supernatural 13x05 thoughts, calling all Sam’s Fans

Organizing a tweet trend party because I’m deeply upset of how, since too long, writers & directors keep pushing Sam aside. he was vaguely there.

The way he has been treated is beyond unfair,

being one that support all the characters and ships, regardless that, Sam deserves better after all of what happened, and to just forget he is there holding the world on his shoulder and being put in awful situations where he can’t do anything about it? that is wrong,

Sam isn’t a cameo, a side character, a third wheel, Sam is important, and I’m tired of them forgetting to get him in the frame or to have to see his pain only thanks to Jared’s acting skills, because the lines Sam had were poor, he couldn’t even show his pain for Cass or Mary properly, they are cutting him off and making Dean not even checking on him anymore but instead be the one who kills persistently his hopes, which are what keeps Sam alive. what keep Dean from drowning,

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So please, we need more Sam

Sam + Dean + Cass

just this

and let him drive the impala for once!

who’s with me?

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