mystery shack attractions

So I was looking at some background art from the new gravity falls episode, you know some pretty nice stuff as usual when

huh the “pine tree” symbol that’s kind of interesting I mean it probably doesn’t mean anything they are in a forest.

hold on



Ok I know its not super strange to see Bill symbols drawn around Gravity Falls but this isn’t Gravity Falls, this is some tourist attractions with deadly half human half spiders things.

The thing I found really weird was that this symbol was drawn with detail. Usually we see basic symbols, just showing Bills shape and eye.

We know that all these symbols were put here by Ford when he worshiped Bill before the Mystery Shack was the Mystery Shack.

Buy any other bill symbols we’ve seen have either been in the journals, put there by Ford or as we’ve seen the in places where history took big leaps. The pyramids, great philosophers and mathematicians, ect. I’m not going to go through all the details.

Anyways so that got me thinking: what has happened here that would involve Bill? There’s the half human half spider thing that’s going on up there but my guess is that Bill is looking for bigger things.

So who would have been up there? Ford. Ford would have heard of the half human half spider stories and i 100% GUARANTEE he would have gone to research them. Also, this carving couldn’t be older then oh, idk 30 years maybe judging by the fact that it’s in Oregon state, a rainy humid place that is in no way the best for preserving dead wood. They probably have to replace them every couple of decades due to rot.

Not to mention, this carving looks like something you’d doodle when you’re obsessed with something and bored. Bored, idk, maybe waiting for monster half spider half humans..??

Conclusion: Ford was completely obsessed with bill and carved him in there so that he could watch or so that maybe they could even talk or maybe just cause he was bored:) also idk if theres any significance with bill being under the pine tree symbol… but im just going to leave that for now

Even more reverse pines headcanons

Alright so I know Dipper, Pacifica, Mabel and Gideon’s roles in this reverse au and I also planed out Carla and Stan but I want to figure out the rest of the town. So here it goes.

Mystery Shack

Old Man McGucket: 65 years old: a intelligent inventor who creates the Mystery Shack’s animatronic attractions. Carla has him working on a new thing every week so he is always busy designing new creations. Due to his inventions being a tad destructive the town calls him the local kook and no one takes him seriously. He has a limp in his left leg from an injury from years before.

Robbie: 18 years old: a polite and laid back teenager who is generally friendly to everyone he meets. He’s a bit of a geek and is very smart. He has lots of friends but he met most of them through his girlfriend. He plays the guitar and sings but doesn’t like to in public cause he is self conscious. Very nurturing and loving towards animals and children.

Melody: 23 years old: a ditzy girl who’s a bit of a screwup but still a very talented handy man. She helps McGucket build his inventions and fixes things up in the shack. She is very caring and protective of her loved ones. She’s cheerful and always willing to lend a hand and give out advice.

Wendy: 17 years old: I didn’t have it in myself to turn Wendy into a horrible person because I love her to death. She’s a bit of a goth and a tough girl with a temper. I’d say she’s has a lot more of her dads traits than she does in canon. Easily angered and prone to hitting people and things. Surprisingly strong for her thin frame. She is very sarcastic and has an attitude but does have a soft side to her if you get to know her well enough.

Tent of Telepathy

Soos: 24 years old: He’s the twin’s bodyguard and their driver/servant. He works hard to be extremely serious and diligent in order to keep his job. He is used to getting ordered around by the twins and Stan and he has gotten better at dealing with their moods. He has a close relationship with Aboleta still, but he doesn’t live with her anymore, he lives on his own since Stan pays him better in this universe. He acts like a goof around Melody and turns into a blushing mess whenever he sees her.

Rest of the Town

Sherif Powers (42 years old) and Deputy Trigger (37 years old): Two no nonsense hardworking policemen who are always focused on work. Powers can not experience humour still and Trigger is always wanting to arrest people. They argue all the time. But the sexual tension is thick. ;)

Thompson: 18 years old. most popular boy in school. He’s always throwing parties and preforming stunts to get a response from people. Life of the party.

Tambery: 18 years old. a hyperactive and sociable teenager who texts everyone and knows everyone. She is very friendly and talkative. Kind of a valley girl. She’s kind of vapid but she does genuinely like people. Wendy is her best friend. They are opposites but they actually get along really well.

Lee and Nate: they are both 17 years old. nerdy and sarcastic teenagers who are pretty smart and are always competing with each other and trying to be cool and impress Thompson. They’re Thompson’s lackeys. Or the high school equivalent to lackeys. Posse, I guess.

Priscilla Northwest: 42 years old. She is the primary abuser of Pacifica in this instead of just being in the background, though her abuse is more focused on emotional manipulation. She graduated from Harvard law school at the age of 28. Her husband was the one who payed her way through school. She runs the Northwest households and organizes all the parties and events. On top of that she is the Mayor of Gravity Falls and has been for 15 years.

Preston Northwest: 45 years old. Very forlorn and silent. He runs the Northwest logging industry but most of the direct orders come from his second in command. He’s just the face of the company. He never speaks unless directly spoken to. Paz barely remembers what his voice sounds like half the time. He always wears gloves.

Toby Determined: 48 years old. a very respected news reporter who always goes for the big stories. Every journalist in town wants to work for the Gravity Falls Gossiper. He doesn’t like to be bothered by inconsequential news stories. He only likes the big stuff. He’s kinda rude and has a bit of a crush on Sandra.

Sandra Jimenez: 40 years old. a low scale reporter who has her own news show that’s not very successful. She always goes around town claiming to be a serious and real reporter. She tries to get attention in any way she can.

Manly Dan: 49 years old. Wendy’s dad who used to be a lumber jack but took over his wife’s diner when she died. Now he is a very aggressive cook and server. If you don’t like the food, you get thrown out, literally. Most of his meals are very much beef and jerky oriented. He still goes chopping down trees in the woods but not as often. He makes all his kids work at the diner.

Lazy Susan: (61 years old) Works for Preston Northwest’s lumberjack industry. She is a tough lady who will chop down any tree in her path. Not very smart and doesn’t really watch out for the safety of others when she goes on a chopping rampage. Though she can’t help that cause of her bad eye.