mystery dial

Dial Tone

Based on this  from ectoimp‘s stream, and the conversation that went with it. Hope it sounds good. Biggest warning is that Lewis is an Ass with a capital A. But at least he’s above the whole murder thing (now, at least).

He didn’t know what exactly possessed him to do it.

Usually, it would have never even occurred to him; Mystery was an ever-watchful presence, eyes on both Vivi and Arthur in case he pulled something.

But tonight, on the outskirts of an unfamiliar town and in a potentially dangerous neighborhood, Mystery had let his nerves reach him, and when Vivi had left for groceries, he walked by her side. 

He had trusted that Lewis would do nothing to Arthur while Vivi cared for him, before proof that Arthur had “betrayed” him had been found. And if anything dangerous lurked, several cases proved that Lewis would reluctantly come to Arthur’s rescue, if only because if anyone was to exact “justice” on Arthur, it would be him.

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‘The Seven Dials Mystery’ - A Pepperony Agatha Christie AU

When a prank goes horribly awry and results into the suspicious death of a guest at her family house, aristocrat Virginia ‘Pepper’ Potts sets out to uncover the truth and gets entangled into a series of murders, stolen state secrets, and a mysterious secret society. Tony Stark, impossibly infuriating foreign ministry officer who was also another guest at her house at the time of the murder, reluctantly agrees to help her.

SOLD! Vintage Watch: 1950-60’s Louvic Mystery Dial

I traveled to NYC for my 30th birthday last month and while I was there I sold this handsome large round vintage watch to a lovely lady who lived in lower Manhattan.

We had been conversing about the perfect strap for this watch and I mentioned I was traveling there and she suggested we meet in person instead of finishing the deal online.

I took the train from Gretchen’s in Brooklyn and met her on Friday in a park off 6th Ave.

Sitting there for over an hour we shared our stories: she a Marketing Executive who had worked in everything from Television to Non-Profits, me a small town guy with big city dreams.

I brought some other watches to show her as well but she knew what she wanted.  A collector or vintage watches, she recognized the uniqueness and rarity of this fine Swiss Watch.

She had to run off to an appointment and I had to find the closest H&M, walking away with a wave.  I hope as our careers continue to grow and change that we work together again…