mystery eyes

I drew Lance in Link’s BOTW Outfit!! Also, AU where Lance is a belly dancer in this Village and Hunk is his Musician. (Allura is the cheif’s daughter Alfor who is still alive in this one, and Coran is the assistant) Keith, PIdge, and Shiro are on a mission to protect their village and in return they are rewarded with an honorary Dance by their Best dancer! And Keith is so infatuated with him and his mysterious blue eyes (that he swears glows) until he talks and they just get into silly arguments (Like always)  and Lance just happens to be so ridiculously attracted to him that he just can’t handle it. In the end everyone is just tired and done with the two cause it’s super obvious. 


В твоих глазах любовь и нежность,
И боль земли и небеса,
Мир величавый и безбрежный
В твоих таинственных глазах.


Love and tenderness in your eyes
The pain of the earth and the beauty of heavens,
Boundless and majestic world
Hidden in your mysterious eyes with angels and demons.


BLACK SISTERS + doodles.