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V4 Trailer Recap/V4 Predictions Post.

The hiatus is dead. Long live the hiatus. It’s been a long one, and eventful in ways both non-RWBY-y - hurricanes and clowns and Ash Ketchum losing another goddamn Pokemon League (You were right there, Ash! Right. There.) - and RWBY-y - the Pyrrhexit, RWBY And The Cursed Child coming out (way too much time travel, tbh) and apparently there was something about chibis? Anyways, it’s over now, rejoice all, and Volume Four has come to break us down into base components of pure sadness, also rejoice all. There’s a whole lot to look forward to, but before that let’s do a quick recap of the V4 Trailer then get in some general predictions for the madness to come. Sound like a plan?

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According to the AOU artbook, the visions Wanda gives them are of their greatest fears and Heimdall tells us what that basically is for Thor:  That he’s a Destroyer, that they’re all dead and Thor was the one who led them to Hel.

His fear is that they’ll all end up in Hel and he can’t save them.

And then we see this figure:

Our mysterious cloaked figure that popular money says is our missing Loki cameo.  



“Bianca” Smith

One of the most disappointing details from Chapter 69 was Levi’s casual mention that Kenny’s entire squad was dead. If true, this would include Kenny’s partner, the woman we dubbed “Bianca”.

She was a favorite of mine. I enjoyed how slowly and carefully Isayama revealed her to us. She began as a mysterious cloaked figure in Ch52 but gradually transformed into a beautifully drawn and wonderfully detailed character. She was given a face, a voice and a mission. The only thing missing was her name.

Why would Isayama leave this final detail out? Clearly because it’s going to be important later in the story.

Let me take you back to the day we met young Erwin. It is easy to focus on his adorable appearance and earnest expression. But what else do you see in the panel? That’s right. Other kids. Including a familiar looking tiny blonde girl.

Erwin had a father. If the laws of biology are the same in SnK, we can safely assume he had a mother. Isn’t it also possible he had siblings? In a world with primitive birth control it’s downright likely!

The image of “Bianca” that opens this post is stunning in its similarity to Erwin. Like him, she speaks of long held dreams, the kind that often form when tragedy strikes. Perhaps she too lost someone important at a young age. But while the death of Papa Smith spurred Erwin to unravel the mysteries of the world, it had the opposite effect on “Bianca”. She became bitter.

Losing a parent, being raised by a single mother, having an older brother who becomes driven by anger and guilt would take a toll on a young girl. She lost the two of the most important people in her life.

Years later when Kenny appeared with his disdain for the world and promise to turn it upside-down, she was ready to join him. Her apathy transformed into zeal, passion and focus. Her drive to help Kenny achieve his dream is comparable only to Erwin’s single-minded pursuit of his own.

Such strong parallels don’t happen accidentally. Isayama is a careful storyteller —and an even more careful artist!  

I’ll let you judge the family resemblance.

SnK Crack Theories Week: Family Friday

Fic prompt meme: 

Petyr x Sansa

 #68 ‘Pillow fight’ requested by anon

The laughter and raucous shrieks could be heard from behind the closed doors of Lady Myranda’s chambers. Petyr Baelish stood idly by the door, having paused to listen, and he shared a glance with the guard posted down by the end of the hall. shrieks and giggles and cries for mercy could be heard through the bolted wood. The sounds of delighted young girls, how many of them you couldn’t tell, but it sounded quite the lively affair.

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So to sum up, Henry has seen Henchman!David stab Deckhand!Hook in the back, Light One!Rumple stab Fugitive!Regina in the stomach, and DO Emma stab DO Killian in the chest. Now, based on the filming spoilers from last night, he’s going to get to see Emma get stabbed by a mysterious cloaked figure.

I like the spec I’ve seen that the fight is a dream sequence.  I’m going to speculate that the dream sequence is Emma’s, she doesn’t know who she is fighting, she loses and gets stabbed in the stomach/chest, and the hooded figure lowers its hood to reveal Killian’s face. 

But, J! Killian is standing there comforting Henry who just saw another parental unit stabbed before his very eyes. I know. I know, but its a dream sequence, easily plausible to have one character in multiple places, lends to the shock factor. Emma’s guilt over the DS thing hasn’t gone away, she’s trying to avoid the cricket because she can handle a couple of bad dreams, but then this happens and she realizes that the dreams are more insidious than originally suspected (maybe something carries through to the waking world) and the new adventure begins.