Just Sleep (A SPN Fanfic Sequel)

OOC: A sequel to Sammy Will Be Five Tomorrow and That’s A Good Year, where Sam is reclaimed after nearly five years of being kidnapped by Azazel’s demons; make sure to read those first! This was requested to be continued by two people, so I’m continuing the trend!! Definitely gonna make this a ‘verse when I get home on the masterfic list. Mary’s POV.

WARNINGS: CHILD IN PAIN, CHILD ILLNESS. It’s very sad sometimes m’kay.

Summary:  “Just don’t die,” Dean whispers into wet hair, sweaty himself from the furnace that is his baby brother.

Mary has a hard time around John — more specifically, she has a hard time dealing with how completely and utterly unconvinced John is of Sam’s humanity. He’s not a monster, Dean had told them, rocking that tired five-year-old back and forth in his arms, and she believed him. She could feel the relief pouring through her, threatening to overwhelm as she’d stooped down and pulled both Dean and Sam close to her chest; she’d thought yes — yes, he’s not a monster. He’s your brother. He’s home. But even as she had ushered Dean to lay Sam in the bed of one of the cleaner guest rooms in the safehouse, John had receded into a corner to watch the scene with focused, conflicted eyes. One thing Mary could say for certain: she had some kind of love for John, one that hadn’t been broken by their shattered family life, but she would not hesitate to slam the butt of a rifle in his face if he tried to hurt their boy. She sees the logic. Sees why he wants to perform the more hands-on testing. She simply doesn’t care.

“You’re endangering our boy, Mary… This just — isn’t safe for him to be around,” John says, nodding to Dean, who’d fallen asleep beside Sam’s curled little body.

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x 7.20  This episode was directed by John MacCarthy. Johnny Mac is the first assistant director on Supernatural. He works on the odd-numbered episodes of Supernatural, while Kevin Parks works on the even-numbered ones. He also worked with Jensen on Dark Angel. He is the second crew member, along with production designer Jerry Wanek, to make his directorial debut on Supernatural in S7.