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Ahh TT I cried through out One hundred wishes!!! It just so touching. Even though I know that the request wants happy ending but the scenario are full of touching, sad moments! Well Written always!

Thank you Pear as always it is another triumph when you like our scenarios😭 a bit of romance drama with Hobi was needed so it is good you liked it👌🏼😊❤️

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Hello ♡ I have re-read Tainted Love Pt4 and 5 today as you reblogged Pt5 ^^, I have a question. I still dont understand why recently Yoongi hadn’t had something else to look forward to, is it b/c of Y/N? I can tell that he loves Y/N very much but as there r things that he doesn't want Y/N to know as Jin and Hoseok 've mentioned and with this secrecy I start to have questions about his feeling and his reasons toward her. Is it mean smth? Sry for long and specific question ^^"

Hi Pear! Oh well that’s because he’s been so invested in his “work”, his duties as a leader that he really doesn’t focus on anything else,like a partner for example, until he meets y/n and things change for him. And yes there are things he doesn’t want y/n to get into, more because he wants to shield her from certain things since he’s very protective, than because he doesn’t want her to know. Yoongi is aware y/n gets involved in everything she cans and she’s very curious, so that’s why. I hope this is comprehensible 😂😂
We are so looking forward to it😍😍😍