The Lost Boys - Part I. The Birth of Mysterion

Summary: A story about friendship, love, and kicking ass. As a super hero, Kenny has a duty to himself to keep the world safe for those he loves. It’s hard enough being a super hero, but what happens when he falls in love with not only his best friend, but his best friend’s boyfriend?

Pairings: Craig/Tweek, Craig/Tweek/Kenny

Rating: M

Warnings: Mentions of child abuse, mentions of violence

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KAREN: Aw, thank you!
KAREN: And actually, I don’t have any bullies… anymore…

KAREN: He protected me from the bullies and was always there for me.

KAREN: One day she stood up for me and beat up my bullies!
KAREN: On that day I knew she was the best friend I could ask for.
RUBY: Aw! You’re the best friend for me too!
KAREN: And nobody dares to bully me anymore ever since. 
KAREN: Sadly, my mystery angel hasn’t shown up since then, but I know he’s still looking out for me!
IKE: … you mean that Mysterion guy? He’s still around, you know.


Portishead – Mysterions (Live at Roseland Ballroom, NYC, 1997)