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Mystery Scribble Theater Monday #10

This week, Jonah cracks up. Gypsy, how much did you tell him? THAT WAS TOO MUCH.

Crow is protective of his smaller brother, just in case.

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tygermama  asked:

So with all that Naruto you reblogged I thought - mentor swap, Naruto gets Obi Wan and Anakin gets Kakashi, how do you think that would go?

Hmmmm, let’s see… Let’s put this in the context of a fusion, with the Naruto verse characters transposed into star wars.

First, some background, setting the stage if you will.

Jedi Knight Kakashi Hatake is the son of retired Knight Sakumo Hatake, and I’m thinking their story is just as tragic this time around. Sakumo went into the diplomatic corps after he met Kakashi’s mother, and was eventually ‘responsible’ for inciting major genocidal war on some planet because of a misread situation and it was either hand his diplomatic team over to be executed or start a war. The story was leaked to the press, and he was branded a galactic pariah overnight. Cue terrible Naruto canon running it’s course.

Kakashi, having no living family, is taken into the creche and our little genius vows to be the perfect jedi, and follow all the rules and never leave the order like his father did, because clearly that was a bad choice for his father (because Kakashi is not Kakashi without his crippling father issues).

I’m thinking he’s a year or two older than Obi-wan, but maybe in the same clan? IDK how that works actually. My memory of the Apprentice books is like 18 years old, lols. Say it works that way, anyway. They know each other.

But while Obi-wan is solidly in the middle top of his class, Kakashi _soars_ above the rest. The the teachers can’t keep up with him, and by the time the youngling is nine he’s already taking classes meant for children five or six years older.

It’s a relief when Sentinel Knight Minato Namikaze bumps into the kid in a hall one day and a padawan bond snaps into place like lightning. 

Kakashi grows up under the care of a alternately fluffheaded and terrifyingly intelligent Knight, who cheerfully pulls him into trouble and teaches him that sometimes the rules need to be knocked out and shoved out an airlock (and that his father made the only choice a Jedi could, plight of the many over the few be damned. War would have happened no matter the choice he made).

Kakashi and Knight Namikaze spend most of their time trolling the rim for pirates and slavers, often joined by Master Healer Tsunade and her Padawan Rin Nohara (she likes to keep her hand in the fight despite being next in line for Temple Healing Master) and by Sentinel Knight Kushina Uzumaki (a Noorian woman with long fiery red hair and violet and orange-red striped eyes) and her Padawan Obito.

The Padawans figure out pretty quickly that there’s Something Going On between Minato and Kushina, and almost as quickly determine that they’re *gasp* married. It takes Obito and Rin sitting on Kakashi for a while to defeat his kneejerk impulse to tattle to the temple, but they manage to talk him out of it.

((“Master Tsunade clearly knows,” Rin argues, “And if she knows, so do Master Orochimaru and Master Jiraiya, and they haven’t told yet so it’s okay, dammit Kakashi, stop squirming! Ow, why are your elbows so pointy?!?!”))

Then there’s a massive natural disaster on a little no name border planet, and their team is the closest available help for the endangered research station there. Rocks fall, mud slides, and Obito never makes it off planet. (of course, that’s only what they think happened) Kakashi is injured, and receives an experimental bionic eye from the locals (it’s not as cool as the sharingan, I know, but I’m at a loss as to how to fit creepy magic eyes into SW).

Kushina is heartbroken, and, after a very long conversation with Minato, takes a leave of absence from the Order. She sets herself up in one of the small satellite temples on Coruscant, far from the main temple, and spends a lot of time in the salle doing moving meditation.

Then Master Orochimaru Falls, and Tsunade leaves the order. Rin is transferred to another Knight, this one greener than grass. A few months later, Rin and the Knight are brought back to the temple for their pyres. A stupid misjudged situation, and Kakashi is suddenly alone. (Note: Hey, at least he doesn’t have to deal with being the one to put a hand through her chest this time?)

Minato, dealing with a grieving Padawan and grieving himself, sticks closer to the temple for a while, taking few off planet missions. He also spends a lot of his spare time dropping in to visit his wife friend Kushina.

It’s really not a surprise when Kushina gets pregnant a year or so later, is it?

Fast forward a little, and a mysterious attack on the satellite temple the night Kushina was due to give birth ends with not only Minato and Kushina dead, but nearly every living person at that temple. Kakashi is left holding their son.

Naruto is accepted into the creche with no fuss, though he is haloed in scandal, because his parents broke the code.

Kakashi wavers. He’s not quite old enough to go through his trial, but he can’t bare the thought of calling another Knight ‘Master’. But then, an offer comes from Master Drallig, and he takes it gratefully, vanishing into the faceless ranks of the Temple Guard for a time. (I’m pulling on a headcanon here, that says the Temple Guard still maintain identities outside of their jobs, and can and do retire after a while, because that kind of existence is not permanently maintainable for sentient minds. Otherwise, hey look, Jedi ANBU!)

Time marches on, and years pass. Kakashi buries himself in his job to the exclusion of nearly everything else, copes by adopting bits of friends personality traits, gets pounced on regularly by this crazy Guardian named Gai, and tries to find his footing without all the people he loves.

Meanwhile, there are assholes everywhere, and as it happens, the current creche master is such a person. A bastion of upholding the code, they see Naruto as a giant stain on the face of the order, conceived and born out of breaking the code as he was. They treat Naruto badly. Not badly enough to get called on it mind you, the child is never outright harmed, but neglected compared to the other younglings, yes.

And children take their cues from the adults around them. This version of Naruto is perhaps not as mistreated as his ninja world counterpart, but he grows up just as lonely. Still, he’s not called Sunshine Child for nothing! He’s still Naruto. Still unfailingly optimistic and bright.

But with the creche master convinced that such a child does not deserve to be a knight, he grows up ever so slightly sabotaged. He’s awful at traditional meditation (get’s it from his mother) and he doesn’t do well sitting in front of a screen in a classroom for hours a day.

The year he turns twelve, another child is brought into the temple. Naruto feels him the second their ship touches down on the landing pad outside, though he doesn’t know what he’s feeling, not yet. Class isn’t even an afterthought. He’s got to find out what that whirlpool in the force is!

At this point, Naruto is an expert at dancing around the temple surveillance, and in no time at all he’s face to face with a younger boy in strange roughly spun clothing, sitting outside the council chamber doors.

And Naruto being Naruto, he immediately beams at the boy, and rattles off a greeting, and launches into questions.

((”Hi! I’m Initiate Naruto Uzumaki! Who’re you? Your so bright! Have you come to be trained? You look a little old, but I’ve heard that Knight Vos was like, eleven when he got searched and brought to the temple, and you don’t look that old, so you should be fine!”))

Hearing about a child even older than him getting to be Jedi student soothes several fears that had been gathering in the back of Anakin’s mind, just a little, and soon enough he and Naruto are cheerfully chattering at one another, trading stories (Anakin gets a glimpse of what temple life is going to be like from a child close to his age, and Naruto hears quite a lot about podracers and a very nice girl named Padme)

So when Qui-gon and Obi-wan sweep out of the Council chambers, Qui-gon heading off to find a change of clothes, Obi-wan steps to the side and heads for where they left Anakin, to tell him the council wishes to see him now. He rounds the corner and stops bemusedly watching for a moment as Anakin gestures expansively in the middle of a story about the race he won, an older blond, human looking, boy in initiate robes exclaiming excitedly.

((”That’s amazing, Ani! Podracing’s illegal on Coruscant, so I’ve never seen it except for a couple clips on the holonet, but we’ve got swoopbikes! Those go really fast too, and you can catch some really cool races down in level 78!” Naruto enthuses. Before he can invite Ani to come the next time he sneaks out to see one, a soft ‘ahem’ interrupts him.

Whirling around, both boys cringe just a little at the senior Padawan eying them.

“The council is ready to see you, Anakin.” he shooes the boy towards the large doors, watches to see him go in, then turns to the initiate inching away in a not very sneaky manner.

“Odd, Initiate, I was under the impression that swoopbike races were as illegal as podraces here?” He asks dryly, eyeing the boy up and down, cataloging the child’s appearance from the sun bright hair to in the marks on his cheeks and the blue and orange striped eyes.

A Noorian then. Obi-wan is suddenly fiercely reminded of Tahl. Caught up in the thought as he is, plus his Master’s words a few moments ago in the Council chambers, he doesn’t notice the way the force seems to pause for a moment, like a canine pricking its ears at a new and interesting sound.

“Er, well. Um-” Naruto tries, only for the Padawan to shake his head and wave him off.

“Go on, I know for a fact you should be in class right now. I imagine you’ll get enough trouble from your teachers.” He makes another shooing motion.

Naruto doesn’t have to be told twice! He’s gone in a flash, vanishing around the corner.

And unnoticed by both, the force churns a little and spins in his wake, tendrils reaching out to both Obi-wan and Naruto almost thoughtfully, if a powerful omnipresent energy could be described as thoughtful.))

The council visit goes slightly better for this Anakin. Talking with Naruto, meeting a child only a little older than him, talking and laughing together, and hearing that he’s hardly the only child to be brought to the temple past the perfect age settles him.

The council is still not all together pleased by him, and their own fears do still color their interactions with him, but not to the degree they might have. Instead of an outright refusal to train him, there is a different choice made.

((”Deliberate, the council must.” The old tiny master chirps. Then he taps a few lines into the arm of his seat, and a moment later the doors reopen to admit Qui-gon and Obi-wan. He repeats the words for their benefit, and continues.  “Into your care the boy is placed, Master Qui-gon for now. And return to Naboo, you and Padawan Kenobi must. But not alone, you will go. Another Knight the council will send.”

Anakin listens to this, a bit confused. But, well, a maybe is better than a no, he supposes.

“Who?” Master Qui-gon asks, brow furrowing as he tries to remember who is in the temple and not on the injured list or already assigned.

“Knight Kakashi Hatake has just returned from a long term mission.” Mace speaks up, long fingers gracefully dancing across the arm of his own chair, doubtlessly informing the knight of his sudden, new orders. “We believe his skill set will be much help on this mission.

Qui-gon and Obi-wan trade a look. ‘Just returned from a long term mission’ might as well be code for a reassigned Temple Guard or Shadow, they both know. And Obi-wan remembers that name, image of a small boy with sleepy dark eyes and coarse silver hair spring to the forefront of his mind.

“Meet you tomorrow, at the transport, Knight Hatake will.”))

Kakashi has just been summarily booted out of the Temple Guard meanwhile. Twelve years is about six years longer than most humans go in the guard, full stop, no breaks.

He might be a little confused and indignant about this. It seems a fact of life that Kakashi is a poorly socialized, bad at personing person in every world he exists in. This one is no exception.

He’s just trying to find his feet and figure out what exactly regualr Knights are supposed to do, when his personal com pings, and he is informed that he’s to be on the transport pad bright and early tomorrow, as extra support for a Master Qui-gon Jinn and senior Padawan Obi-wan Kenobi.

((Kakashi eyes the missive like it’s going to sprout a virus and eat his PC any second now. Then he tilts his head back a little, thoughtfully.

Kenobi, Kenobi, where does he know that name from? 

A reedy human youngling with coppery red hair and defiant blue eyes swims up from the depths of his memory. Wait, shouldn’t Obi-wan be twenty-five by now? What in the sith hells is he still doing as a padawan? Most humans got knighted around twenty or twenty-two. 

Kakashi had been marked down as passing his trials at nineteen.

Well, he supposed he’d find out tomorrow.

Picking himself up off the couch he ambled towards the bedroom he rarely actually used and idly threw several of the new robes he’d been issued in a travel sack.))

Kakashi is awkward around Anakin, at first. He’s not really interacted much with kids, in his defense! The Temple Guard really isn’t supposed to interact with anyone. They just, well, guard?

Anakin is fascinated though. Qui-gon is busy for most of the trip to Naboo, in conference with the Queen, and Anakin get’s the feeling that Obi-wan doesn’t like him very much, so that leaves Kakashi to talk to, and ask all the questions he couldn’t ask Naruto or Qui-gon about.

Slowly, when the kid doesn’t immediately quiz him on his soft squishy tragic past, but just wants to know what kind of things a he’s going to need to learn to catch up, Kakashi relaxes. He even has a laugh startled out of him when the kid viciously mutters a nasty string of Huttese upon learning he’ll have to take a whole slew of aptitude tests and won’t be allowed to fly any kind of ship before twelve, and then only supervised.

((Kakashi can be forgiven for not noticing the way the force swirls idly around the two of them, rather like a cat eyeing up a new toy. He’s never been the most gifted at sensing the force, especially after his family after Master Minato and Kushina had died. 

Anakin feels it, but Anakin always feels the force. It’s like air, always there for him. Someday he’ll be trained to narrow his senses enough to pick out fine detail in the force, but for now sensing nuance is beyond him. 

So neither one feel the weight of consideration upon them, the questing brushes along their souls.))

Sadly, for all that Kakashi’s presence on the mission does save many lives, Qui-gon Jinn’s life is not among them. He stands with Obi-wan behind a humming energy wall, helpless to stop the sith from impaling the Master.

He and Obi-wan, together, take down Maul. Obi-wan bisects him, Kakashi takes his head off. Both are present for Qui-gon’s last words, his plea for Obi-wan to train Anakin.

Naboo is freed, Qui-gon is dead. Anakin saved the day in space, and Kakashi and Obi-wan fought and killed a sith. A real, live sith.

In the ensuing havoc, Kakashi gets swept up in routing trade federation lackeys and it’s not until the council representatives show up that he sees Anakin again.

He and Obi-wan have just come from meeting Yoda, giving their verbal reports, and Kakashi backing up Obi-wan when he pleads/demands to be given Anakin as a Padawan.

Anakin is waiting just outside the door, having been told by Obi-wan to wait.

He looks up as they come out, his eyes meet Kakashi’s one uncovered eye and the force comes down on them like a pouncing Pittin. A durasteel force bond snaps into place faster than they can blink, to the shock of all involved.

Everyone just kind of stares for a moment in silence before Kakashi mutters several choice curses he’d picked up from Anakin on the trip to Naboo.

The force wills what it wills. 

Knight Kakashi Hatake will train Anakin Skywalker.

Force help them both.

((Obi-wan is Knighted, and set adrift.

This… Well, Obi-wan is an odd mix of pleased and guilty for being pleased, and sad, because he couldn’t even do the last thing his father Master asked of him. Logically he knows that this has nothing to do with him, the force willed it and all that, but emotionally, he feels like a failure.

So, while Kakashi and Anakin slowly orbit one another and find some kind of balance with each other, Obi-wan fields comm calls from concerned friends (none of whom are in the Temple right now) and slowly packs up his and Qui-gon’s rooms. He can’t stay in them. Rooms of that size are reserved for Master/Padawan sets. He’s been politely informed he has two weeks to pack up and what his new room assignment is.

It hurts. Far far more than he ever would have thought to give all of the temple issued clothing and gear back to the quartermaster, and carefully pack away all of the collected detritus of his masters life.

A paper book of pressed flowers and leaves from his master’s own Padawan days. Holo upon holo of moments in his life stored on a half dozen image displays. 

A collection of blue pebbles in a line before the window in Qui-gon’s room, arranged from pale sky blue to a glittering blue black.

In the bedside drawer Obi-wan finds a handful of flimsy notes scrawled in Tahls spidery hand and he just- he needs to get some air.

And so he goes wandering. He has the vague thought of heading for the gardens, but no, his mind is elsewhere as he walks, and when he rouses himself from his thoughts, he finds himself outside one of the the initiate level salles.

And, well, he’s here now he supposes, so he goes in.

There’s a class in progress, older initiates by first glance, all spinning and weaving in pairs, movements fine and controlled as benefits students of an age to be chosen as Padawans.

A head of bright yellow catches his eyes, and he watches as the boy he saw talking to Anakin (force, had it only been seven days ago?) spins away, grinning widely, from the too telegraphed swing of the Zabraki girl he’s paired with.

And he feels the force prod at him, just a little.

Frowning to himself, he skirts the Salle and comes up beside the instructor, a towering Ithorian fmale.

“The Noorian boy, with the blond hair. Who is he?” He asks in an undertone, not wanting to draw more attention than he already had by wandering in during paired katas.

The Ithorian Jedi blinks large eyes placidly down at him for a moment, taking in his still shorn hair but lack of Padawan braid no doubt, before responding.

“Half Noorian. Naruto Uzumaki.” He rumbles.

“He’s very good. He moves quite well for a boy his age.” Obi-wan offers. Naruto certainly moved better than he did at twelve. At that age he’d started random growth spurts, and it always seemed that his body was never quite the size he was used to.

The Ithorian rumbled in agreement. “Yes. The child moves well. Very gifted in the martial ways. Pity.”

Obi-wan blinks in surprise. “Pity? Why pity? If he moves this well at so young an age, surely he’ll only improve.”

“Moving is about the only thing he does well. He’s bottom of his class in everything else. No Knight has expressed any interest, and with grades like that… Well, Agricorps, or Exploricorps perhaps. But not Knighthood.”

There is another, sharper prod from the force, and just like it’s happening right now, he can see Qui-gon walking away from him, taste the bitter disappointment of crushed hopes and dreams.

The force helpfully prods him again.

‘Oh Hell.’ He thinks, finally catching on. He has a sudden suspicion why he’s there. And, if he’s reading the currents eddying around him right, and the tendrils unfurling towards the half Noorian boy, he doesn’t actually have much of a choice in the matter.

There’s an almost smug thrum from the force.

Well, at least he’ll get to stay in his and Qui-gon’s rooms now? And… Naruto is such a bright shimmer in the force, like sunlight dancing across an ocean. He can’t help but think such a bright spirit would be welcome now.))

SO, Obi-wan caught on to his little force bond match up, unlike Kakashi. After glumly saying goodbye to any idea of peace and quiet (he does recall Naruto cheerfully talking about swoopbike races after all) he goes over after the kids are done with katas and taps Naruto on the shoulder. 

Naruto turns around and BAM. Instant Padawan bond.

Naruto is ecstatic. Obi-wan is mostly tired. Cautiously happy, but tired.

The council is convened, and there is much arguing, oh I mean discussing, of what two instantly forming force bonds within days of each other could mean, but the force isn’t talking. 

In a rare bout of wisdom and insight, the council decides that since Kakashi is only just come back from his ‘long term mission’ and doesn’t quite have the hang of being a normal (hah!) Jedi yet, and Obi-wan has only just been Knighted and is now saddled with a Padawan, the two of them should become a team.

Anakin and Naruto are far more excited about this that Obi-wan or Kakashi, as you can probably guess. Instant brothers and bffs.

Anakin grows up with a friend this time. Someone who is not an adult and is willing to help him catch up on the things he needs to know, even if Naruto doesn’t really like sitting still and paying attention to learning modules, and someone to show him all the ways to sneak out of the temple (there are a lot, unsurprisingly, mostly on the lower levels)

Naruto gets a bestie who doesn’t care one whit about who his parents were and how they broke the code. Someone who’s nearly as curious as he is, and willing to move with him instead of trying to get him to slow down. It’s amazing.

Eventually Naruto and Anakin befriend several other Padawans around their age. A Togruta girl named Sakura, and a human boy named Sasuke. Because Naruto is still a friend making dynamo once he gets going.

In this verse, Anakin tells his master when he and Padme secretly get married, because he’s heard Minato and Kushina’s story, and knows Kakashi won’t tell the council. Naruto and Obi-wan also get told, because they’re family, no matter how Obi-wan never says it.

When the war comes, Kakashi becomes a general in his own right, leading his own portion of the clone army. it doesn’t sit well with him, this army that was made in the jedi’s name by some unknown, and he’s quietly running his own investigation into things on the side. 

Does he find out who’s really running things and about the ticking time bombs in the clones heads? I have no idea, but I hope so. 

 My steams kinda running out here bc it’s like 4AM here and this got so freaking long omg *facepalm* I meant this to be a quick what if/reply but i started typing and just could not stop. So here, have 4,000 odd words about a hypothetical Star Wars/Naruto fusion!

Other things that spun through my mind while I was working this out;

- Kakashi has a prototype special bionic eye instead of a whirly magic eye in this verse. He still needs to keep it covered, since the record function automatically activates when exposed to light.

- Once Kakashi and Obi-wan loosen up around each other the snark starts flying. OMG the snark. We’re talking epic levels of snark.

- Kakashi and Obi-wan fall into bed together at least three times, but ultimately decided to keep things purely platonic. They just don’t work as lovers. 

- They find out they’ve both had relationships with Quinlan and Siri. 

- Naruto and Anakin give Kakashi a plush canine every year on his birthday. (My way of working in the ninken pack)

- Kakashi knows really weird people. See: Knight Gai Maito, Jedi Shadow Anko Mitarashi, and other former temple guards ‘other people on the same long term mission’ Knight Genma Shiranui, Knight Raido Namiashi, etc.

- Kakashi get’s along pretty well with Padme. He can respect a woman who managed to rule a planet, become a senator, and still remain such a kick ass and take names kind of girl.

- Kakashi adores Ahsoka and thought it was freaking hilarious when she was sneakily assigned to Anakin.

- Naruto gets assigned a Padawan around the same time, but I don’t know who it should be. Konohamaru maybe? IDK that would be pretty funny.

- Obito eventually shows up as one of Palpatine’s apprentices. That revelation goes just as badly as you can imagine.

- Orochimaru (I’m picturing him as half Echani, half something unknown) swans in and out as a big bad, just like in canon. He probably teams up with Jenna Zan Arbor a couple times because they’re the same kind of crazy.

- Akatsuki may or may not be a thing with deep cover Shadow Itachi Uchiha working undercover (no massacre happened in this verse).

- Tsunade eventually rejoins the order and takes over the Medical Corps. She might find out about the chips in the clones heads, come to think about it. She seems like the kind of person who’d want to know just what the kriffing hell those things actually do. Control aggression her ass.

- Tsunade’s first Padawan, Shizune, is Sakura’s Master, but Sakura spends just as much time learning from Tsunade.

- Jiraiya is a Zeltron in this verse. He still writes porn under a pseudonym, which Kakashi reads. He still wrote a novel about a protagonist named Naruto, but this time about a brave Jedi Knight.

some fun things i’ve learned from reading gearbox ‘inside the box’ articles for borderlands 2:

  • the control core angel was initially going to look like a child’s nursery before angel is snatched away
  • initial ideas of krieg’s class (which ended up as psycho) included ‘barber’, ‘farmer’ and ‘combat mortician’
  • “Paul Hellquist nixed my idea for an alternate ending to Borderlands 2 where you drive your car into a lake and die a lonely death by drowning.” i really hope burch was making a joke here
  • initially fink (from fink’s slaughterhouse) would be in sanctuary and you could chase him around and beat him up so he’d tell you the firehawk’s location
  • handsome jack almost canonically had a spoiled nephew on an island that would kidnap the vault hunters and put them through a series of quests (attack on dragon’s keep)
  • in tiny tina’s dlc, they initially were going for 4 skeleton types, but they hired a guy called ruben to make them and ruben liked skeletons so much he made 16 types
  • when you first meet lilith, while she’s “phasewalking” during the fight so you can’t see her, she’s actually just hanging out behind a big rock
  • no higher class weapons are dropped after the angel boss fight because you get teleported away immediately after you turn in the mission, and the developers didn’t want you to accidentally teleport away without picking up your legendary
  • axton’s bisexuality was initially a coding error (being able to hit on any playable character instead of just maya) but the developers decided they preferred it and cemented his sexuality in dlc dialogue
  • brick has a modified psycho ai with ‘switched allegiances’, which is why he throws the hammer (it’s like a psycho throwing a buzzaxe)
  • initially, the idea of handsome jack was that he’d be another vault hunter racing you to the warrior who would help and hinder you equally
  • the player’s reaction to handsome jack was supposed to mirror jack’s reaction to the player: first they seem harmless, then as time goes by it gets worse, then they end up with complete hatred. for the vault hunters, the downright hatred was supposed to begin with bloodwing’s death, and for jack, it was supposed to begin with angel’s.
  • the entire idea of hyperion being the main enemy company and the plotline revolving around hyperion and jack being the ceo of hyperion and hyperion trying to kill you and find the vault was ALL because the developers had to wrap up the bl1 mystery of angel’s hyperion satellite. if they’d done that one, tiny aspect of the bl1 game differently, everything might’ve been completely different
  • the entire storyline of angel being connected to handsome jack in any way whatsoever was decided after bl1 was released

The Black Knight Satellite is a mysterious dark object that according to legend has been orbiting the Earth for 13,000 years. The origin and purpose however are inexplicable and has allegedly been beaming signals to Earth that NASA has inspected but only a few people know of it’s existence. Could it be that we’ve had alien life forms watching us for thousands of years now?


Summary: She thinks of satellites and airplanes, and stars too heavy to hold anyone’s wishes. Eight/Rose.

A/N: This idea popped into my head and just wouldn’t go away. A little rewrite of the DW movie, with Rose as the companion.

Ships: The Doctor (Eight)/Rose Tyler.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who.




Sometimes, she thinks of the nights she spent staring at the sky, wishing on airplanes and satellites.

Sometimes, she thinks of the stars she never put too much stock in. “So many people wish on stars,” she had preached as a child, “They must have their hands full; it’s no wonder why so many people’s wishes don’t come true.”

She wished for exotic adventures on airplanes, on satellites for mysterious strangers.

She never would have guessed those wishes would come true at the same time.

She never would have guessed.

But you know, she wouldn’t have missed it. Not for the world.


The year is 2008. She finds him bleeding to death in an alley behind her favorite pub. The street beyond is loud with the usual bustle of London at night, but the only thing she hears is his breathing. Slow and ragged, and wet.

She is twenty two years old.

He is an older man, with laughter lines and eyes that don’t quite fit his face. He tries to say something beyond the blood in his throat, but she can’t make out anything she can really understand.

“Hold on,” she says, because what else is she supposed to say, in a situation like this? “Just hold on, please. God, just –” Trembling fingers push buttons on her mobile, and she’s speaking, but the words don’t make sense, and the person on the other end is telling her to just stay calm, sweetheart, just stay calm. Help is on the way.

His eyes are soft when she looks, and he must know how terrifying this is for her. Fingers slippery with strange blood, she still holds on when he weaves his fingers through hers.

“What’s your name?” he manages to rasp, when the ambulance arrives in a blur of red and orange.

“Rose,” she tells him, softly, “Rose Tyler.”


He loses consciousness in the ambulance, she hears.

He does not wake back up.

She’s not quite sure why it hits her as hard as it does, since she didn’t even know his name. She chalks it all up to the fact he was bleeding in her arms, his last words directed towards her.

She is questioned a little by the police, but after confirming her alibi and realizing she is nothing more than some unfortunate soul who saw something she shouldn’t have, they leave her alone. She’s grateful.

She walks slowly out to the street, numb, still processing, still trying to figure out how you move on from… that.

How did you move on from that?

She is so caught up in her questions, she doesn’t realize someone’s following her until they tap her on the shoulder.

She whirls around, her body tensing and ready to fight or flee, and she frowns slightly when her eyes settle on some confused looking Darcy wannabe, staring at her like she’s the answer to the secret of the universe.

“Your name was a flower,” he tells her, after a beat of strange silence.

O-kay. Because obviously her night wasn’t already emotionally draining, Fate decided to toss in some Austen nutter. Great. Just what she needed.

Her eyes narrow. “Look, buddy,” she tells him up front, ready to thrash this bloke if he doesn’t get a good couple hundred miles away from her, pronto. She is not in the mood. “I’ve had a long night, and I’m running thin on patience, so I’ll tell you this once, and only once – I’m not in the mood. Bye.”

She swivels on her heel, feeling drained, and bites back a sigh when she hears him scramble behind her, coming closer.

And, looking back, that’s where it starts, probably.

The rest of her life, that is.


He follows her home by getting in her taxi, and the driver must assume they’re just some bickering couple, because he turns up the radio slightly and decides to ignore their following argument.

He claims he’s the bloke who got shot the night before; she tells him he’s bonkers, and to leave her the hell alone. It’s not until he grunts in pain in front of the door to the Estate, doubled over and bleeding with some kind of medical instrument from the hospital poking out of his chest that she decides to give him the benefit of the doubt.

He crashes on her couch, and she winds up making him tea and re-evaluating all the choices she took in life to get her to this place.

Should’ve taken the job at Henrik’s, she thinks, and walks in on him rifling through one of her bookcases.

“Dickens,” he begins conversationally, his blue eyes glimmering delightedly. “You’ve good taste.”

Despite herself, she smiles.


It is not until a party at Shareen’s gone horribly awry, a time bomb, one near-possession by some manic ex-best friend of his, and a few too many near death experiences that she manages to catch her breath.

Her ex boyfriend, Jimmy Stone, is standing beside her, terrified and woozy after being brought back from the dead.

She always knew Jimmy was easily manipulated, someone who would do anything for a quick buck or a quick shag, or both if he played his cards right. The situation with the Master was his own fault for being so greedy, and so gullible, but even she has to admit she’s glad he’s alive.

“You could come with me,” the Doctor (and yes, that’s his name; his full, proper name, thank you very much) tells her, after Jimmy leaves, giving her a warning look and little else before stumbling back to Shareen’s.

“I could,” she tells him, considering, looking at the blue box behind him. The one that travels in Time and Space, the one that apparently liked her, according to him.

Her eyes shot to the sky, then. The galaxy. And beyond that, the universe.

She thinks of satellites and airplanes, and stars too heavy to hold anyone’s wishes.

She thinks of all the stars out there, the ones that have yet to be touched, the ones that have not yet held a single wish.

She says yes.