mysterious dolphin


omg great new video kylie / val / taylor / everyone involved 


New Mysterious Dolphin video for “Club Theory”

A Fanfic by Me

Jotaro must eat spaghetti to live

Jotaro was walking by the ocean suing a vibrant orange and yellow sunset breaking through the blue and purple clouds. Suddenly a mysterious swole dolphin burst out from the water and punched Jotaro in the dick and he passed out. When he awoke he found himself lying in a hospital bed.

“Ah you’re awake.” said the doctor in the room. “I’ll tell it to you straight, your dick got punched so hard that you’re dying but fortunately a friend of yours found a cure.”

Dio walks into the room and then begin twisting so much that he turns into a noodle and then falls into a plate of spaghetti. The doctor picks up the spaghetti and gives it to Jotaro.

“You must eat these spaghettDios to live.” said the doctor.

Jotaro looked nervously at the plate. He took his fork and jabbed it into the spaghetti and it started to SCREAM. Suddenly Jolyne smashed through the window and said “Dad you must eat it (ganon cd-I voice) or else you will die!” Jotaro twirled the spaghetti on to the fork and it kept screaming.

“HOLD IT RIGHT THERE” Pucci shouted as he kicked the door down. “I have a court order saying that you are banned from eating spaghetti!” But then President Speedwagon dropped down from a helicopter and shot fire at the court order and Pucci, burning him to death. “As President I demand that you eat that spaghetti!”

Jotaro was so moved by Speegwagon’s presence that he ate the spaghetti but it kept screaming even in his belly. Jotaro’s dick returned to normal and could live again.

The End