mysterious occurance

i’m sacrificing myself
to be a better person.
a gentle act of
thorough demolition.

i wanna be like the deer
in the morning mist
of the one wooded area
in the city. teens knuckling
sleep out of their eyes as
they whisper to a friend,
“shhh, don’t spook her.”

i just mean, to represent
something good, clean.
the kind of mystery that occurs
by simple presence alone.
the knives & cavernous space
& filthy decimations - i wanna see
it carved from my body. i wanna
be amputated by light.

Neptune:8th house🔮🔱🔮

-extremely psychic and intuitive
-interest in spirituality/communicating with the dead
-charismatic but in a mysterious way
-strange dreams that are often precognitive
-tempted to do witchy shit for your own personal gain
-may have some kind of death wish
-doormats;easily manipulated
-problems(confusion,deception) in finances
-easily addicted to drugs and alcohol
-submissive(not just sexually but in nature)
-spiritual attitudes towards sex or dependent on sex
-easily hypnotized
-death could be a mystery,occur through sleep,drugs,coma,or suicide even

anonymous asked:

I just impulsively bought twenty 3-subject wide ruled notebooks and I have no clue what to do with them. Do you have any suggestions?

You should make them into elaborate journals about fake conspiracies/mysteries/paranormal occurences and then leave them around town.

At some point in time, a mysterious phenomenon occurred in which everyone on earth was trapped within a 10km (6.2 miles) radius of where they were standing, unable to move past their boundary.

Greasy’s Dinner is the supernatural Denny’s of Gravity Falls. Teens jokingly dare to fight each other in this dinner’s parking lot at one am. But at that time, mysterious things occur out behind the back to those who loiter around. The gas lights flicker simultaneously at exactly one eleven… every night. Sometimes gnomes can be seen rooting through the dumpster for day old pie. If you focus hard enough, you can make out the slow moving outline of tree ents, who at four am each morning pick up these dumpsters and empty their contents into their mouths. Lazy Susan never once questions this. She assumes it’s the garbage man coming around. The garbage man hasn’t had any garbage to remove in ten years.

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Out of all the artists who summoned Alcor to paint a portrait of him, only one was successful in that endeavor that Alcor himself liked it. The demon lost track of where that painting went and forgotten about it . Only to remember when he sees it again years after in a manor- the place where a certain murder mystery occurs.

Dipper starts to wonder if it was the Northwests who accumulated all of those arcane and odd artifacts… or was it the manor itself?

 anyway now that i am an author and i have achieved my life goal like 40 years early i gotta make new goals. So i’ve been working on this list for the past couple days and here it is.

1. become for however temporary a time, a Russian businessman’s mistress

2. Ignore a celebrity on purpose while they are actively trying to get my attention

3. Full Body Lazer Hair Removal for an eternity of having dolphin legs

4. become an archeress and carry a bow in my car so i can whip it out for tricks.

5. violin lessons 

6. All my clothes made by a tailor.

7. Put my whole hand in a chocolate fountain.

8. fly first class at least once so I can see What the Hell is Going On Up There

9. Go to one of those mysterious european raves that occur in barns or fields with little notice. Whose invitations are spread by word of mouth, but have 10,000 attendants and are property damage level of turnt

10. gently touch sufjan steven’s cheek and ask him in the softest of voices if he is a changeling. 

i love della duck’s entire existence because it hits that “factors that affect the story from outside are translated into factors that affect the story from inside” meta angle that i love so much, like… why are huey, dewey and louie donald’s live-in nephews? why aren’t they with their parents? why isn’t donald their dad?

outside of the story, several reasons: one, no disney kid characters could get away with disobeying their parents as much as huey, dewey and louie disobey their uncle, and two, establishing that donald has actual offspring would have been a big risk. 

you can’t just sweep a character’s own children under the rug if it turns out that audiences don’t like them. the translation of THAT would’ve been “donald abandoned his kids because they were annoying”. now, it’d just be “donald sent his nephews back to their parents because they were annoying”.

but, of course, neither of those things ever happened. the uncledad/nephewson dynamic was, in fact, a success. and so they never got sent back home. and so he adopted them. and so we’re left wondering why.

and that’s how they boys’ mom became genuinely, real-life mysterious, something people puzzled over for years, not a plotted-out mystery, but a naturally occurring one, the product of outside circumstances, and there’s no way to solve that mystery without shaking up the status quo somehow, but i so badly want someone to try. it would be so satisfying to see those marketing strategies turned into a plot point, to go HAH! you thought she was just absent because it was convenient, but HAH. there actually was a reason.

it has happened! it did happen in the dutch comic continuity. but i want it on, like, a bigger scale than that. like, the biggest possible scale. i don’t have actual hope, i don’t have an actual theory, but i do have wishful thinking by the buckets, and i do have an upcoming reboot that happens to be relatively lacking in leading ladies, that happens to feature both bad blood and a “family secret” between donald and scrooge, and that also happens to be created by someone who has a tumblr account solely to be coy in our general direction



ET ORIGINS – SECRETS OF THE STAR PEOPLE - The Movie - Tribal Elders Speak Out

UFOTV® Accept no Imitations! (Please vote thumbs-up for UFOTV®!) This fascinating documentary was created by Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker Bill Cote who brought us The Mystery of the Sphinx, The Mysterious Origins of Man and The Mysterious Stone Monuments of Markawasi Peru, all available for viewing at UFOTV® here on YouTube. In this film, Native American Tribal Leaders speak out for the first time about their secret knowledge of The Star People, knowledge that has been passed down for thousands of years. It was revealed in a dream among Tribal Elders that now was the time for the Tribes to break their silence and share their hidden knowledge of The Star People: the visitors from other worlds. In this film you will meet people with first-hand experience with ETs, and hear amazing stories of the unknown, and witness for yourself, a mysterious event which occurred in the skies: for some, a visible sign from the Star People that we are not alone.

Chapter 9, “Both Sides Now,” is up!

The “just friends” situation is working out about as well as expected: John has to listen to Mrs. Hudson praising Sherlock’s arse while he has a prostate massager pamphlet in his pocket, and Sherlock gets some emotional advice from goats. A mysterious event occurs.

anonymous asked:

You talk of the Silver Thread. What does this mean? I know there is the Red Thread which is witchery taught by a person, and a White Thread which is spirit led. I think there may also be a Black Thread, which are mysteries taught specifically by the dead. What do you think?

The Silver Thread refers to a form of initiation into the Mysteries that occurs via the Dream. This type of oneiric transmission is a personal one that carries with it its own weight and is imbued with its own character. Within such a dream one meets face-to-face with the Gods and spirits, yet it goes beyond other experiences of soul-flight or spirit congress in that it is initiatory by its own nature and design, imparting secret knowledge of ingress into the ways and onto the path. I envision it as that filament of personal Fate the silent Widow threads through the dreamer’s mind. It ensares, it leads, it pulls. 

When this form of transmission takes place, it often overlaps and coincides with other forms of initiatory and tutelary experiences, such as those you mentioned in your question. These different threads will often inform one another, elucidating and illuminating different aspects of the path. This may then pave the way for further dream work and future oneiric encounters. When these dream-teachings are ongoing, it has been said the wayfarer is walking “The Green Road”, where the dream-life is made fertile and verdant. [x] 

Just as different threads of lineal transmission may be concurrent, the Green Road merges with the Crooked. It is this road that leads to Elphame:  

“And see ye not yon bonny road,
That winds about the ferny brae?
That is the Road to fair Elfland,
Where thou and I this night maun gae.”

– Thomas the Rhymer,  Francis James Child

I had no idea what to do for this piece. It was much better in my head. Ah well. Here’s @agentpiku‘s request for a pietro fic. Hopefully you guys enjoy it - I’ve had in an inner turmoil about it’s quality for a while. Feels rushed. Let me know what you think. :)

Prompt: I was wondering if you would be okay with doing a pietroxreader with the reader being a new inhuman and being terrified of her powers because she can’t control them. So pietro tries to teach her how to control her powers and stuff?


He’d been waiting for this. The order.

It seemed forever ago that the Avengers had begun this mission. A series of mysterious events had occurred across New York, leaving behind either a pile of rubble or an Enhanced with no control of their powers.

After many deductions and much research, it was realised that Inhumans were the source. Terrigen crystals released a special mist that forced whoever it touched into a chrysalis. Those blessed enough to have the Inhuman DNA hidden within their genes survived the process, breaking out with super human abilities. Those without… were not so lucky.

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OUR PRIVATE LIFE: We’ll Tell You About Our Secrets♡ (November 2016)
Caption: —Ta-da… The devilish Yohane drops in for a visit♡ Did I surprise you?

Tsushima Yoshiko
Huh, to think that Riko-chan would be in such a place—.
What is she doing?
She’s facing a huge canvas so— that just means, she’s painting a picture—.
Alright, maybe I should go take a look at what sort of picture she’s painting♡
It was during the lunch break that day when this happened.
And so I— made my way to Riko-chan, who was painting within the school’s courtyard.
That’s it, if I become good friends with Rikocchi just like this, then maybe— “Portrait of the beautiful Uchiura Devil Yohane”— she might draw such a masterpiece for me♪
Uwaah, it’s bound to be a big hit♡
A portrait of the one andonly school idol devil living in the present day—.
Doesn’t it feel like just holding it would cause amazing mysteries to occur??
Aah, what should I do, what if an amazingly high price gets attached to it—
If that happens, maybe I should get a model fee after all?
That’s right, in situations like these, no matter how you look at it, it’s the model’s value that creates popularity more than the artist’s, so it might be okay for the model’s share to be higher than the artist’s— That’s what I was thinking while making my way over.
Sneaking step by step— I approached Riko-chan from the shade with bated breath just like a devil would—.
“Hey, what are you painting? If you did a good job, I’ll let you have the privilege of painting a portrait of the devil I am as a reward—”
Even before I finished saying that much.
Letting out a tremendous shriek, Riko-chan rose up in panic— and toppled the easel with a loud noise, sending the canvas to the ground—.
“Yo- Yocchan…”
Looking at Riko-chan, who was frozen solid,
“—Ta-da… The devilish Yohane drops in for a visit♡ Did I surprise you?”
I barely managed to say that in the nick of time.
Aah, as expected my luck is terrible— I’m definitely the incarnation of a devil!
Sorry, Riko-chan—.

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine November 2016 issue

Roommate Wanted, AU

I wrote this fic years ago and posted it on, AO3 and my main blog, but since I’ve recently created this sideblog focusing mostly on Bleach, I thought I would share it again. Enjoy!

Ichigo wishes he lived in the sixties. “The summer of 2010” sounds lame and modern and leaves a metallic taste in his mouth, and he’s really a romantic at heart.

So he pretends the summer before his last year of college is the summer of 1968 and remembers someone saying that falling in love in the sixties meant being in love forever.

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