• Me: Joss Whedon is not as misogynistic as everyone on Tumblr makes him out to be.
  • Joss Whedon: *says/does something misogynistic*
  • Me in an increasingly passive aggressive tone: You aren't helping right now.

every guy knows that all other guys are assholes. thats why they can always say that girls go for assholes. every guy that isn’t him = asshole. guys are allowed to view all other guys as assholes, especially if the “asshole” has something he doesn’t have, but they’re all insistent that we - women, shouldn’t be allowed to view all of them as assholes, because it hurts their chances with women, meaning they wouldn’t be able to manipulate, lie, and use our empathy to control us as they want. If men don’t have to “give other men a choice” then why the fuck should we. If they’re allowed to see other guys thru the “asshole” filter, why shouldn’t we do the same. If men don’t have to take other men’s actions as “well minded” and “unintentional” then why shouldn’t we do the exact same thing. Why are women held to an insanely different standard in regard to how they react to men and how they judge them. Men get complete freedom in judging men and pointing out their shit and declaring them pieces of shit. We should have the same right.

Dear men,

It is not appropriate to turn your car around and drive back to the woman you saw walking down the street to say, “oh, I HAD to come back for you, bae.” This is a highly uncomfortable and often triggering circumstance. Please stop bothering us with your unwarranted creep sh*t.

Thank you,

So, Trump doesn’t say a damn thing about the WORLDWIDE Women’s March that took place the day after his inauguration and this is what the March for Life gets. Full support and Pence even spoke at the march!

I’m terrified. This is so wrong. America is taking so many steps backwards and I’m absolutely terrified.

My boyfriend went on a rant about how feminism is stupid

So I sent him this:

I’m really happy you are who you are. Men scare me so badly. I’m afraid to be alone. I’m afraid of being outside when it starts to get dark. I’m afraid to be near a secluded area alone. When I see a van next to my car, I hold my keys in my hand like a knife and get ready to use my mace. All because of men. You say feminism is stupid and in some areas you’re right. But American rape culture exists and you don’t see it because you’re a man. We don’t always get paid less, but so what? I get paid less because I’m a woman. Because Billy is sexist. Not all men are bad. Maybe even most men are good. But every girl some time in her life has been sexually hurt by a man, verbally or physically. Women jump through hoops to avoid being hurt by men. To the point were girls are told not to wear shorts in front of her fucking FATHER because it’s not fair to him. He shouldn’t be looking at her like that. Boys walk around in boxers so it’s not about modesty either. I grew up afraid that my own father would attack me to the point we’re if my mom left me home alone with him I cried uncontrollably until she got back. I begged her not to leave me. Boys get off rape charges because they have a future in something and the girl spends the rest of her life being told she asked for it. She should have just enjoyed it. So I’m a fucking feminist. IM a feminist. Don’t you dare tell me I’m privileged, or making a bigger deal out of it than what it is. Don’t tell me feminism is stupid. You aren’t like most men. And you may not think most men are like that, you haven’t seen them from my side of the fence.

Okay I’m only on episode 3 of 13 reasons why but so far SO much shit has already hit home for me and there’s one thing I gotta share:

‘Alex’s’ list is so real. If you think that kind of thing is exaggerated or doesn’t actually happen all the time you’re wrong because it happened at my high school. The guys in my grade made a list of the girls in my grade from hottest to ugliest. When someone asked who was the hottest their reply was “I won’t tell you who’s at the top of the list but I’ll tell you who’s at the bottom.” And they did. And everyone found out and the girl was devastated. So yes, guys can absolutely be this cruel. And go fuck yourself if you think girls aren’t affected by this kind of behavior.

Misogyny in Kpop

For example, AoA is getting even more hate because of their appearance on Knowing Bros, a show who’s theme is basically like rebellious high school kids trashing each other. Even when the guests enter, the concept is for them to be rude transfer students who speak informally, even if the regular guests are like decades older than them. How come only girl groups get in trouble for playing these parts. AoA gets shit because chanmi made comments poking fun of seolhyun, saying “chanmi is bullying her members, aoa has bad group chemistry, she’s clearly jealous”. but boy groups and men go on there and play the same roles but no one bats an eye. 

When twice was on the show, they were playing a skit where they were all supposed to act like snobby top idols. there was a small section where Jihyo says to tzuyu that she’s prettier or something and people, rather than actually watching the show, just jump to conclusions that jihyo was “bullying poor tzuyu”. What gets me is these are the same people who slut shame seolhyun, say she has no talent and say she’s overrated and hate on her. These are the same people who say tzuyu is overrated, that tzuyu isn’t pretty and that tell her to go die (yes, death threats). and then, for just playing the part, these girl group members get shit for it. It’s like girl groups can’t even act like bullies on a show where the concept is bullying in fear that they will be seen as a bully in real life. That’s like, an actor being afraid to play a serial killer in a movie in fear that people are gonna think he’s actually a serial killer. Boy groups rarely ever face this. 

Just another reason why girl groups never get to win.  Because the same girls misogynist pigs (yes, females can be misogynist too!) who are hating on one girl are gonna use that same girl group member to pit her fellow members against each other, pretending they actually gave a damn about any of them in the first place. Honestly stop it. AoA had a terrible 2016 and people can’t let AoA even have a comeback peacefully. How come after the zico seolhyun scandal zico can continue as a hit maker and a top selling producer and musician, but the public won’t even let seolhyun and AoA live. It’s not to say zico’s career deserves damage, but how come seolhyun can’t carry on her own schedules and successes the same way Zico can, it just shows how two people in similar situations can have two very different outcomes just because one is a woman and one is a man. Do Better 2017. Stop the bullshit girl groups have to deal with.