GUYS I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING so Viktor says he’s been neglecting both life and love for over twenty years……he’s 27 years old going on 28 so HE WAS ABOUT SEVEN YEARS OLD WHEN HE STOPPED CARING ABOUT LOVE AND HIS LIFE!!! I’m in serious need of some Viktor backstory right now pls anythinggg


Here’s drawing of Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls) that I recently finished ! Also, I’m currently editing my newest video where I’ll be showcasing my progress from start to finish and  It’s going to involve myself drawing this drawing above !

All Art By: SatoshiTakeo (Me)

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By the way, I’m gonna upload the video on Saturday morning or early afternoon ! So, keep a close eye and you can view my channel anytime by clicking HERE !

Mabel Pines Aesthetic 💫

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Top 6 favorite French cartoons ( also I got Pokemon Moon from Walmart on Friday I think)

Ohh this is a really good question Roya! Also congrats on getting pokemon moon :D As usual, it’s difficult to decide who ranks higher than the others (well except for number one) so they all rank close to each other for me :3

1.Code Lyoko: bless this show, one of the very few that managed to blend 2D and cgi really well, also the story was really good

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2.Titeuf: this was really fun to watch as a kid, like a sitcom but for kids somehow XD And I can’t find a gif from the cartoon so have a pic from the comics, oh this poor dork and his weird hair XD

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3.Oggy and the Cockroaches: imagine Tom and Jerry’s slapstick but crazier, and you got the main vibe of the show XD it’s quite creative, as it manages to convey a lot of ideas without any speech at all, that’s impressive

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I wasn’t kidding when I said it’s crazy

4.Wakfu: oh well of course I had to include this great fantasy show! The world it’s set in is so wonderful and interesting, the characters charming, and the story is quite engaging, I love it

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5.The Daltons: when one of the most memorable group of characters from a franchise gets their own comedy spin-off you know it’s going to be fun *thumbs up* Made as an homage to the creators of the Lucky Luke comics, from the same people who made Oggy, it keeps some of the silly slapstick together with a good dose of crazyness

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6.LoliRock: Now, apart from the fact that I deeply love magical girl series, this show is really lovable, with interesting charming characters, pretty great animation (I love you guys at studio Inspidea in Malaysia, keep up the good work) and some cool worldbuilding and lore that we’re surely going to discover more in the next season!

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Honorable Mentions because they didn’t fit the top 6:

Martin Mystére (Martin Mystery): I probably learnt more about myths and legends from this show than anywhere else, good supernatural adventure series

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Totally Spies: from the same team as Martin Mystery, pretty cool story with an amazing main trio and good balance between their civilian life and the spy life *thumbs up*

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The adventures of TinTin (1991–1992): Looking for adventures all around the world, and mysteries to solve? There you have it! It’s pretty nice to watch, and surprisingly relaxing to me, not sure why XD

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And sometimes happen things like this as well XD

Bill Cipher Aesthetic 👁

The Australian Yowie: Mysterious Legends of a Tribe of Hairy People

In 1804, the book Modern Geography – a Description of the Empires, Kingdoms, States and Colonies: with the Oceans, Seas and Isles: In all Parts of the World was published by John Pinkerton.  In it there is a comment regarding a population of Aborigines that shared Sydney Harbor with another tribe.  They were described as flat-nosed with wide nostrils; thick eyebrows and sunken eyes.  Their mouths were of ‘prodigious width’ with thick lips and prominent jaws.  The Aborigines regarded them as another people entirely: the Yahoos or Yowies meaning “hairy people”.

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