“who are you?”
“an angel”
“what’s your name?”

if you’ve never seen this then you need to stop everything you’re doing and watch it right now

this is one of my favorite things


So everyone is pretty sure the first picture is Kaneki/Haise recovering after being stabbed through the head.

I imagine some of those books were novels that Kaneki may have liked.

But what if a large portion of them were books to help him get re-acclimated with the world after his brain damage.

Since you know Kaneki learns quickly from reading.

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[S] Luna: Speak

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I'd say that women are punished less for stepping out of their gender roles.

I agree. In terms of the way society views these things I would definitely agree. In fact I would go so far as to say that of a woman goes for a traditionally male position she is actively encouraged. She gets a pat on the back for empowering herself. If a man goes for a traditionally female position he is looked down on.

I do think this is the achievement of feminism. And I think it is both a positive and a negative thing. It is positive because it is of course a good thing to see women able to break away from their gender roles and make their own choices. It is negative because in a way I think it is feminism which as enforced this idea of feminine traits being ‘lesser’ on society.

Feminism has taught us that men have always had choices, whereas women have not. So looking at the 'choices’ men have made throughout the centuries we would automatically think they would take the 'better’ choices, wouldn’t we. Of course this is bullcrap. Men had no more choice than women. While women may have had to stay at home and look after the children, men had to go to work. They had no choice. 

So what we have is two sets of gender roles. But because one group has supposedly 'chosen’ their role we have almost been duped into believing that role is therefore 'better’. And it is not men who have taught us this. To a large degree it is feminism.

In reality 'masculine’ and 'feminine’ traits both have their relative merits and are both important and needed. And this is one of the most important things we need to talk about. We need to dispel this myth that men chose their place in society and make people understand that the gender binary has restricted all of us

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Maybe some kind of fic of that post where Steve and Sam and Tasha search all over the world and Bucky's just been in NY hanging out eating frozen yogurt like the whole time

Joined a Gym, Got a Cat

Kate glances down at the open book, reaching out towards the table, then stops and crinkles her brow as she examines the half-finished drawing. “You know Hot Frozen Yogurt Guy?”

She’s looking at a picture of Bucky. “He goes to my gym.”

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You know, radical feminism bothers me. But the thing I find most disturbing about feminism overall is the very mainstream willingness to rewrite history to suit their narrative.

It’s unbelievable at times anon. It’s like they don’t live in reality. But I have to question why they do this? The conclusion I reach is not a good one.

Why do so many feminists continually outright lie about, or exaggerate, the oppression women have faced throughout history? The only reason I can come up with is that they can use it as an excuse. An excuse to blame men. An excuse to pretend that men have never had problems, or that the problems they face now are a result of their own wrongdoing. An excuse to feel sorry for themselves. An excuse to say that they deserve things for their suffering, as if the suffering of long gone women has any effect on them personally. But most of all an excuse to justify the existence of their movement.

This is the sorry conclusion I reach. That some feminists are so obsessed with justifying the need for their movement that they will tell lies about the world we live in. They will manufacture mistruths to justify their victim complex, and they will suck others into believing these yarns that they spin. And the worst of it? They are doing the exact opposite of what their movement should be doing. They are not empowering women, they are weakening them. They are implying that throughout history (until ofc feminism came along) women have had no impact on society, no influence in shaping it. They are implying that women are useless. Not very empowering, is it?

“The first time the Mysterious Stranger appeared is still one of my favorite all time gaming moments. I had never even heard of him. So of course I was out wandering to my next marker when a band of 3 raiders appears, I take out 2 of them but doing so left me with little ammo and health. Then I hear this DUN NUH NUHHHhhhhh…. And Bam! Bam! Bam! the Mysterious stranger shot that last raider down like he had no respect for him or his Momma. Safe to say I kept my karma up so the Mysterious Stranger wouldn’t be such a stranger after all.”

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