I was thinking the other day, “What about a Willy Wonka AU where instead of getting picked off one by one, the kids all team up and pass the test and inherit the factory together?” and then I realized that’s just The Mysterious Benedict Society.

the mysterious benedict society is so important

  • the second character we meet is miss perumal, an indian woman
  • the team is composed of four different types of intelligence and they are all valued and no one belittles anyone else for being smart in a different way
  • amazing female characters in kate, constance, number two, rhonda, and miss perumal
  • it’s a rly cute story
  • it’s about abandoned children and how shitty institutions treat them
  • it’s also about how children are more intelligent and intuitive than adults and the whole story is about how no one pays attention to kids but really they speak the truth
  • it’s also about how family ties aren’t the strongest and that how families formed through friendship are unbreakable
  • it’s not ableist at all mr. benedict has narcolepsy and number two has insomnia and milligan is depressed in the first book and sticky has anxiety and reynie probably has some form of depression and it doesn’t at all affect their skills or amazingness or leadership or greatness or intelligence or ability
  • the story is rly cute and the characters are rly cute
  • poc!! sticky, rhonda, miss perumal
  • it’s super empowering for youth and shows how kids can solve problems often better than adults and mr. benedict repeatedly stresses that
  • did i mention how cute the story is

meet the mysterious benedict society:

➜ Constance Contraire

“No! I won’t! I will not! You can’t make me! Uh-uh! Never! No!”

Mr. Curtain hissed. “Bend, you obstinate child!”

“NEVER!” Constance shrieked. And indeed it seemed she never would….The children’s admiration soared. This was Constance’s great gift - the gift of stubborn independence - and she was bringing it to bear with all her might.


MBS - Family by Friendship by kanzeNatsume

“Kate, Constance, Reynie, Sticky

I just finished the first book the other day and it was aweshum!

No MarySues
No Cliches
No Boring Parts!

I can’t believe I shelved this book for over 2 years and just read it this month :U whoa, what did I just miss?!" 
- kanzeNatsume


Posted with artist permission :)

It still saddens me a bit that there isn't much of a "Mysterious Benedict Society" fandom.

I just bought the second book in the series today, but am still pretty alone in liking it. I can honestly say that any readers who enjoy A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Hunger Games, or even Harry Potter should give this book a try. Take pity on this child stuck in the body of a 19 year old.

Now, I’m off to read (even though I promised I’d read like 3 books before this one… oh well. I’ll read those soon too, I’m sure.) 

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“I see why you asked Milligan to hire him. He must do the work of several people.”

“Oh yes, I suppose he does,” said Kate. She grinned. “But wait till you try his pies. Then you’ll know the real reason.”

Moocho Brazos

from The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey by Trenton Lee Stewart

You must remember, family is often born of blood, but it doesn’t depend on blood. Nor is it exclusive of friendship. Family members can be your best friends, you know. And best friends, whether or not they are related to you, can be your family.
—  Trenton Lee Stewart, The Mysterious Benedict Society