mystery of the space pirate ship

literally everything I want is more queer literature. crime novels where two lesbians solve mysteries together, one of them is trans, they gradually fall in love and move in together. fantasy where the agender knight rescue the demigirl princess and they become best friends and spend the rest of their life travelling the kingdoms writing books. stories of badass ace and aro pirates saving the world by mistake, genderfluid wizards who accidentally release an ancient spirit and then gather all their friends to contain it again, demi chosen ones who end up realising they don’t need a relationship to be happy, bi scavengers hunting space ships for parts they can sell so they can survive, non binary scientists building robots in a futuristic realm, trans space diplomats trying to achieve intergalactic peace. stories about gay writers and lesbian painters and loving yourself as you are. happy endings and good representation. more literature for, about and by queer people, that’s my aesthetic.

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what's your list of fav bellarke fan fiction????

im currently bitter bc i basically had this finished but tumblr decided to have a glitch and delete it all. anyway, here’s round 2 

cause i got you, and now that’s all that matters by @marauders-groupie

lana is beautiful and so is this fic. i think my tag for it was just a bunch of exclamation points which basically means that i’ll be in love with it forever and never be able to properly use words when talking about it. 

Clarke gets dirt stuck under her nails, Bellamy always keeps books at hand, they are both a mess but somewhere between throwing tomatoes at each other and hiding, they fall in love.

Or: Bellarke in the countryside.

Prompt: Imagine Bellarke in Modern AU. With Sunday brunches on the back porch and whispered I love yous when no one else is listening.

aphelion by @kindclaws

with the possibility of coming across as too much, let me just say that there are few people who have stolen my heart in the degree that Sara has. That being said, even if I didn’t love her to the moon and back, I would still be able to see beautiful talent, and that is definitely something that my dear friend has. So here’s the short summary of my latest obsession of hers: 

It’s been two years since the spaceship Aphelion mysteriously disappeared, its crew branded by the ARK as traitors to be shot on sight. Jake Griffin was on that ship, and with him, a dangerous secret that could change civilized space forever.

Now, Clarke wants some answers - and revenge, if she can get it. Bellamy wants a bigger ship - specifically, Clarke’s. Wells wants to fix the system his father broke. Octavia wants a little fun. Miller wants everyone to stop making poor life choices. Harper wants to kiss the new girl. And Raven? Well, Raven just wants to blow shit up.

The universe won’t know what’s hit it. (Space pirates AU!)

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Listen. I love social media aus, nerdy!Bellamy and thirsty!Clarke. Thankfully this fic has a little of all that. It also has adorable fanboy Jas and that’s also a plus for me. This one has stayed with me since the night i read it, so it’s def up there on my faves list. 

Clarke is pretty sure Bellamy is the hottest lyft driver she’s ever had, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that he’s a pretty great conversationalist, too. When she finds out him and Raven used to work together, it feels natural to become friends. She just never thought they’d get along quite so well, or that their lives would come together so easily, or that she’d fall madly in love with him. But that’s life.

aka: a social media au incorporating text messages, snapchats, tweets, and instagrams that definitely no one asked for.

You’re Cool On The Internet, At Least by @prosciuttoe

Once again, SOCIAL MEDIA AU. They meet on facebook and yeah. this is hella cute. I love it. Also, anything Em writes is magic, so please read this and give her the love and adoration she deserves. 

Look, Clarke will not dwell on this. She will not get flustered just because a possibly cute guy on Facebook apparently shares her views on what constitutes a terrible person.

Ten minutes later, her phone gives a short, irritated buzz; startling her enough that she jumps.

Biting at the inside of her cheek, she allows herself a quick peek.

Friend request from Bellamy Blake.

Clarke has no idea how she manages to develop a crush on a guy who won’t stop fighting everyone on Facebook, but here they are.

(Or: Clarke meets Bellamy on Facebook. They hit it off.)

neither lost nor found by awildthing 

other than social media au, my weakness is modern magic users au. AND THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. 

Bellamy Blake arrives on campus and Clarke’s magic suddenly starts going haywire.

Or, Clarke meets another magic user and teaches him to control his gift–and learns some things along the way.

I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend (i wanna kiss your neck) by @spacexualkids

i love tierney more than i love most people on this god forsaken site. her writing is always like coming home which is way too cheesy even for me. so here. read this summary so i dont become a blubbering mess. 

She finds Bellamy back on that floral couch. They’d moved it into the screened room for the winter, and then back out again once the days grew long and warm. It was becoming another tradition, apparently.

And so was this; him smoking on the sofa, her head on his shoulder, voices low in the early morning while everyone else was asleep and the world felt like it belonged to them, just for the moment.

“Someone had fun,” he teases, flicking at a spot on her neck. Clarke reaches up to feel the tender skin; Glass must have given her a hickey while they were getting carried away.

She flushes, but he’s looking back at the sunrise. “I always have fun,” she reminds him, and he groans.

“Yeah, I remember.”

“This is my favorite part, though,” Clarke says, curling up a little more against him so he’ll put his arm around her for warmth. She’s still kind of drunk, so she’s not sure if she’s making sense, but she trusts that he’ll get it. Bellamy always seems to understand what she means. “Just–us. It’s my favorite.”

Bellamy stubs out his cigarette and leans back against her. “Mine too.”

That’s all I have time for tonight, but I do have a longer one in my drafts that I plan on finishing and publishing soon. 

I will also use this to shamelessly self promo - I’m taking requests for the next two weeks bc HOLIDAYS! no more teaching for me for two weeks and that is glorious. 

so pls send in any and all prompts you want filled by yours truly


The Crossroads series is now complete!

it’s been almost two years, nearly 200k words, and a lot of wonderful support from you guys. thank you for the comments, the edits, the art, the playlist, the kudos, the reblogs, the patience, the bookmarks, and most importantly for taking this last step with me!

this is the longest creative writing i’ve ever completed and i owe it to you all <3 <3 <3 <3

Read it all in one go! 

Part One: The Death of Kylo Ren

Separated. Rey travels with Luke and a defected Knight of Ren to learn about the deeper mysteries of the Force. As she struggles to hide a potentially fatal Force bond, more about her past relationship with Kylo Ren is revealed.

Part Two: Stars Don’t Come Down

Intersections. Ben Kanata only remembers the last three years of his life, which have been spent fixing pirate ships on Takodana and wanting something else. When an errant Jedi returns to space, memories that don’t belong to him surface.

Part Three: And I’m Here

United. We tear apart to hold together.


Time Canary Week: Scene Stealer AU: Star Trek AOS

Captain Rip Hunter recruits Sara Lance into Starfleet after finding her picking fights in a bar in Riverside, Ohio. She’s got a problem with authority and a rebellious streak a mile wide, but she’s a tactical genius who is wasting her potential. As a cadet, she gains infamy for being a rule breaker, but Captain Hunter recognizes her brilliance and takes on the role of her mentor. Upon graduation, she’s assigned to his ship, the USS Waverider, where her unorthodox methods help save the fleet and Earth, after a mysterious ship from the future emerges from a blackhole.

Upon the completion of the Waverider’s first mission, Captain Hunter, now an Admiral, steps down from the chair, promoting Sara to Captain of the Waverider.

While transporting Admiral Hunter to a diplomatic conference in Yorktown, the Federation’s newest base, a space pirate by the name of Kanjar Ro attacks the USS Waverider, taking Admiral Hunter hostage. With the crew decimated, and the ship damaged beyond repair, Captain Lance forges on to save Admiral Hunter from Kanjar Ro. He’s the man who saved her life and gave her purpose, and she can’t leave him behind. She has no idea how she’s going to manage it, but she’s probably going to break a lot of rules.

 I suffer from pretty bad insomnia which is mostly a bummer. Last night, at 3am, I started coming up with Jonsa story ideas. Most are ridiculous and embarrassing. Here’s a sampling of last night’s winners (the less bad ones):

- Sansa is a US senator’s daughter and someone wants her dead. Jon is a US Marshall tasked with keeping her safe. He’s a Maverick and Shoot From the Hip type of cop, his partner Sam is very By The Book. As Sansa’s life comes into increasing danger, he’s forced to Operate Outside the Law to keep her safe.

- Jon and Sansa are opposing council in a murder trial. As the trial goes on, they begin to uncover a conspiracy that goes  to the highest levels of government. As the stakes grow higher, they give in to their growing attraction.

- Jon is a Space Pirate. Robb is a Space Cowboy. Together, they have an old spaceship called Winterfell and smuggle goods at the edges of the galaxy. That is, until the day Sansa and Margaery stow away onto their ship running from…something.

- Based upon the V miniseries from the 1980s. Sansa is a human and her family is part of the resistance. Jon is an alien and a lizard creature underneath his human skin costume. They have a star-crossed romance. Their child is The Chosen One. 

-A Scooby-Do AU. They solve mysteries and still have the van. The van comes equipped with brown shag carpet. Theon plays Shaggy. Ghost is Scooby-Do. In between solving mysteries, the van is a’rockin.

- Canon AU. Jon’s heritage is known and he marches south with Robb instead of going to the wall. His relationship with Cat is still strained. She asks him to go to KL instead of Brienne for the hostage exchange. He gets there before the PW. She does not die in the RW but is taken hostage as originally planned.

- The Oregon Trail. Jon wants to go west and start a new life. He takes a mail-bride named Sansa. The day after their wedding, they start their journey as part of a wagon train. So, an arranged marriage set in the old west around 1850 or so.

The last two aren’t awful.


“Zak Storm” tells of the adventures of young teen surfer, Zak – a headstrong and adventurous kid swept into the Bermuda Triangle while surfing. Once inside, Zak partners up with a magical sword that allows him to transform into a swashbuckling, renegade hero to fight off the numerous perils of the unique and diverse Seven Seas within the belly of the Triangle. Young Zak sails the mysterious seas with an extraordinarily otherworldly ship and crew comprised of; an enchanted talking sword, an Atlantean princess first mate, a thick-headed & heavy-fisted Viking, a neurotic space traveler, and a poltergeist prankster kid!

Can Zak manage the many quirky personalities of his ship & crew in order to lead them past uber villain, Skullivar, and escape the Triangle?Key Facts> A revolutionary modern pirate adventure show

Bandai already on Board!

TO RATTLE THE STARS, by pangeasplits and garnetquyen

Rating: E

Pairing: Charles/Erik

Chapters: 3/11


All his life Charles has chafed at the bonds of gravity that hold him bound to tiny and backwater Montressor, more at home in the sky on his solar surfer than on the ground, where he’s stuck working at his stepfather’s inn. His heart and soul yearn for the stars, and it’s his dream to one day be a spacer and sail across the cosmos on adventure.

The opportunity comes sooner than he ever imagined one night when a ship crash-lands on the inn’s front doorstep, carrying a dying pirate with a mysterious map and a dire warning: beware the cyborg.

[A Disney’s Treasure Planet AU]

Start at the beginning here! Continue to Chapter 3 here!

Planetary Atmospheres

I’ve written a bit about Metroid music already, covering the titles themes, ending themes, and boss battle music. Today, however, I’m going to look at a much more low-key aspect of video game music: moody tunes that set an atmosphere and tone to the gaming experience. A large part of music’s role in the medium is to set a mood, the Barry White of bits and pixels. Metroid is a series known for its minimalist, atmospheric pieces that push the boundaries of what qualifies as “melody.” I’ll be looking at a few major examples from across the series and delving into what makes this stylistic choice so successful.

Sounds of Silence

One of the core atmospheric tracks for the Metroid series is simply titled “Silence.” In the original Metroid, this was the music that played in item rooms. It reflects one of the key tenants of the series: Samus is alone. Being alone isn’t a relaxing state, however; anything could be ready to leap out at you and that tension is omnipresent. The small runs are give the impression of movement, like something else is in the room with you that you can’t see. The atonal notes convey the alien atmosphere as well; this is not a comfortable place.

This theme would return in Super Metroid, adding a low, vamping sound that makes it seem like the catacombs of Zebes are alive with inactivity. You may be rewarded with an item in this room, but that doesn’t mean the fight is over yet. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes reuses the theme again, finishing off every boss battle with its creeping tones. This title also mixes in many ambient noises heard throughout Dark Aether, giving this version a specific feel for a specific world. Finally, Metroid Fusion creates two “Silence” themes, one utilizing the breathing motif and the other riffing on the alien arpeggios. These foster a greater sense of mystery than the previous versions, as much of this game is about uncovering information about both the X-Parasites and the true motives of the Galactic Federations.

A Pirate’s Life for Me

As with most Metroid titles, Samus faces off against the dreaded Space Pirates in Super Metroid once again. In fact, she encounters them almost right away on Zebes, as she is caught by a security probe in old Brinstar. As she backtracks to the surface through the ruins of Tourian, the footsoldiers of her nemesis attack. It’s a subtle music theme, however, not totally conveying a sense of battle. The tempo is fast and dangerous, but otherwise it’s a muted theme. There is more mystery than thrill yet. This theme returns for the Space Pirate Homeworld in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, where it takes on a slower, more atmospheric nature. It’s mixed with industrial sounds, conveying the mechanical nature of the planet. It’s less about combat and more about a subtle danger that lurks around every corner; this is not a place where Samus is welcome.

Metroid Prime ushered in a new Space Pirate battle theme, and with it came a creepy introductory piece. The track is labeled “Pirate Fear,” and I think it’s ambiguous who is supposed to be afraid of whom here. It builds tension, as you know as soon as this theme starts that a gunfight is nigh. Many of the Space Pirate facilities in Echoes also use this theme, as you never know when a force of Pirates will teleport to your location and open fire.

Abandon Ship!

And, of course, Metroid wouldn’t be complete if some star cruisers didn’t become casualties of war along the way. The first spaceship ruins encountered belong to a Chozo vessel left over from the first settlers of Zebes. The Wrecked Ship in Super Metroid is this vessel, and the death march beat is a corruption of the Crateria theme. There’s hardly anything else to the music, just a few notes that pop in and out of the track like ghosts. It’s a little dangerous, a little lonely, and a little spooky all at once.

The Metroid Prime games also feature a few derelict ships, the Frigate Orpheon being the first one. The music riffs on classic sci-fi instrumentation and sounds, featuring stereotypically alien vibes and a similar death march pulse from the Wrecked Ship track. This theme is less lonely, but ramps up the sense of danger, creepiness, and intrigue. This is, after all, where Samus first discovers the traces of Phazon experimentation. Finally, Corruption places Samus on board the GFS Valhalla after a Space Pirate raid. This is the epitome of scary mystery music, and the intermittent shrieks of Phazon Metroids during the gameplay accentuate that. An ominous feeling looms over the Valhalla as well, since the Aurora Unit 313 will later be featured as the Mother Brain-esque final boss.

As you can see, the Metroid series demonstrates how a lot of mood can be packed into minimalistic music. From ironically echoing the idea of silence to creating an atmosphere of mystery, Metroid pushes music to its tonal and melodic limits. This is, of course, even without touching on Metroid II: Return of Samus, which is worthy of its own article in musical minimalism. While these aren’t the tracks that will get stuck in your head or have you singing in the shower, they are still a vital piece of the gaming experience. Until next time, folks, try not to get too unsettled when you’re in a dark room by yourself.

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Hi Carrie!! I love your reclists so much and I was hoping you could rec me some good Sterek fics that are set in sci-fi settings or crossovers with sci-fi series?? Thank you!! <3

  • A Wilderness Warily Awakened by Etharei (E, 64k) Derek Hale and his Specialized Combat Agents Unit are assigned to B-CON Base, a research facility in the heart of the lone human settlement on planet Cali. Normally, such an isolated place would not warrant the presence of Specs - the Infection is raging across the known galaxy, after all, and zombies don’t kill themselves (unless there are no tastier alternatives at hand) - but Derek is on a private hunt for his sister. He soon discovers that the rest of his team have ties to the place as well.It’s all just coincidence, of course. (No matter what Stiles bleats on about those.) Also, zombies.
  • In Other Words, Baby, Kiss Me by primroseshows (E, 61k)  Stiles has simple goals in life. To successfully complete his secret radar project without getting fired, to get a cottage on the Moon, and to untangle his mess of feelings for Moon Station 3 deputy, Derek Hale. Heck, he’ll even settle for two of the three.
  • the ring of the ancestors is not a euphemism by kellifer_fic (T, 11k)  Stiles hadn’t noticed the way the entire commissary had gone silent when the guy had approached his table, or the two military escorts that had been flanking him, looking at each other like maybe they should be intervening but weren’t sure how. All he saw was someone stealing the last dessert from him and Stiles didn’t think about it, he just reached across the table and snatched it back with a, “What the hell, dude?”

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Kalte Herzen (Cold Hearts) I - Law x Zoro || santoryu-blog & shambledkingofhearts

santoryu-blog‘s starter

     It had only been a day since Trafalgar Law, the Surgeon of Death, Captain of the Heart Pirates, and Warlord of the Seas, had allied himself with the infamous Monkey D. Luffy and his friends to take down one of the Four Emperors and consequently come to terms with his past. The doctor had thought teaming up with another Supernova of his generation, that teaming up with a carrier of the Will of D., would shake the world’s foundations to the point it would all burn down. For Trafalgar, this alliance had been both a blessing and a curse; the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates was an eccentric and unpredictable young man, which made him the best choice to team up with - it was also the very same unpredictability that made it his living hell. The other captain’s actions had usually forced the dark haired man to change or modify his plans on the fly or he had to throw the previous plans out the window.

     The rest of his crew fared no better than their captain. He met most of them and got to know their story over the course of just a few short days on Punk Hazard and on the Thousand Sunny. Penguin and Shachi would likely enjoy hanging out with the long-nosed sniper and the talking raccoon dog thing that insists it looked like a reindeer (he looked more like a Tanuki to me). Robin, Sanji and Nami were easy for him to interact with, mainly due to the fact that they were one of the most level headed members of the ship, even if they have their moments of insanity. However, there was just one member of the ship he hadn’t really spoken to yet: Roronoa Zoro.

     The former pirate hunter in question was a mystery to him. Law could feel his stares boring into his person with scrutiny like a vulture - distrust? The other members of the crew were a lot calmer around the warlord after about a day of seeing him on their ship, but it was the green haired man that kept up a distant space between them. Not that Trafalgar Law really cared if the shorter man liked him or not, but it would make things difficult for him once they reach Dressrosa and confront Donquixote Doflamingo too early. He needed this crew’s support for his plans to work.

     —–Even now, he could feel the man once more staring at him.

     “Have something to say, Zoro-ya?”

ovicati  asked:

Hello. Just wanted to let you know that I love your recs. Thank you! I have a weird favor to ask though. Can you make a Cherik rec list that's Charles-centric or only Charles-POV ? A single POV is actually quite rare but I find it more enjoyable personally. I prefer angst, pining and heartbreaks to color me blue. Samples include No Longer in Silence by Black-Betty's, Sub Rosa by Tahariel, and Tuesday by Sperare. Predominantly 1-POV and full of angst. Please and thank you very much!

First, I just want to say I am so, so sorry for how long this took! Thank you to ovicati for being so lovely and being so patient with me. This was a hard list to make because it’s honestly difficult to remember which fics are which POV, and I’m afraid I had to stick with ones I’ve read multiple times and therefore could remember more readily. I hope there’s something you haven’t read on here yet, but I’d also like to open this post for suggestions!

Time to Grow by zarah5 (M, 21k) 
In which you’ll find chess dates which aren’t dates (or maybe Charles is wrong about that). – Based on First Class, this turns (slightly) AU during the beach scene.
Ending’s Comment: Pretty much canon compliant. Erik and Charles start tentatively meeting up. Angsty but not melodramatic, and extremely lovely.

Divergence Day by manic_intent (M, 28k)
The room that Charles is held in is simple, and underground, a concrete bunker of a place hewn into a cube, with a simple white cot for a bed. There’s a small black and white television set, plugged to the wall within hand’s reach of the bed, and an ensuite bathroom attached to the chamber. They’re somewhere in the Nevada desert, as far as Charles dimly remembers, one of Erik’s many boltholes. There’s no one else in the entire facility, and Erik’s mind is closed to Charles from the helmet. The silence is both blissful and excruciating.
Ending’s Comment: A what-if fic set post-DOFP. Erik kills everyone at the White House (including Raven). This obviously changes everything. (The epilogue is in Erik’s POV but everything else is Charles’)

Made To Be Broken by Yahtzee (E, 18k) 
Charles makes a New Year’s Resolution: “No more straight men,” Charles repeated as he began scrolling through the apartment directory for Emma’s name. “No more futility. No more pointless hoping and heartbreak. In 2013, I never want to hear the words ‘exception,’ ‘experimenting’ or ‘phase.’ If, God forbid, I hear ‘bicurious’ even once, I may take a hostage.” Then he goes into the party, and Erik is there.
Ending’s Comment: Charles is hesitant to hope for a relationship with Erik who is straight…. or is he? Not as angsty as you may like, but it pulled my heartstrings, anyway.

The stars incline us, they do not bind us by ikeracity, Pangea (E, 162k)
Intergalactic Federation pilot Lieutenant Charles Xavier is assigned last-minute to a high profile mission: transporting over two thousand prison inmates from an old and overfilled prison complex to a newer, higher-capacity prison stronghold located on the outer reaches of the galaxy. Just as he’s settling down for a long and uneventful ride, things take a turn for the worse after the inmates riot and stage a hostile takeover of the ship, leaving Charles to find himself at the complete mercy of cold-blooded killers and facing the chilling prospect that he might not ever make it back home alive.
Ending’s Comment: This fic ruined me. Tight Charles-only POV of course, but still manages to develop Erik very well. Make sure to check warnings and tags!

A Logical Progression by cloudyjenn (M, 17k) 
Erik and Charles were only together once before doubt and fear ground their romance to a halt. But once was apparently all it took. Now Charles is dealing with a pretty crappy secondary mutation, a brand new career teaching mini-mutants and a stubbornly overprotective Erik. This is the story of how Charles and Erik got from Point A to Point B and what they collected along the way.
Ending’s Comment: I get a kick out of the Charles has a secondary mpreg mutation trope, and this one is done well with tons of pining. 

All the King’s Man by Pookaseraph (E, 64k)
In an effort to get out from under the thumb of his step-father, Charles chooses to become a courtesan for several minor nobles in King Erik’s court. It is not long before he attracts the eye of the young king, and the Cardinal who holds the young king’s ear. Charles spends months working to secure his place as King Erik’s favorite and to regain his father’s title of Merchant Prince. Charles hopes to disprove the old adage that once you enter the king’s bed, you have nowhere to go but down.
Ending’s Comment: A/O universe. Though Erik is the king, this is very much Charles’ story. I love his political machinations and his relationship with Emma. Due to the intense focus on Charles, Erik seemed a bit flat, but I enjoyed this nonetheless! Angst for days!

To Rattle the Stars by GQD, Pangea (E, 71k)
All his life Charles has chafed at the bonds of gravity that hold him bound to tiny and backwater Montressor, more at home in the sky on his solar surfer than on the ground, where he’s stuck working at his stepfather’s inn. His heart and soul yearn for the stars, and it’s his dream to one day be a spacer and sail across the cosmos on adventure.The opportunity comes sooner than he ever imagined one night when a ship crash-lands on the inn’s front doorstep, carrying a dying pirate with a mysterious map and a dire warning: beware the cyborg.
Ending’s Comment: Perhaps not as overall angsty as you might like, but definitely has some heart-twisting moments. Plus great humor and lovely space metaphors (hell yeah)

it’s like one of us woke up by kaydeefalls (T, 25k) 
“You came here for me,” Charles said, meeting Shaw’s gaze levelly. “So let’s not waste any more time.” Canon!AU in which Charles and Erik do find Shaw in Russia.
Ending’s Comment: Ripped my heart out. Better than XMFC to be honest, haha.

lay down beside me (so still and so soft) by C_Gracewood (E, 53k)
A different take on the events of the film.
Ending’s Comment: Heavily focused on the sexual relationship between Charles and Erik, but definitely extremely angsty. Set in canon.


I really want to open this post up for suggestions. Any Charles-only POV fics full of angst that anyone recommends? I know we tend to frown upon writers reccing their own fics, but I think they remember which POV they wrote in better than a reader might, so please feel free to offer your own too!

A Spartan and a Marine [starter with savior-of-humanity]


This was supposed to be a simple mission.  There was a concentration of Space Pirate forces in the area for Zhen to eliminate.  She was deploying in her Mech again simply because there weren’t enough available Marines for a direct assault.

What she didn’t expect was that someone else was clearly interested in attacking the Space Pirates as well.  General Alex Miles had informed her that there was an unknown ship in orbit above the planet, confirmed to be not a Space Pirate or Federation design.

Scans from orbit indicated an unknown super soldier of some kind, likely from the unknown ship deploying via drop pod to engage the Space Pirates.  Zhen’s orders were to rendezvous with this soldier and break through the Space Pirate lines together.

Setting up her usual kit of missiles, Repair Capsules, and an elemental attack, Zhen deployed to the planet’s surface in her drop ship, which dropped her off nearby the unknown Soldier’s location.

Zhen marched her mech forward to meet up with her mysterious (presumed) ally.  Her mech was enormous compared to the soldier, being closer to a Mantis in height, but it looked more like an oversized Federation Marine, so it was significantly bulkier.

Zhen’s arrival was declared with a missile flying off into a group of Space Pirates and detonating, killing several Pirates at once.  Then, her Mech moved forward and began peppering the Space Pirates with Power Beam shots.

She didn’t say anything to her ally yet, and her mech made no indication of her gender.  Right now, her priority was killing the Pirates and securing the area.