hwang minhyun|the heirs

member: hwang minhyun
genre: fluff
summary: heirs au! you never thought you ever had a chance with hwang minhyun, the heir to the empire hotels and to billions of dollars, but you never knew you caught his eye either, who would have thought that a masquerade ball could make everything possible
heirs series: hwang minhyun

  • you’ve liked minhyun from the moment you stepped into 101 academy
  • the school for the elite of the elite
  • everyone was a heir to millions or billions of dollars
  • you included
  • your mother was one of the best fashion designers in the world owning several high end and normal brands with your father dealing with the business side
  • your mum inspired your love of fashion and the aspiration to be a fashion designer
  • in total your family earned around 300 million dollars a year
  • but your family wanted to make sure you weren’t raised spoilt so you three lived like a middle class family in a 3 bedroom house, normal car, normal neighbourhood, nothing expensive and you were homeschooled
  • but when you got to high school you were suddenly exposed to your family’s wealth
  • huge mansion, fancy cars, ridiculously expensive private school, luxury  everything
  • you got used to it after a while
  • but the luxury and grandeur of the school still amazed you
  • with a michelin star chef providing all meals and your own personal room with a bathroom and a closet
  • you could design the room any way you want
  • of course you made it into a fashion design studio
  • best bit was the second half of the day you get to make create and design clothes as that was your major, fashion
  • you can also request a personal tutor to give you advice with fashion and running a clothing business
  • it was an amazing school
  • but you still had to attend classes for the first half of the day which were really educational and suited for your fashion career
  • one of those classes was business with minhyun
  • you knew he didn’t need to attend the class or even school
  • he was ridiculously smart with degrees in hotel management and business from harvard
  • and he was in high school
  • he only went to school because his parents were alumni and insisted for him to go
  • you had absolutely no chance with minhyun
  • not only was he freakishly smart
  • he was part of the heirs
  • they were basically royalty, the 11 of them, the most eligible bachelors around, the richest, the most handsome, all the best in their own respective fields but they were distant towards nearly everyone except for a few of them, they were the kings of school
  • minhyun also was one of the most sought out guys in the school
  • he had the nickname emperor hwang i had to use it lol
  • minhyun would be taking over his family business of running the empire hotels. they’re the best hotels in the world every single of them 5 stars. and there were thousands across the globe. amusingly he’s named emperor hwang because he’s the “emperor” of his empire, his company.
  • he was also ridiculously good looking with milky white skin and jet black hair, his gorgeous dark brown eyes with an air of elegance and distant, nonchalant attitude
  • but that didn’t attract you to him it was his comforting innocent nature he hid under his mask he wore to the public
  • for some reason you wanted to be the one to crack the mask
  • but that was in your dreams even if he knew of his existence
  • he had so many girls after him
  • girls prettier, richer, smarter, nicer and more talented than you
  • you never stood a chance
  • you were completely wrong though
  • you caught his eye the moment you walked into his business class
  • there was just something about you
  • you carried yourself not with the arrogant stuck up attitude that so many did but with a gentle kindness
  • there was just a sweet softness making him instantly attracted to you
  • not to mention the gorgeous smile of yours and how adorable you were
  • and anytime he sees you laugh or smiling
  • he couldn’t help but smile
  • he knew he was falling for you
  • but he was just plain awkward around you
  • like no matter how he tried he could never say more than hello
  • and he didn’t talk to you in front of people because people would make a big fuss and give you a hard time
  • he even told the other heirs about it
  • they teased him endlessly and gave the worst advice which wasn’t surprising since they were all single
  • but both of you knew there was something going on
  • you had absolutely no fucking clue what it was exactly
  • he confused you to no end
  • when it was just you two or little people he was super sweet even though the interactions were always short
  • you’d glance at each other in class and share a smile
  • making you feel all soft and gooey
  • and whenever he’d say hello to you you couldn’t help but blush
  • but when there were other people he’d completely ignore you?
  • you just tried to ignore your feelings as much as possible
  • by basically avoiding him
  • not in sight not in mind right? lol you wish
  • but nope the feelings did not go down one bit
  • though you remember one incident
  • the one that gave you hope
  • you fell asleep in the library studying for exams and when you woke up you had the school’s blazer over you
  • the name tag: hwang minhyun
  • you had the biggest internal freakout at that moment
  • you’d fell asleep right in front of minhyun and looked really tired and cold so he couldn’t help himself but put his jacket over you
  • hoping maybe when you give it back you guys could start a conversation
  • but the next day you were too shy to give it to him person so you left it on his deck
  • he was super disappointed and pouted all day
  • and when you mustered up your courage to talk to him the next day
  • you found out he left for family business and won’t be back until new year’s eve
  • you cursed yourself for your bad timing
  • but that was a few weeks ago
  • you revert your attention back to the stunning dress in front of you
  • it was for the new year’s masquerade ball that ironically minhyun’s family was hosting
  • the ball would be extravagant with the finest food, expensive ball gowns and a special show of fireworks
  • it was your first time going to ball, you’ve been to fundraisers and dinners but nothing as big scale as this
  • and it was a huge opportunity to boost yourself into the fashion business on your own merit not your mothers
  • if people liked your dress you could give out your business card which led to business opportunities and connections
  • your attention turned to your dress
  • it was your best work yet
  • the gorgeous scarlet colour of dress contrasted amazingly with the golden embroidery which was done all by your hand
  • you especially dyed your hair into a super dark jet black to complement the dress if you have a black hair imagine the darkest jet black
  • with 2 hours left you needed to get ready
  • time flied by and you realised you were going to be late
  • you put your converse on there was no way in hell you were wearing heels plus the dress covered your feet you made sure of it
  • your limo pulled you out in front of the huge hotel as you put on your gold mask
  • the doors were nearly closing as you entered into a huge magnificent ballroom
  • which you had to go down a million stairs to get to
  • BANG! the doors closed and everyone’s eyes were on you
  • you went bright red thankfully with the dim lighting nobody could tell
  • taking a deep breath you walked down the steps as carefully and gracefully as possible
  • the lighting making the gold embroidery even brighter and the dress looked amazing
  • you got to the bottom and everyone was still staring at you making you super self conscious
  • before you could even walk a step
  • a tall handsome stranger decked out in an incredibly expensive looking suit and a black mask covering most of his face came up to you
  • he reminded you of minhyun
  • your heart sped up hoping it was but as the mysterious stranger said in a deep rough voice to you
  • “would you like to dance?”
  • you instantly knew it wasn’t him
  • minhyun’s voice was soft and sweet not rough and deep
  • but you automatically accepted annoyed at yourself for thinking about minhyun
  • as you started dancing the guy said “that was quite an entrance but i’ll say as much i am impressed with the dress the converse caught my attention a bit more” ending with a chuckle
  • you were properly mortified “oh gosh you saw? i knew i should of made the hem longer” you said trying not to look at him in the eye
  • “don’t worry i only noticed because i couldn’t keep my eyes off from you” he said smoothly making you blush and you literally wanted to swoon
  • before you could say anything he continued
  • “you made the dress?” he asked impressed
  • “yup, i’m a budding fashion designer” you said lightly
  • “well after this dance i’ll introduce you to all the people you should meet then maybe i get to keep you all to myself?” he asked hopefully
  • you laughed making him smile sweetly at you
  • “we’ll see pretty boy we’ll see” you answered mischievously
  • “well before i introduce you to people i should know your name right?” he said
  • “hmmm only if you give me yours” you quip back
  • “but i want to stay a mystery” he said jokingly whining a little
  • “i want to too” you say smirking
  • “well how about we reveal our faces and our names a bit before 12 in the garden and then afterwards we can watch the fireworks?” he compromised
  • “sure why not? but why so reluctant?” you asked
  • “well i think you’ll treat me differently when you know who i am” he said sheepishly
  • you smiled sweetly “i won’t i genuinely don’t care who you are or how much money you have, you’re already great company” you say sincerely
  • the guy gave you a beaming smile making you get butterflies
  • and for once in the last few months you think you might be able to get over minhyun
  • unbeknownst to you the guy you were currently dancing with thought the exact same thing but about you
  • minhyun felt different more confident, in the mask, plus the gorgeous girl in front of him just couldn’t help but make everything so much better
  • like he could not fuck up this opportunity with this amazing girl
  • plus if something goes wrong he can just run away and pretend none of it happened my backup plan for everything
  • the girl he was dancing with reminded him of you
  • you were both super sweet and sincere not to mention gorgeous
  • plus both of you made his heart beat way too fast to be humanly possible  with a single smile
  • but he didn’t think it was you because your hair was a different colour
  • and the dimmed lighting of the ballroom made it hard to see people’s faces
  • for just this one night he decided to forget how hopeless and awkward he was with girls especially you
  • and maybe even get over you
  • and try to be the gentleman that the stunning girl in front of him deserved
  • the type of guy you deserved
  • the next few hours you were introduced to so many people who loved your dress or were in the fashion industry or investors
  • you gave your business card to about 50 people which was amazing and so many more than you expected
  • of course your mystery partner didn’t get to see your name on the card
  • your mysterious guy also introduced you to 10 of his friends
  • “meet my friends” he introduced them
  • “hey it’s nice to meet you guys” you say friendly
  • “that dress is amazing who’s the designer” one of the smaller guys said in a cute non-pubescent voice
  • you instantly smiled “me actually”
  • the tallest guy said “damn really you’re ridiculously talented”
  • “if you make mens suits i need you to make me one WITH LOTS OF POCKETS” said another guy who had his arm around the guy with the cute voice
  • “i need you to be my stylist” another one who was standing extremely close to the tallest guy said jokingly
  • “you definitely need one dude” said one with a wicked snaggletooth
  • pointing at the dark purple suit the guy was wearing clashing with his blonde hair
  • you secretly agreed
  • “can we have your business card?” the smaller guy said again
  • “sure but you can’t show this guy over here we agreed to remain a mystery” you said with a grin while giving your partner a nudge
  • you handed them your business cards
  • mischievous smirks appeared on all their lips as they read the card
  • they all looked like they were going to burst out laughing
  • suddenly the tallest excused them and you said goodbye to all five of them
  • you didn’t see daehwi, jinyoung, woojin, jihoon and guanlin taking of their masks off because of how much they were all laughing in the corner of the ballroom
  • “so what is such a beautiful lady like yourself hanging out with my oh so awkward friend” a guy with broad shoulders said light heartedly while slinging an arm around your partner
  • “he’s actually quite gentleman and very charming” you quip back jokingly sassily
  • the guys looked shocked and stared bewildered at your partner
  • “ahh he finally decided to accept my old and wise wisdom” said one of the guys
  • “you mean old and useless” said the shortest guy
  • “DON’T DISRESPECT YOUR ELDER” the older guy said very motherly
  • the other guy raised his hands in defeat
  • one of the other guys came up to you and jokingly said to you
  • “take care of him, he’s annoyingly clean, he’ll probably be more in love with his vacuum cleaner than you and he’ll totally ditch his best friend, me. but i wish you and him the best”
  • you couldn’t help but laugh
  • “OK~, OK~, she passed, i like her she laughed at my kind of joke” he said
  • “please don’t encourage him” the one with the broad shoulders said with a smile that most girls would go crazy over
  • “i’ll try not to” you say with a smile of your own
  • “so when’s the wedding” the supposed elder piped in with a smirk
  • before you could say anything
  • “there will be no wedding because of me” another guy smoothly interrupted he was a definite charmer
  • “nah im joking” he continued light heartedly with a goofy smile
  • “but if he isn’t up to standard give me a call” he ended with an over exaggerated wink
  • does anyone have a doubt this is seongwoo
  • “never happening” you say teasingly
  • “i like her, she’s definitely a keeper” said the shortest one
  • and before you knew it the other 5 guys came back with their masks and all 10 of them were incredibly sweet said they hoped their friend was treating you properly
  • the one with the broad shoulders saying if he didn’t, to come to them and they’ll handle it
  • all of them agreed
  • you genuinely already adored those boys already and loved spending time with them
  • but all of them had people to meet and duties to attend to
  • so you parted ways
  • other than meeting people you spent the whole time with your mysterious partner
  • he was so so sweet
  • and such a gentleman
  • he always made sure you were comfortable and treated you like a princess
  • he also had the most impeccable manners
  • and not to mention the conversation never stopped flowing
  • your heart could not handle it
  • it fluttered, did backflips and died way too many times for you to count
  • you never thought it was possible to like someone this quickly
  • but you did and you loved every moment with him
  • especially dancing in his arms
  • the night was so much fun
  • all because of this one mysterious guy
  • you were dying to find out who he was
  • and before you knew it your mysterious guy was holding your hand leading you to the deserted gorgeous garden which was lit up with fairy lights
  • it was a few minutes before midnight
  • you faced each other getting ready to take the masks off
  • “you ready?” he asked slightly nervous
  • “definitely” you assured him
  • taking a deep breath both of you counted down “1, 2, 3″  
  • slowly you both took of your masks revealing your faces
  • you felt like your heart had a heart attack as you recognised his face
  • “MINHYUN??!!”
  • “Y/N??!!!”
  • you both exclaimed at the same time
  • you couldn’t deny it, it was minhyun
  • in all of his perfect handsome glory and of course at that moment he decided to do the hand through the hair thing
  • but why was his voice so different?
  • “minhyun why is your voice different?” you asked
  • “i have a sore throat, why the sudden hair change?” he asked in return
  • you groaned internally you dyed your hair of course he didn’t recognise you
  • “for the dress” you saw weakly
  • you both just stood there trying to process the whole situation
  • minhyun was cursing the guys for not telling him
  • you processed that you just interacted with THE HEIRS
  • and they knew who you were and approved?!!!
  • minhyun interrupted your thoughts by softly saying “y/n really thank you for the amazing night i haven’t had this much fun in probably years but it’s completely fine for you to go and search for other company” he ended dejectedly but politely
  • you were completely bewildered and asked earnestly “why would i want to do that?”
  • he looked a bit shocked too “because you don’t like me?”
  • “what do you mean i don’t like you??” you asked confused
  • “well you didn’t return my jacket in person and you avoid me like the plague” he answered with a touch of sadness and disappointment
  • you sighed in frustration and before you knew it words were spilling out of your mouth
  • “minhyun I LIKE YOU, i have since the moment i entered our business class, i avoided you and didn’t return the jacket personally because i knew i had no chance with you and i wanted to get over you not to mention i becoming a red blushing mess incapable of speaking”
  • you blush super red realising what you just said
  • but minhyun expression brightened like a million of city lights
  • he also realised how embarrassed you were
  • he sweetly said to you “if it helps i like you too, and it’s increased a ridiculous amount after tonight”
  • your head snapped up at his words “wait hold up, the emperor hwang, the one millions of girls want the attention of, the heir to the empire hotels and basically billions of dollars, likes me?” you said disbelievingly
  • he blushed more red than you at your compliments and he quietly said “yes y/n i like you a lot”
  • “i can’t believe it” you said completely shocked
  • he sounded sincere and you were slowly really believing it
  • you felt like your heart already died and went to heaven
  • your mind was going haywire but all of it stopped
  • to be honest you felt like the world stopped
  • as you felt a soft hand on your cheek leading you closer to him
  • you looked into those gorgeous brown eyes of his
  • his eyes flickered down to your lips and before you knew it
  • the softest pair of lips were on yours
  • and you were indulging every second of it
  • wrapping your arms around his neck
  • his hands around your waist pulling you even closer to him
  • you felt fireworks going off in your whole body
  • but you actually realised there were real fireworks going off which was the signal that it was midnight
  • you two parted and beamed at each other
  • “do you believe me now?” he asked with a bit of a smirk
  • “i do” you say with the biggest smile your arms still around his neck
  • you realised you just shared a new year’s kiss with minhyun
  • he came to the same conclusion as you
  • “happy new year’s minhyun” you said sweetly
  • “happy new year y/n” he whispered in your ear while hugging you making you melt into a puddle of goo
  • you both cuddled each other while watching the fireworks
  • both with the thought that this was the best start of new year either of you had
  • and both of you hoped to have the same start, the year after the next and for every single new year on

AHH THE FIRST INSTALMENT IS FINALLY HERE!! i want to thank everyone for voting again. i hope this was a good start to the series and i also hope this lived up to people’s expectation of the new series please please let me know if it did. i put a lot of thought and effort into it and i really hope you all liked it. i know it was really long but i hope it was worth your time! thank you for reading and please give me your opinions!!

also huge thanks to iris @alliwannado-w1 my absolute angel who helped me with this mess and its still a mess lol. and helped me make this into a better scenario, eep i hope. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IRIS. if you haven’t ever read her scenarios go to her blog like RIGHT NOW she’s the best writer i know and her scenarios are amazing!!!

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anonymous asked:

Hello my pretties! I was hoping you lovely ladies could help me find fics where Stiles is scared of Derek? Or just really intimidated by him? Preferably endgame sterek! Thank you great gals for you time and effort! I hope you two have a great one!

Sure thing! - Anastasia

Originally posted by dylanobrien-tbh

Crimson by radalecki 

(2/? | 1,672 | Teen)

The last thing Derek remembers is feeling a prick in his neck, seeing red behind his eyes, so much anger, and not being able to control the wolf.

The next thing he knows he’s pinning a flailing, delicate body underneath him against the cold, hard concrete, looking into panic-stricken, whiskey eyes, and hearing the terrified shrieks of Stiles.

“Derek! Derek! Stop, stop… please, just stop.” Stiles pleads through the trickling blood on his lips. Derek blinks, twice, before looking confused at the scene in front of him, or rather, beneath him.


Derek and Stiles are kidnapped and someone is drugging Derek into ripping Stiles to shreds.

Good Intentions by AGhostStory

(1/1 | 2,061 | Not Rated)

Derek knew that maybe he intimidated Stiles. He had a tendency to threaten him. And shove him against walls. A lot. It was never serious though, he’d never actually hurt Stiles. And Stiles knew it, too. So, why does he keep flinching?

Derek only speaks to his cat by grimmfairy

(13/? I 19,751 I Not Rated)

Derek has a cat, and his cat is the only one that doesn’t look at him differently after Kate tries to burn his family. Years after the fire, Derek returns to Beacon Hills to be near his pack, which has begun to take on new members that are all teenagers. Derek is still lonely though, and keeps his family at arm’s length out of guilt even as they strive to get closer to him.

Derek rescues a mysterious stranger from being mugged in an alley one night and he’s told he get’s one wish.

Then suddenly there’s a naked, cuddly teenager in his loft that doesn’t speak english or know how to walk on two legs, and his cat is missing. All Derek wanted was someone to talk to.

No Can Become a Yes by viena

(8/8 I 22,223 I Explicit I Rape)

There were sixteen young human boys outside of the main Castle. Sixteen boys who were chosen to be taken from their families to become sex slaves. They didn’t have a say in the matter, once they turn seventeen, the Realm chose what to do with them randomly, which was later published the next day in all of the villages around the City. Stiles is one of those sixteen boys.

Hurts so good by Bellawritesfiction

(82/82 I 292,240 I Mature)

Derek and Stiles have a weird relationship. Stiles is scared most of the time when he’s around Derek.

jeoroa  asked:

hello, can you do a reaction of bts to their crush looks cold but actually is a nice person who does not speak much, who cares about the problems of others? (except all that concerns the love because she never lived it) (:

thanks for requesting! .kara

Seokjin: Would keep his distance at first, not really knowing if you were a ticking time bomb or just a introverted cutie. After realizing that you were just quiet, he would break the ice with dad jokes and take it from there.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Yoongi: Okay so yoooo Yoongi probably won’t approach at all in the beginning because he’s the same way. Doesn’t really care for making the first move unless his crush on you was so massive that he felt he’d lose you if he didn’t talk to you first. After getting to know you he would still be the same ole’ Yoongi but able to talk with you more openly.

Originally posted by sugagifs

Hoseok: Cold exterior but being an actual softie on the inside? Jung Hoseok has made it his mission to be your best friend. With a personality similar to Yoongi’s, he would find it easy to break you out of your shell. Once he got to know the real you, be prepared over supportive, best friend J-Hope to be by your side all the time.

Originally posted by junghoseokskitten

Namjoon: He would be calm and collected when he went to introduce himself to you, seeing you all by yourself out of the corner of his eye. Namjoon is not about leaving others out and wants to make sure everyone feels validated and included but wouldn’t push you to hang out with everyone if that wasn’t your cup of tea. instead, he would offer to walk around and talk, possibly getting a warm drink along the way. Overall, after getting to know you he’d tell you to call or text him anytime you wanted to.

Originally posted by meanyoongis

Jimin: Would probably take an immediate interest in you. Like, wow, who is this mysteriously beautiful stranger?? Jimin would find you so enticing that he would just have to go and make a good first impression. After getting to know you he would find himself wanting your company often.  

Originally posted by jiminrolls

Taehyung: Again, instantly takes an interest in you. However, the fact that you were so quiet upset him a little. So with this in mind, he would always make sure you felt included in everything, no matter the act or conversation. He would act so goofy just to make you smile, feeling satisfied with himself when you did crack a tiny smirk

Originally posted by ktaejin

Jeongguk: poor baby would keep his distance from you at first, not because you frightened him with your cold exterior but because he didn’t want to be in your way and accidentally get on your wrong side. however, once he got to know the real you he wanted to hang out all the time.

Originally posted by nochujungkookie

The Dos and Don’ts of Beginning a Novel:  An Illustrated Guide

I’ve had a lot of asks lately for how to begin a book (or how not to), so here’s a post on my general rules of thumb for story openers and first chapters!  

Please note, these are incredibly broad generalizations;  if you think an opener is right for you, and your beta readers like it, there’s a good chance it’s A-OK.  When it comes to writing, one size does not fit all.  (Also note that this is for serious writers who are interested in improving their craft and/or professional publication, so kindly refrain from the obligatory handful of comments saying “umm, screw this, write however you want!!”)

So without further ado, let’s jump into it!


1.  Open with a dream. 

“Just when Mary Sue was sure she’d disappear down the gullet of the monstrous, winged pig, she woke up bathed in sweat in her own bedroom.”

What?  So that entire winged pig confrontation took place in a dream and amounts to nothing?  I feel so cheated! 

Okay, not too many people open their novels with monstrous swine, but you get the idea:  false openings of any kind tend to make the reader feel as though you’ve wasted their time, and don’t usually jump into more meaty action of the story quickly enough.  It makes your opening feel lethargic and can leave your audience yawning.

Speaking of… 

2.  Open with a character waking up.  

This feels familiar to most of us, but unless your character is waking up to a zombie attack or an alien invasion, it’s generally a pretty easy recipe to get your story to drag.

No one picks a book to hear how your character brushes their teeth in the morning or what they’d like to have for dinner.  As a general rule of thumb, we read to explore things we wouldn’t otherwise get to experience.  And cussing out the alarm clock is not one of them.  

Granted, there are exceptions if your writing is exceptionally engaging, but in most cases it just sets a slow pace that will bore you and your reader to death and probably cause you to lose interest in your book within the first ten pages.  

3.  Bombard with exposition.  

Literary characters aren’t DeviantArt OCs.  And the best way to convey a character is not, in my experience, to devote the first ten pages to describing their physical appearance, personality, and backstory.  Develop your characters, and make sure their fully fleshed out – my tips on how to do so here – but you don’t need to dump all that on the reader before they have any reason to care about them.  Let the reader get to know the character gradually, learn about them, and fall in love with them as they would a person:  a little bit at a time.   

This is iffy when world building is involved, but even then it works best when the delivery feels organic and in tune with the book’s overall tone.  Think the opening of the Hobbit or Good Omens.

4.  Take yourself too seriously.

Your opener (and your novel in general) doesn’t need to be intellectually pretentious, nor is intellectual pretense the hallmark of good literature.  Good literature is, generally speaking, engaging, well-written, and enjoyable.  That’s it.  

So don’t concern yourself with creating a poetic masterpiece of an opening line/first chapter.  Just make one that’s – you guessed it – engaging, well-written, and enjoyable. 

5.  Be unintentionally hilarious.

Utilizing humor in your opening line is awesome, but check yourself to make sure your readers aren’t laughing for all the wrong reasons (this is another reason why betas are important.)  

These examples of the worst opening lines in published literature will show you what I mean – and possibly serve as a pleasant confidence booster as well: 

“As the dark and mysterious stranger approached, Angela bit her lip anxiously, hoping with every nerve, cell, and fiber of her being that this would be the one man who would understand – who would take her away from all this – and who would not just squeeze her boob and make a loud honking noise, as all the others had.”

– Ali Kawashima

“She sipped her latte gracefully, unaware of the milk foam droplets building on her mustache, which was not the peachy-fine baby fuzz that Nordic girls might have, but a really dense, dark, hirsute lip-lining row of fur common to southern Mediterranean ladies nearing menopause, and winked at the obviously charmed Spaniard at the next table.”

– Jeanne Villa

“As I gardened, gazing towards the autumnal sky, I longed to run my finger through the trail of mucus left by a single speckled slug – innocuously thrusting past my rhododendrons – and in feeling that warm slime, be swept back to planet Alderon, back into the tentacles of the alien who loved me.”

– Mary E. Patrick

“Before they met, his heart was a frozen block of ice, scarred by the skate blades of broken relationships, then she came along and like a beautiful Zamboni flooded his heart with warmth, scraped away the ugly slushy bits, and dumped them in the empty parking lot of his soul.”

– Howie McClennon

If these can get published, so can you.


1.  You know that one really interesting scene you’re itching to write?  Start with that.

Momentum is an important thing in storytelling.  If you set a fast, infectious beat, you and your reader will be itching to dance along with it.  

Similarly, slow, drowsy openers tend to lead to slow, drowsy stories that will put you both to sleep.

I see a lot of posts joking about “that awkward moment when you sit down to write but don’t know how to get to that one scene you actually wanted to write about.”  Write that scene!  If it’s at all possible, start off with it.  If not, there are still ways you can build your story around the scenes you actually want to write.

Keep in mind:  if you’re bored, your reader will almost certainly be bored as well.  So write what you want to write.  Write what makes you excited.  Don’t hold off until later, when it “really gets good.”  Odds are, the reader will not wait around that long, and you’re way more likely to become disillusioned with your story and quit.  If a scene is dragging, cut it out.  Burn bridges, find a way around.  Live, dammit. 

2.  Engage the reader.

There are several ways to go about this.  You can use wit and levity, you can present a question, and you can immerse the reader into the world you’ve created.  Just remember to do so with subtlety, and don’t try too hard;  believe me, it shows.  

Here are some of my personal favorite examples of engaging opening lines: 

“In the beginning, the universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move." 

– Douglas Adams, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

"It was the day my grandmother exploded.”

– Iain Banks, Crow Road.

“A white Pomeranian named Fluffy flew out of the a fifth-floor window in Panna, which was a grand-new building with the painter’s scaffolding still around it. Fluffy screamed.”

– Vikram Chandra, Sacred Games.

See what I’m saying?  They pull you in and do not let go.

3.  Introduce us to a main character (but do it right.)

“Shadow had done three years in prison. He was big enough and looked don’t-fuck-with-me enough that his biggest problem was killing time. So he kept himself in shape, and taught himself coin tricks, and thought a lot about how much he loved his wife.”

– Neil Gaiman, American Gods.

This is one of my favorite literary openings of all time, because right off the bat we know almost everything we need to know about Shadow’s character (i.e. that he’s rugged, pragmatic, and loving.)   

Also note that it doesn’t tell us everything about Shadow:  it presents questions that make us want to read more.  How did Shadow get into prison?  When will he get out?  Will he reunite with his wife?  There’s also more details about Shadow slowly sprinkled in throughout the book, about his past, personality, and physical appearance.  This makes him feel more real and rounded as a character, and doesn’t pull the reader out of the story.

Obviously, I’m not saying you should rip off American Gods.  You don’t even need to include a hooker eating a guy with her cooch if you don’t want to.  

But this, and other successful openers, will give you just enough information about the main character to get the story started;  rarely any good comes from infodumping, and allowing your reader to get to know your character gradually will make them feel more real.   

4.  Learn from the greats.

My list of my favorite opening lines (and why I love them) is right here.

5.  Keep moving.  

The toughest part of being a writer is that it’s a rare and glorious occasion when you’re actually satisfied with something you write.  And to add another layer of complication, what you like best probably won’t be what your readers will like best. 

If you refuse to keep moving until you have the perfect first chapter, you will never write anything beyond your first chapter.  

Set a plan, and stick to it:  having a daily/weekly word or page goal can be extremely helpful, especially when you’re starting out.  Plotting is a lifesaver (some of my favorite posts on how to do so here, here, and here.)

Keep writing, keep moving, and rewrite later.  If you stay in one place for too long, you’ll never keep going. 

Best of luck, and happy writing.  <3

Hancock claims to have intel about the Stranger, Nick demands to know how he got it. “I slept with him. He’s got a weird birth-mark of his stomach, kinda looks like a face. I felt like it was starin’ at me, really threw me off my game.” He believes this for a few moments, before John cracks up and flashes a crooked grin. Other companions tease Nick with reports of similar scenarios: A drinking contest with Mac, a fist-fight with Cait, a dance-off with Deacon, etc.

victor hugo really is the most insufferable writer of all time, every damn five chapters he introduces a mysterious stranger, an OLD MAN who is UNUSUALLY STRONG, “who could this be ;)” he asks us! “why! its jean valjean!” as if we’re supposed to be surprised, as if we didn’t guess this 100 pages ago VIC, i love him so much i could DIE