mystery kids week

My RWBY Secret Santa gift for Reba (floralninjachan)!!! Here’s some silly Lancaster for you!

I hope you’ve had a fun and festive week! Happy Holidays :D


From October 25th to October 31st, the Mystery Kids fandom will have the opportunity to partake in Mystery Kids Week! Don’t pass up the chance to fill out prompts such as:

Day 1: Alternative Universe

AUs suggested, but not limited to, are: zombie apocalypse, high school, past era (20’s, Egyptian, Jurassic even), steampunk, Hogwarts, it’s endless, really.

Day 2: Fight Scene

Bloodied and battered or in the cafeteria using food, we just wanna see the kids spar.

Day 3: OTP/BrOTP

This fandom’s relationships are the cutest ever, and we’re gonna celebrate it, goddammit!!!

Day 4: Another Crossover

Mystery Inc. decides to help out! Danny Phantom chats with Norman! Sam and Dean are triumphed by a bunch of kids! Crossover it bro!

Day 5: Stories and Shite

Read a ghost story and get inspired. Some good resources are here, here, and here (<– This here is really fucked up, use with caution!)

Day 6: Fandomswap

The mystery twins as psycadets, Raz in Blithe Hollow! JUST DO IT!!

Day 7: Halloween


Tag your posts as “Mystery Kids Week”, “Spook Crew Week”, “SCW”, and/or “Mystery Week”. Please refrain from tagging as “MKW”, since Mario Kart Wii is already using that.

Please participate, I look forward to your entries!