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It’s Mystery Scribble Theater Monday again: Installment #3

Gypsy’s new voice!!! Honestly, my head canon is that Gypsy likes Jonah cos he decided to help her straight out of the gate. No difficulty making friends with our pretty purple girl.

BTW, that first panel is my favorite thing I’ve drawn so far.

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It’s Mystery Scribble Theater Monday! Welcome to the next installment. (Comic #2)

Gypsy knows what’s what. But she’d also like some RAM chips, please. COME ON, JONAH. XD

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Thanks for following this crazy idea I had! 💜

The Black Knight Satellite is a mysterious dark object that according to legend has been orbiting the Earth for 13,000 years. The origin and purpose however are inexplicable and has allegedly been beaming signals to Earth that NASA has inspected but only a few people know of it’s existence. Could it be that we’ve had alien life forms watching us for thousands of years now?

some fun things i’ve learned from reading gearbox ‘inside the box’ articles for borderlands 2:

  • the control core angel was initially going to look like a child’s nursery before angel is snatched away
  • initial ideas of krieg’s class (which ended up as psycho) included ‘barber’, ‘farmer’ and ‘combat mortician’
  • “Paul Hellquist nixed my idea for an alternate ending to Borderlands 2 where you drive your car into a lake and die a lonely death by drowning.” i really hope burch was making a joke here
  • initially fink (from fink’s slaughterhouse) would be in sanctuary and you could chase him around and beat him up so he’d tell you the firehawk’s location
  • handsome jack almost canonically had a spoiled nephew on an island that would kidnap the vault hunters and put them through a series of quests (attack on dragon’s keep)
  • in tiny tina’s dlc, they initially were going for 4 skeleton types, but they hired a guy called ruben to make them and ruben liked skeletons so much he made 16 types
  • when you first meet lilith, while she’s “phasewalking” during the fight so you can’t see her, she’s actually just hanging out behind a big rock
  • no higher class weapons are dropped after the angel boss fight because you get teleported away immediately after you turn in the mission, and the developers didn’t want you to accidentally teleport away without picking up your legendary
  • axton’s bisexuality was initially a coding error (being able to hit on any playable character instead of just maya) but the developers decided they preferred it and cemented his sexuality in dlc dialogue
  • brick has a modified psycho ai with ‘switched allegiances’, which is why he throws the hammer (it’s like a psycho throwing a buzzaxe)
  • initially, the idea of handsome jack was that he’d be another vault hunter racing you to the warrior who would help and hinder you equally
  • the player’s reaction to handsome jack was supposed to mirror jack’s reaction to the player: first they seem harmless, then as time goes by it gets worse, then they end up with complete hatred. for the vault hunters, the downright hatred was supposed to begin with bloodwing’s death, and for jack, it was supposed to begin with angel’s.
  • the entire idea of hyperion being the main enemy company and the plotline revolving around hyperion and jack being the ceo of hyperion and hyperion trying to kill you and find the vault was ALL because the developers had to wrap up the bl1 mystery of angel’s hyperion satellite. if they’d done that one, tiny aspect of the bl1 game differently, everything might’ve been completely different
  • the entire storyline of angel being connected to handsome jack in any way whatsoever was decided after bl1 was released