Oh, yeah. Rang school and parents. Yes, of course. Thought that was the priority.

For the MYO Fluke contest held by mackaroon!

Fluke: Don’t Blink
Class: Mysterious (?)
Job: Her favorite hobby is to make pets look at her. So when your dog, cat, various pet is staring off at nothing… It’s most likely this little Fluke getting their attention and having a staring contest with them. She also occasionally stares at people when they’re not looking, causing them to jump or frantically look around from the creepy feeling on their neck!

We have the tiny tadpole bean version of her and two adult poses. She often sits like a cat where you almost never see her little claw feet. She has wings because occasionally the pets will leap at her and snap so she needs to make quick escapes, usually up high!!! And her golden badge is engraved like a third eye… watching you…

hello! my name is Roxie (she/her/hers or ze/hir/hirs pronouns, please) and i’m a seveteen year old non-binary autistic girl! for autism acceptance month, i’m posting one selfie every day of the month so i’m going to reblog this and count it as [day 4/30]

i’m an arcanologist (investigator of secrets and the mysterious) by hobby and my special interests are unexplained mysteries, the paranormal, space, time travel and unexplained scientific phenomena! i hope you’re all having a lovely day, and if not, i hope it gets way better <3 <3 <3

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Rules: tag nine people you want to get to know better.

I was tagged by @ectoimp and @bluescarfvivi (thanks guys!)

Relationship Status: Taken !

Favorite Color: Orangey yellows! (Like the sky at sunset)

Pets:  None for the moment

Chapstick or lipstick: Chapstick!

Last song I listened to: Joey Graceffa - Don’t Wait

Favorite TV Show: I don’t really have one since it depends on my mood. I usually watch A:tLA once a year in a mini binge though, so I guess I’d say that one.

First fandom: Uh. First fandom ever, I don’t even remember. Probably Sonic or Pokemon. The first fandom I was actually active in was DP, but even that was just actually reading the fanfics. I could probably say my first true and real fandom was Mystery Skulls, contribution-wise!

Hobbies: Writing, Art, punning, singing and listening to music, napping, reading, etc…

tagging…. @kirbychan234, @providentially-demonic @lewanei @huppupbup @intergalacticwanderer @chantillyxlacey and @mysteryiisms and anyone else with an interest in doing this ^^;;