Sexism or she being a greedy "bitch"


Me, my boyfriend and my male friend were talking about this last night and they both disagree with me and said I am “what’s wrong with women these days." 

So what do you all think?

Hypothetical situation. Say a girl and a guy work together, so they see each other on a regular bases. They make small talk to pass the time but the guy has a thing for the girl, however the girl isn’t interested. Instead of being a total bitch and telling the guy FUCK OFF YOU’RE UGLY! or something extreme like that, she continues to make conversation with him but politely MAKES IT CLEAR she is NOT interested in anything more than being casual work buddies. The man then decides to "try harder” by offering the girl gifts (paying for her lunch, letting her borrow a book, whatever) should the girl refuse the free stuff? Does that make her “a shitty girl” for “taking advantage of him?” Or is he a sexist for dehumanizing a women to think that she is a machine that if you only put “so many” of the right tokens in eventually sex will come out? 

I think the later. If someone doesn’t want you and they make it clear. STOP TRYING. You are trying to manipulate them and that’s shitty as hell. Women are PEOPLE. If we aren’t interested in you it’s probably because we aren’t physically attracted to you or find you interesting. We are living breathing people with our own thoughts, and needs and can make the decision by ourself if we want a guy or not, JUST LIKE YOU MEN. It’s funny because if the situation were flipped men would be the same way. Think guys, if a ugly/fat/loudmouthed/whatever turns you off person was into you, you made it clear you are aren’t interested but she refused to back off and tried to give you nice things all the time. You’d be frustrated too. Probably call her “this crazy obsessed bitch who won’t leave me alone”

Women aren’t a game. “Courting” is bullshit. The one time this situation applied to me your damn right I took the free stuff. I took that stuff because I realized that the guy wasn’t a nice guy, he thought he could buy my affection. No dude, you aren’t cute. I think like a man if there is 0 physical attraction I am not interested, END OF STORY. I don’t care if you are a millionaire. I made it clear as fucking day and even lied and said I had a boyfriend at the time. That didn’t stop him, owell less money in his pocket.

You think you can buy my affection? No screw you, but since you don’t value me as a person, respect the fact that I rejected you without being a complete bitch about it, and think you can change my mind sure I’ll gladly take your spending money off your hands, prick.

so in Spanish class last year...

there was this kid, and as we were listing (in Spanish) the qualities we want in our future spouses, this kid just says that he really doesn’t want his wife to be as smart as him because he wants to be the smarter one. My teacher looked a bit offended, but laughed and said something I didn’t understand, like “Muy machismo Sean” and everyone was kinda sitting there all awkward because nobody knew what machismo meant. Until I piped up and said “That’s Spanish for douchebag” and it was totally worth the detention I swear. 

Why I Need Feminism: A Recent Realization

While driving to work today I had a very vivid memory that I haven’t thought about in years. 

When I was in high school, I walked to and from school every day.  I lived really close, and the walk took about 10-15 minutes.  One day while walking home, I was close to my neighborhood entrance when a loud car pulled up to me with all of it’s windows down.  It was full of older, intimidating, aggressive looking men who started simultaneously all yelling “Hey baby, nice ass!”, “What’s your name?”, and “Wanna go for a ride?” at me.  I became clearly uncomfortable.  I was an awkward teenager just coming to terms with my own developing body, wearing jeans and a blouse.  Crossing my arms over my chest, I silently acknowledge that none of my shirts seem to conceal my ever-growing bosom anymore and I am growing red with embarrassment.  I try to ignore them, and their car keeps following me.  After 10 feet of this, they are still yelling at me, and begin waving wads of money out the window in my direction screaming “How much, baby?" 

"Please leave me alone” I finally answer, and try to continue walking.  They burst into laughter.  When they continue to follow me, despite the blatant fear written all over my face, I quickly turn around, cut through a backyard, and walk in the opposite direction, even though I can still hear them yelling from where I left them.  When I cannot hear them anymore I tear off my backpack, dig through it for a black hoodie sweatshirt, quickly throw it on over my clothes, despite the absurdly hot weather, and walk down the mile road that borders my neighborhood. 

My family’s neighborhood is 1 square mile, stretching between mile roads.  I am so terrified that I will run into the car that followed me into that entrance, I walk a mile and a half to the other side, and make my way home from there.  By the time I made it to my front door I was exhausted, overheated, and completely terrified.

I never saw the car again.  I never saw those horrible people either.  It wasn’t until recently that I even remembered this story.  If there is no other reason why I need feminism, it is because horrible people like that think that they are entitled to talk to anybody that way, and that when a clearly frightened young teenager actually asks them to stop, they can only laugh. 

  • Me: “Good afternoon! Welcome to [store name]. How may I assist you?”
  • Customer: “My phone’s not working, and your service is crap.”
  • Me: “Well, I’d be more than happy to help you. Sorry for your inconvenience.”
  • Customer: “Just fix the d*** thing and stop talking!”
  • Me: *shocked* “Yes, sir.”
  • (After a few minutes of testing his device, I figure out the problem is that the phone simply has not been charged.)
  • Me: “Sir, your phone is dead. It needs to be charged. That’s why you weren’t able to place a call or turn the device on.”
  • Customer: “That’s bulls***. I want to talk to your manager!”
  • Me: “I am the manager, sir.”
  • Customer: “But you’re a woman!”
  • Me: “Yes, sir, last time I checked, I was.”
  • Customer: *very condescendingly* “Your place is in the kitchen. I want to speak with a male!”
  • Me: *speechless*
An Olicity Fan's personal defense...

There is a widely accepted misconception about Olicity fans (spread by both Lauliver and other Olicity fans {which saddens me a whole lot}) and their (my) feelings towards LL (don’t make me spell out her whole name please) that is really starting to grate on my nerves: NEWSFLASH EVERYONE, my dislike for the character is maybe 1% due to my shipping preference and a whooping 99% to do with characterization/acting choices/a storyline I could care less about/ a better alternative to the BC storyline/ etc.

Lets start at the beginning: 

The writers and KC had a total of 18 episodes to make me fall in love with LL and with Lauriver, the truth is that they did the complete opposite. I was presented with a love story in which the first onscreen interaction between both characters is LL telling OQ she wished he had rotted in hell for a lot longer than 5 years. Now pardon my romantic ideology, but this isn’t what I want to see right of the bat between a couple I’m supposed to like. Her character was TOO perfect, TOO headstrong, TOO idealistic, TOO everything, and yet not nearly enough. She wasn’t (isn’t) light enough to counterbalance her broody “soul mate”, she wasn’t humble enough to accept she wasn’t always right, she wasn’t forgiving enough for the sake of moving on with her life. She wasn’t what the show needed her to be. I should have felt sympathy for her character: divorced parents, cheating boyfriend, dead sister, etc, but I DID’T and that brings me to my second point…

Acting Choices

 Lets start by pointing out that I do not for a second think/believe that I’m watching Oscar worthy performances at the Streep, Blanchett, Oldman, Day-Lewis level when I’m watching Arrow. I take the show for what it is, an action dram show on the CW network. That being said, I think that small acting choices go along way in selling a character. Here’s one example that pisses me of until today: the first time LL and Felicity meet. Felicity has just called LL “that Laurel, gorgeous Laurel”, now this may just be me but if someone says something like that to me I know for a fact that I would at least smile a bit at the unrealness of it all, what does KC/LL do? She gives a very tight fake smile. How about when she looks Felicity up and down with such a “not worthy of licking the dirt of my shoe” look at that gala like thing. It’s acting choices like those that leave a lot to be desired on my end. Now lets move forward…


 She’s meant to become BC. I COULDN’T CARE LESS about the BC storyline, especially since we have already explored one persons ascension to the moniker and because it will undoubtedly take away screen time from things I want to see, like felicity taking off her makeup, or Felicity shopping, or Felicity going to the optometrist, or Felicity buying toilet paper, or Felicity [insert absolutely anything]. Last but not least…

 Better option:

 Although I may not care about the BC storyline, I am more than aware that Sara as BC is better. She trained with freaken ASSASSINS for f;cks sakes and Laurel will what??? Train with a retired boxer and that will be more than enough to have running around in leather by the end of the season. I think NOT. The writers talk about all this emotional/mental preparation/ whatever crap when it comes to a characters becoming a hero, but lets not be stupid. Nothing they throw LL’s way will compare to what Sara when through. NOTHING. And please don’t get me started on the fact that Sara (who I’m mainly indifferent to) will most likely have to die in order to be the catalyst for LL’S evolution into BC. Can this show find another way to motivate its characters into action other than by killing people off (particularly WOMEN) UGH.

 Before any and or all of you fill my ask box with hate claiming that my views are anti-feminist or whatever, please understand that feminism isn’t a synonym for universal love/coddling. The feminist mantra does not state “And I shall love all female and or female characters regardless of their stupidity” NO. Feminism is about equality, so the same way I’m allowed to dislike a male character without being called a man-hater I should be able to dislike a female character without being labeled as mysogony. And before you handful of Felicity hates tell me that equally poignant arguments can me made about Felicity Smoak. ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY, but guess what…  that same dislike you feel towards that lovely angel is what I feel towards LL. And that’s OKAY. I don’t have to convince you to dislike her and you don’t have to try and make me like her. But please understand that for many off us, this dislike has almost nothing to do with Olicity so please stop reducing my very well though out dislikes and likes to something so stupid as a shipping preference.

If you survived this far all the more power to you.

 Oh and P.S: Promoting Lady friendships regardless of actual things in common and clicking personalities is equally ridiculous. Women don’t have to be friends for the sake of having female friendships on screen. They just like romances have to be developed organically.

And finally following the example of the lovely @stilettoroyalty thats the end of that.

Now I’m really done.

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anti princess's blog: "Anti; misandry, mysogony, feminism, SJW, *****BLM*****, special snowflakes" anti princess: "why dont u believe im black retard"


  • ur not better bc ur gay
  • ur not better bc ur straight
  • ur not better bc ur a woman
  • ur not better bc ur a man
  • ur not better
  • we r all equal
  • u demand equality yet u have no respect for who ur demanding it from
  • it doesn’t make sense
  • ur dumb

So I started this morning finding out Marc read that horrid open letter that 🍏 wrote. The one calling Felicity abusive and shitting on season 4 and blah blah. Of course I jump on the defense and then get into some spats. And then I see these tweets and you can imagine my anger. I’m sorry but WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??!! WOMEN ARE NOT PLAY THINGS! We are not one dimensional! FELICITY SMOAK IS NOT COMIC RELIEF 2kFOREVER!! She’s a multi-faceted complex character yes with flaws but who is strong and stands up for herself and loves herself! She’s a fantastic role model for women of all ages and even men. When you agree to marrying someone you don’t settle for being on the outside of the relationship. You don’t settle for not being complete EQUALS in all aspects of your life. You are a team and make decisions TOGETHER! Felicity was the wronged party in this situation!! I get feeling sorry for Oliver! He has suffered so much and loves and wants her so much. And he’s hard to resist! But imagine how much we love him and multiply it for Felicity’s love and see how hard it was for her to walk away. The show will always be more sympathetic to Oliver’s struggles because it’s his story, but it doesn’t make him right at all. He was wrong. Simply put. period. But that’s not even the whole story with the total sexist ideal of what Felicity should be to Oliver. Apparently all she is good for is throwing a funny one liner in every now and then and only cheerleading and praising Oliver 24\7. FUCK THAT. Sorry she’s not fitting into your one dimensional sexist box for a women’s purpose. She is not that and that is one of the million reasons why Oliver loves her. Because she stands up to him. She’s makes him better and helps him grow. She doesn’t accept that he is a killer or just a damaged man. She’s always known he’s capable of more and has helped him reached that potential. But it comes to a point he has to stand on his own. Season 3 and 4 have only made my love for Felicity grow even more and more. She is the reason I started watching arrow and I loved her from the start. I would not be watching if she wasn’t on the show. I was drawn in by her humor and stayed for the strong women underneath the humor. She’s complex and amazing. I love her funny one liners and I love her great speeches like “don’t fight to die, fight to live”. She’s a hero and a badass.
I don’t even know if I have it in me to deal with the last two tweets. People accusing Felicity of ABUSING OLIVER! And belittling him and having tantrums. Like I can’t argue with such delusion. And stop using a real mental illness to hate on a fictional character. It’s gross. Apparently if Felicity isn’t worshipping the ground Oliver walks on and taking his apology and easily forgiving him for breaking them and just being submissive to his every demand and suicide mission, she’s abusive? Yeah ok…
I don’t care if you don’t like Felicity. She’s fictional and no one is universally liked! NO ONE. But to spout this sexist and delusional bulllshit, I won’t stand for.

End rant.

(Despite the fandom crazy, I did have a great day with my family. Happy Easter yall)

“Male privilege is “I have a boyfriend” being the only thing that can actually stop someone from hitting on you because they respect another man more than they respect your rejection/lack of interest.”

The Sociological Cinema

There was actually research that was done that found that women who used an “I have a boyfriend/husband” excuse to reject unwanted sexual attention and harassment by their bosses were more likely to be left alone than those who used any other excuse (including “I’m not interested”)

Because men respect another man’s property (and that’s how they see us) than a woman’s autonomy.

Source: queerintersectional