Oh, geez, that’s a really good question…Cause like, honestly? We kinda have no clue ourselves.  We just kinda deal with it, I guess?  I mean…I dunno…I’m not gonna lie and say I don’t have some pretty whacked up nightmares sometimes…and…like…get really freaked out when…gah.

N-Never mind, I don’t really wanna talk about that. Uh…Wow, wh-what do I even say…

That’s alright, Dip-dop!  I think I have an answer anyway!

Maybe it just runs in the family!  Good ol’ hereditary-ness and stuff!

I mean, Grunkle Stan kicked all those zombies’ butts and seemed fine afterwards!

And, like, Grunkle Ford lives for the supernatural, and kinda loves it!  I bet he eats anomalies for breakfast!

Seriously. I bet he does. ‘Cause I’ve never seen him eat breakfast with the rest of the family, and that’s awwwwwful mysteriousss…

Yeah, Mabel does have a point…Uh, n-not about the breakfast stuff.  The other thing.  

Though I’m not sure if bravery can be measured in genetics?  Either way, I’m sure it makes sense somehow.  Although…

Ugh.  I know sometimes, all that supernatural junk catches up with us, and in my case, I—I get too paranoid.  And it’s stupid, I know it, but it all piles up!  

Look, I don’t wanna be scared, I mean, nobody wants to be scared—so I just…try my best not to show it.  That’s all you can do.

It’s rough sometimes, though.  I guess I…I really just wanna make people proud.

Aw, Dipper…

Guh, I know he worries about that stuff a bunch. But…like, in my brain, why’s that gotta matter so much?

So we get scared sometimes.  Why should anybody blame us?  If they do, they’re poopheads, cause we’ve both seen some freaky stuff!

But I guess in order to be brave…

You gotta be scared in the first place, right?