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The smell of dust and old paper was heavy in the air as Georgia poked through the library’s dusty shelves. She was surprised by the size of this library’s occult section, and it certainly looked promising. 

When the book dealer had told her how much he’d be willing to pay for the book Libro Mysteriis, she’d been unable to resist looking in every library and book shop she stopped in. Normally she only looked for things she wanted to read, but this book would buy her a theft free life for at least a year, maybe two if she continued to work as a ship’s cook.

Or, she could use the money to buy her life back. She didn’t know how she would go about doing that, but not being so abjectly poor would be a good start.

Her eyes alighted on an unassuming book, it’s cover made of blue fabric and worn around the edges. Libro Mysteriis was printed in faded black letters on the spine. Was this it? Georgia snatched it off the shelf and flipped to check the copyright date in the front of the book. 1933. 

This was it.


Noenum - Fraternity of Black Mysteriis


Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas 1994 [Full Album]  


VASILIS ASIMAKOPOULOS - Norwegian Concrete from Vasilis Asimakopoulos on Vimeo.

First edit of “Norwegian Concrete”, 2014

Vasilis Asimakopoulos’s “Norwegian Concrete” is the video of drummer Thomas Vallely, of renowned UK based band Lychgate, performing Mayhem’s “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” album in Coombefield quarry, Portland, which produces Portland stone.

Performed by Thomas Vallely
Ditected by Vasilis Asimakopoulos
Camera: Chryssa Panoussiadou , Yiannis Katsaris
With the kind permission of Portland Stone Firms Ltd

©Vasilis Asimakopoulos 2014