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Happy birthday @sassyhazelowl!! Thanks for always being an amazing person and for all the headcanons, ideas, and AU’s! 

I started this forever ago and figured this was perfect timing to actually finish it. I finally got Copic markers and decided to test them out on Blue Pegasus Meredy from the Meredy Incarnations AU!


This is 120+ frames please take it

“If your past makes your present, then your present can and will make your future.”

They are all Gehn’s children, forged by his pen in his image: lonely and frail. A kind of kinship. Written and illustrated for Mysterium 2016′s convention booklet.

Company to foreign shores

The book rests deep within Tay, in the roots of the great hive-tree.

Catherine grabbed it, out of stubborness and spite, as she made her way to the village to see her people off Riven before her home world’s death. Or stubborness, spite and a desire to save, to hold onto as many ties as she could grasp when she could not stop the ground from slipping from under her feet. To take one last thing from Gehn when Gehn had taken her land from her, rocks and sea which existed long before he put the first squiggle of ink on a blank page, and had steered it toward a path of destruction. So she took his Age, which he called his 233rd and whose essence once echoed in her dreams, but too far away for her to catch a glimpse of a name, and carried it to safety. The way one would carry home a stray.

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