Final Girl Trope - Part One - Sam x Reader

Description: When Sam and you explore a tomb of a witch that you have been searching for years, you can’t wait to figure out the mysteries behind her life. Yet something has followed your group out of the tomb. Cut off from the outside world, Sam, you and the others find themselves in a battle to make it out alive. 

Warnings: This is a Halloween inspired story so if you don’t like anything scary, don’t read. This story will have gore, possession, spirits, corpses, etc.

Word count: 3,808

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           “Can you please stop running off ahead of me? Do I really have to remind you we are in some creepy tomb?” You call out after Sam.

           Ahead of you, you hear Sam go, “Sorry. But we’re almost at the burial chamber.”

           “Wonderful.” You grumble under your breath.

           Even though you definitely knew better about exploring tombs and ancient ruins with your ex-boyfriend, Sam Drake, you couldn’t resist this one. You have been looking for this lost tomb of the rumored witch, Amazona, for most of your life. The legend stated the witch had run off with treasure from the fabled Lost City of Atlantis before a curse killed her, leaving her buried in this rubble.

           You didn’t believe most of the legend. First off, as cool as it would be for there to be witches and a lost city under the ocean, there was no evidence truly proving either of those things. What you had pieced together over the years was nothing more than stories and scary tales to tell kids.

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The triangle started popping up all around the house. It would manifest itself in dark corners and architectural details and patterns in textiles. Knots in the house’s rough hewn beams would stare out at you like eyes. Knots that they didn’t remember being there before.

They found it amusing at first, there was nothing inherently malignant to the shape. Later, Stan would try to eradicate it to no avail. He threw that rug in the entryway out on four different occasions. He burned it once. It somehow found its way back.