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I wanted to do the Edge of Seventeen tag by @alwaysimming but with a twist. Using my selfsim as the victim. 

Let’s flashback to 2006 where i was one of those myspace kids who listened to screamo and pop punk, had really bad bleached hair, and was into rockabilly style. I had just started coding myspace profile codes and layouts. Was friends with a few people who got their start on mysapce, but just like oil and water - they don’t mix. Wasted my nights playing The Sims 2 and World of Warcraft. And that sums up my life at seventeen :) 

blufonce  asked:

Following the premise that TFC is set during the 2000's, don't you wonder what social media platform the Foxes used? Was it MySpace back then? I like to think at least one of the Foxes had a MySpace description a la Tom Hardy





It’s always weird when you’re viewing people’s Tumblr page on the computer because a lot of people’s theme is shit. It looks like old custom MySpace layouts we use to have back in the days.


“i miss when tumblr themes were simple, actually they kind of looked like myspace layouts haha ugh i’ve been up since 4am thinking about how many times anime has hurt me” theme… but its nickname can be “quiet theme”. too lazy to list the customisation options so that last photo lists them all. only theme i’ve ever made with a search bar included.

code here

Revamped my Tumblr theme/layout.
I didn’t like my ugly 3 column one with the awkward banner that didn’t even fit.
LOL I was really bored enough to edit it for a long time.
Does anyone even look at tumblr profiles? I just stay on my dashboard all day long.
Well, t’s endless scrolling which is good for music.
It’s kinda slow ‘cause there’s a lot of stuff on screen, but whatever it looks pretty.

Hey everyone. Read this !

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How To Make Your Own Myspace Layouts?

Using Myspace is very exciting, as the site offers many features, which are not available in many other networking sites. Millions of users are already part of it and there are many signing up every day. The use of layouts is very important in this site. There are several sites that have layouts and there will be many categories.  

There will be so many that one will not have the time to go through all these profiles at once. Thus a layout generator can be used. It will be very useful to those who do not like the concept of using the designed already. Creating the best is very important, as there will be many important visitors too to this site. There will be many options to create the Myspace layouts.

With the readymade layouts there will be no choice but to use them. So a user while using the generator may help them get what they want. They may choose the designs that they want and any color too. Even the font of the layouts can be chosen. There will be many users who will want to customize it as they please.

A lot of the younger generation will definitely want to use this method, because they will have their own ideas and creativity. They may want to use celebrities or some other themes that are suited to them. This also makes the use of Myspace as one can customize their own designs to their taste. Though the selection is large, there will be preferences that you need to be sure of.

Once you know what you have in mind, this will surely become easy, as there will be a lot of time saved. By creating your own layout, you will also make the look and feel of the profile very unique. There will be a lot to look forward to when a visitor accesses the profile. This will give an insight into the profile of the individual.

The creation of own Myspace layouts will have a lot of challenges. There will be the use of the colors and design, and there will be many other themes that can be used to make the profile more interesting. Most of the users will prefer to use already designed layouts, but if you are very specific about the look and feel of the profile, then own designs will make more sense.

Designing own layouts means you can match the theme with what you have written in the profile. If you are interested in films, or music, then accordingly the necessary designs can be made. Myspace does cater to all the age groups, but mostly one will find youngsters using it. This is for networking as well as various other activities.