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Knight of Heart

Knights are a warrior class, weaponizing their aspect in order to protect others. Heart is about emotion, soul and motivation. The Knight of Heart will use the emotions of others and their own to protect them, tinkering with the feelings to make them more defensive. They will also be able to compose a defensive army solely of their soul splinters.


Knights need to learn to take off the mask they put on for others and to stand by their friends. In all three knights we see some kind of act put on to compensate for something, Dave’s cool guy act, Karkat’s asshole maneuver and Latula’s gamergrl facade. They will need to learn that people who love you will accept you for who you are. If the lesson isn't there, it is in Heart. The Heart lesson is walking the path of self, breaking down the walls heart players tend to put up against their emotions and becoming more sensitive to the world around them. It could also be the other way around; perhaps the player is TOO sensitive and needs to harden up against the world.

Witch of Space

Witches are an active class, manipulating their aspect at will. Space is about creation, the shape and size of things and the fabric of space itself. The Witch of Space will be able to bend the fabric of space to her will, shrinking and supersizing planetary bodies and exploiting creation to benefit herself.


Witches need to learn to inspire and motivate, as well as staying optimistic. We see this lesson especially in Damara, as Jade and Feferi had no trouble being inspirational or staying optimistic. Witches will often not care or let someone else handle it when they really should be doing it. You know what they say, if you want something done right, do it yourself. If the lesson isn’t there, it’s in Space. Space players have a problem with abstractness; they are either way up in the clouds where they can’t see reality or they are grounded without any imagination. They will need to find the balance between the two.

Page of Hope

Pages start off their game very passive and weak, but when they rise to power as a god tier they are one of the most powerful players in the game, having control over their aspect and being able to will it into existence. Hope is about belief and holy magic. The Page of Hope will be one of THE biggest players in the game, seeing as if they believe in something hard enough, they could will it into existence.


Pages have two lessons to learn; to step out of the shadows sometimes and to accept who they are as people. Pages will be the type of people to work backstage and let someone else be center-stage when they really should be doing it with the talent they possess. Pages will also need to learn to come to terms and love ALL aspects of themselves. Hope players have an issue with open-mindedness. They are either too quick to believe something (Jake) or won’t believe anything (Eridan). They must find the balance between skepticism and acceptance.

Sylph of Mind

Sylphs are a healing class, using their aspect to passively heal their team. Mind is about decisions, logic, consequences and the mind itself. The Sylph of Mind will fix broken trains of thought, fix bad decisions and set everyone on her team’s minds at rest, a valuable team member for a team who is logically based. They could cure mental illnesses and keep everyone happy.


Sylphs have to learn to find their inner strength and power and put it to use in healing. Many Sylphs have a feeling that they have that strength and power but don’t know what it is, how to get to it or how to use it. Some don’t even realize it’s there. Mind players have a problem with intellect, either they are too smart or not smart enough. Those who are too smart need to come down to a level where the rest of us can understand, and those who aren’t smart enough need to realize they are intellectual and use their think pans.