mystery happens on the film set

I had an awesome dream where I was on the set of a porn film being filmed in an old gothic castle and anyways spooky shit started happening and then we realized the castle was haunted by an old old demon and me and the pornstars had to work together to solve the mystery to exorcise the demon


Some people find horror movies enough to give them sleepless nights, but what about films shrouded in real paranormal activity? One such movie is the black and white horror, Return to Babylon. This movie has a hoard of legends circulating around it and it’s evident as to why. The director, Alex Monty Canawati, and a number of cast members said that bizarre happenings frequently occurred on set. They reported feeling otherworldly and even evil entities lurking around and felt unseen hands grabbing at them. While this alone is extremely creepy, it was what was going on behind the scenes that proved to be terrifying. The director and editor of the film began to notice odd things inside the editing room. Mysterious figures began to appear in the negatives of the film and the faces of the actors began to distort, seemingly in fear or agony.

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Did you always like Llamas and I just didn't notice or is it a new thing? Very good use of Llamas in answering Anonymous asks!

So the Llama Thing happened because of a mysterious 6B spoiler.  A couple of crew in January posted pictures of two llama’s on a green screen set.  We have no idea why they are there and when I posted them on the news blog I offered them for people’s “consideration” which people found funny.  And that kind of evolved into research in finding out how expensive or not renting a film llama is (including a friend with industry knowledge informing me that no one rents a background llama because they’re too expensive).  And then someone pointed out that the llama looked like a loony toon character who had done something wrong and was trying to seem innocent.

I’ll get bored with llamas eventually but for now they’re amusing me.

Do you know what I find interesting, academically?

The way that the media produced in a cultural moment can both reflect and direct the inner workings of that culture, in a way that’s very difficult to spot at the time it’s happening.

My favourite example is the story of Film Noir, which was made in Hollywood from the late 30s but wasn’t recognised as a genre for nearly 10 years: after the second world war ended, a decade of American films were released in Europe at once and french critics were able to identify that films that had previously been called crime, mystery, drama, even romance, similarly shared themes of paranoia and corruption, along with chiaroscuro lighting and minimal set dressing.

What’s almost as interesting is the way that this saturation of the market more or less gave birth to the modern field of Film Studies, through magazines like Cahiers Du Cinéma.

Horrifying facts about your favorite scary movies!

“The Omen”- During production, David Seltzer (the writer)’s plane was struck by lightening over the Atlantic. A few weeks later, executive producer Mace Neuler’s plane was also hit by lightening.

“The Poltergeist”- In the scene where the clown tried to strange Robbie, the actor was really suffocating. Luckily, director Steven Spielberg saved his life.

“The Amityville Horror”- A few days before filming the Amityville remake, a dead body washed up on shore near the set. Like Ryan Reynolds’s character in the the film, the crew began to wake up at 3:15 am. The woman who experiences the real Amityville horror, died during the making of the film.

“The Exorcist”- Many people know the bizarre things that happened on the making of this classic horror film like, an actual exorcism was requested on set. The first set of the McNeil home mysteriously burned down. Also, 9 cast and crew members were said to have died during the making and the release of the film.

“There was definitely a feeling that it could happen, we were playing around with something we shouldn’t have been playing around with.” - Marcel Vercoutere, special effects for The Exorcist.

After the film, the actress Linda Blair, who played the role of Reagan, was said to have had a lot of psychological problems after the film. Saying that she was feeling like she was being possessed.

A Major ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Clue Just Got Explained

Rejoice, “American Horror Story” fans! We can officially scratch one semi-huge mystery off our season five list. Remember that “arcane,” but “purposeful” top hat clue “AHS” boss Ryan Murphy teased in “Freak Show?” Well, it turns out that was alluding to the fifth installment’s hotel theme — and its leading lady.
Per EW, the “American Horror Story: Hotel” Powers That Be confirmed that the top hat image that appeared on Maggie’s coffee cup was a reference to the classic 1935 film “Top Hat,” which just so happens to be set in a hotel. Palm, meet forehead.

But wait! There’s more. The top hat clue was also a nod to Lady Gaga. As MTV News previously reported, the pop star officially landed the leading role in “Hotel,” and while the details of her characters remain sparse, we can tell you how it all relates back to that damn top hat. “Cheek to Cheek,” Gaga’s latest single with Tony Bennett, was written originally for “Top Hat.” And there you have it. The great top hat mystery is officially over. Now, onto other“Hotel” clues.
HuffPost Entertainment previously theorized that “American Horror Story: Hotel” could have a connection to the Garden of Allah Hotel. Denis O’Hare’s Stanley referenced it in “Freak Show,” telling the freaks he had a cousin who worked at the famous Hollywood hotel. Opening in 1927 and demolished in 1959, the Garden of Allah was the celebrity hotspot of its day. Frequent guests and residents included F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Dorothy Parker, Greta Garbo, Humphrey Bogart, Gloria Stuart and the Marx brothers.
Seeing how “Top Hat” came out in 1935 and Marlene Dietrich’s film “The Garden of Allah” was released in 1936, we could be looking at a storyline set in the Golden Age of Hollywood — and that, Little Monsters, has Gaga’s name written all over it.