“For Real Fuck You For What You Did” 

A lovely curse for a terrible ex who not only treated you awfully but refuses to acknowledge the pain they’ve caused/is generally irresponsible and refuses to do any self-reflection

This is a curse I performed that was based on @writeswithafist Bound in Chains Curse. I absolutely loved that curse but I had limited resources at hand at the time I was performing it and I customized this one to fit my target/intent, making it much more targeted to an ex partner who refused to acknowledge their manipulative or generally terrible ways. 



-Stagnant Water

-Sewing needles

-Small padlock with key

-Black candle

-Pen and paper

-Fake roses

-Old and slightly rotted least favorite food of target 

-Broken mirror shards

-Blood of caster OPTIONAL


Collect stagnant water in the jar to symbolize being stuck in a bad state 

Direct all of the anger/hurt/ whatever feelings you have into writing out exactly how your target hurt you and exactly how they have made you feel, especially how helpless.unable to resolve this issue they’ve left you feeling

Once you written this out light the edges on fire and say “What you caused you know fully know” 

Place the remaining paper in the jar

Add the gross food and say “Taste the poison of your own words” 

Prick yourself with one of the needles and add the blood and say “You cannot ignore my pain” (IF YOU DON’T WORK WITH BLOOD THAT’S FINE THE BLOOD IS OPTIONAL you can symbolically prick yourself just as easily) 

Add the rest of the needles and say “You will feel it 10 fold” 

Burn 1 fake rose and add the ashes to the jar “Get sick on the fumes of your own lies” 

Add the other fake rose  and say “Be forced to look at your own falsehoods” 

Add broken mirror pieces and say “The pain you caused is reflected back to you” 

Add the keys to the padlock to the jar

Seal the jar and affix the lock to it by pouring wax from the black candle over it

Once cooled shake the hell out of the jar and say 

“What you sewed you now reap

I release my pain for you to keep 

This time you can’t run or lie

The only way out is to actually try 

I give you this curse and it’s key

You will know what you’ve done to me” 

🔮Witch Tip🔮

Buy/make a bath bomb. If you make it you could even use herbs from your own garden.
Carve/draw/etch a sigil into your bath bomb. “I feel cleansed” or “I am happy” whatever you want to put.
Get in the bath and hold the bath bomb in your hands.
As it starts to fizzle, focus on the foam coming off it. Focus on it and watch as it touches your skin. Focus your energy on what that sigil says and means and feel it soak into your body through the bath bomb. Breathe in the scents and the hot air.
Relax and take care of your body.

✨ Protection Charm ✨

This spell is designed to use the elements, your energy, and the power of your guardian/God/des to protect yourself, and your allies from those who would cause harm.

You can re-write the spoken part to fit more to your situation.

Light a candle. [Red would be best]

Hold your pendant/charm you would like to bless over the flame.

“As long as this [Pendant] is in the possession of me or my coven, no entity may harm them.”

Remove from the flame then sprinkle water on the pendant.

“For the I lend my energy and ask [Your guardian/God/des] to protect them from any being who would cause them pain or suffering.”

Sprinkle salt on the pendant.

“For me and mine, this will protect us, ward us, and keep us safe.”

Pass the pendant through incense smoke.

“Esto”/ “So mote it be.”

Ring bell to end rite.

Self Change spell~

Lately I’ve been really unhappy with myself so I thought up a spell to help change that.


  • Candle
  • Paper
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Mug-wort 
  • Lemon Balm
  • Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Cloves
  • Sea Salt
  • Red Rose
  • Thyme

Disclaimer: All herbs are optional, these were just the ones I added for my situation.

I ground all my herbs together and dusted them over my candle. On a sheet of paper I wrote down the things I didn’t like about myself and how I wanted to change. I rolled the paper up and set it on fire using the candle with the herbs dusted over it. I let it burn till the candle died out.

And the paper burned I chanted:

~These are no longer welcomed within me

My space shall be cleanses, I will change for the better

Emotions flare, emotions change, emotions free

Change for the better

So mote it be~

Repeat as needed.

****FIRE SAFETY!!!!! Please be careful when using fire, I actually set my fire alarm off doing this, so just please be careful!!!******

I hope this works as well for you fellow witches <3

Making Enchanted Items/Divine Instruments!

So I enchanted my thingies! Here’s a couple pictures of the aftermath.

So I enchanted my thingies!

Here’s what I did/how to enchant some stuff!



  • 6 stones (preferably amethyst)
  • Angel icon/statue/etc. (Draw one if you have to)
  • Celestite (Optional)
  • Whatever items you’re going to enchant
  • Herbs that correspond with your intentions (I did 3 herbs each + frankincense) for the loose incense
  • Something to burn loose incense in
  • Something to MAKE loose incense in (i.e mortar and pestle)

Prep Work:

  • Cleanse ALL stones used and the things you’re enchanting.
  • GROUND if you need to.
    • My grounding was asking God to clear my energy and revitalize/stabilize me for this shitshow I was about to attempt..
  • Set up your communications. Call some angels to be your pep squad and help you out both in life in general and in getting this shit done (as long as it’s ok with God).
    • This is kinda important cuz this is a double enchantment and boy oh boy was I bullshit tired after the first round. Angels kinda slapped a damp towel on my face and pushed me back into the ring for round 2.
  • Make your incense and set up the stone ring (where your things will be sitting before you start and after you start, and where you will put your loose incense burner)

Actual Procedure:

  1. Light your incense. Get it nice and smokey.
  2. Hold the item of choice in the smoke. (I asked God to bless my efforts and accept them, as well as making my necklace and ring divine instruments of His will and giving them their true power before doing anything else.)
  3. Talk to the item. Yes. Talk to it. Tell it what its purpose is, what you want from it, what you want it to do, and how you want it to do it. Give your little instrument instructions.
  4. Seal the deal with a prayer solidifying that whole shebangle.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the next item (and don’t forget to pull a little energy from wherever you can, i.e angels if you called them over.)
  6. Leave it to hang out in the stone/amethyst circle for a little while, however long feels necessary.

Boom! You’re done, and if you’re as magically out of shape and generally tired as I am, you’re probably wiped. But you got some sweet ass divine instruments now. So good for you!