mysterious hooded man


A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep. Welcome to Night Vale.

WTNV is one of the the things that inspire me most. I am so in love with the concept of the unknown and the unquestioned weirdness of this place.
Whenever I listen to the podcast I get the irresistable urge to express my love for this small dessert town so these 8 (postcard sized) paintings were created and I couldn’t stop myself from sharing them and spreading my love for the lovely people behind my favorite podcast of all times.

Update: I gave them to Cecil after the ghost stories live show in cologne
I am the Mysterious hooded man

Mysterious hooded man watches from a distance
Take a second to look awesome
Time to go
Walk in slow motion so you still look awesome
That guard saw you now he’s gona shoot you
But don’t mind him just keep looking awesome, that showdow will take care of him.
That guard said stop just kill him with your awesome that guard got hit by an arrow so your good.
Hopefully those guards have good armour, no they dont, maybe they do, THEY DOOOOONT
They’re not buying it 
Target comes out of his shelter
He’s distravcted by a feather 
Guy says shoot me 
He likes feathers, he looks up when he remebers
Oh, I love birds
Knod at the bird and PEOPLE DI EVERY PEOPLE DIE. Target doesn’t die
He’s fine
Tagert sends horse men to die.
Kill the horse the rider falls down, kill the rider the rider falls down.
Target still fine
Target calls and some other guards that were hinding in pilers come out
They take there formation FORMATION. 
Target pulls out his sword
Then goes to smell his swords NOT SURE WHY!
Mysterious hooded man

anonymous asked:

What do you think about the character that appears in "last auction heroes", and it was hooded that almost purchase Toothless in the auction? It was very interesting to me because the camera showed him like he would be important. And also it kinda reminded me to DRAGO!? Haha it's like it would be his son or a familiar. What do you think? Is relevant this unknown character?

Yes yes yes, the mysterious hooded man!

It would honestly be pretty poor writing if this figure never appears again. Given that Viggo has talked about the man as a special guest, and the narrative of “Last Auction Heroes” frames this mysterious hooded visitor as important, he has to reappear in Race to the Edge season four. 

When I first saw him, I wondered if he would be part of the dragon worshiping tribe that had been hinted about for over a year. I wondered if this man would have come to survey the auctions in hopes that he could covertly subvert them and help the dragons. However, once we met the tribe in “Defenders of the Wings Part 1,” I immediately discarded the idea. My next thought is like one of yours… I thought… well, he’s probably connected with Drago, then.

Art Brown and Douglas Sloan have said that RTTE will lead us up to the events of HTTYD 2, which means that we could have a lead-in to the main villain, Drago Bludvist. I do not believe this man is related to Drago by blood, but I do think they work together in the same army. I do believe this man is an agent of Drago’s. 

It would make sense. Drago wishes to have more dragons in his army. Drago feels threatened if someone else controls other dragons. So it would only make sense that this special visitor would enter a dragon auction - it’s a place in which Drago can find more creatures to subdue, gain more power.

And in fact I think we’re right to believe this man comes from Drago.

Because when I screencapped this bloke… I saw what was on his belt…


Recognize that symbol?

We see the symbol, admittedly, a bit with the dragon hunters as well when they try to brand Hiccup in “Enemy of My Enemy.” However, what we know this symbol the most from is Eret’s successful brand… 

…and the symbol of Drago’s ships…

…which seems like a pretty good connection that, if this man is not one of Viggo’s dragon trappers, and he’s not, then he’s some sort of agent from Drago.