my love for the Relativity Falls AU, specifically Grauntie Mabel. Takes place after A Tale of Two Stans - or A Tale of Two Pines, as it would be in this universe, I guess.

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wanderingxworryxwirt  asked:

"Anything can happen in the woods."

The old man turned sharply around as he heard the voice, dropping his oil lamp in shock as he did, smashing the delicate frame on the hard forest floor, glass tinkling and the flame sputtering and extinguishing.

“Who’s there?” he hoarsely croaked. “I ain’t here to cause no trouble I swear. I got lost on my way back to the Mystery Shack is all. Y'know, the Mystery Shack? The premier tourist attraction in all of the Pacific Northwest?” he said, unable to resist a bit of sales patter even at a time of possible mortal danger.

“I mean…perhaps I could offer you a discount on some merchandise if you tell me how the heck to get out of these woods. Hell, I’ll give you some merchandise if you tell me how to get out of here. I must have been walking for goddamn hours now” he moaned.