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What’s in my Purse

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizing: This lotion practically saved me during the Winter, with the dry weather and all, this lotion make my hands SO soft. The only thing I don’t love about it is the scent, it’s scentless, so it smells like lotion (I like scented stuff lol)

Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Body Spray/ Cookie Dough Hand Sanitizer: Sweet pea is one of my fav b&b scent, it reminds me of Spring & Summer. It really brightens my day & get me ready in the morning. The smell of cookie dough is simply addicting, I randomly take it out in class to smell it.

Pentel RSVP/ Staedtler Fine Pens:These pens are why I’m in school. I take all my notes & lessons in them, they are seriously THE best pens I’ve ever used. I can’t wait till they go on sale, so I can stock up.

Longchamp Pencil Case: I think it’s suppose to be a makeup bag, but it fits my pens & pencils, so why not. Avoid getting a light coloured pencil case btw, it doesn’t look pretty after a week. 

Sunglasses: From GiantVintage, FINALLY, the sun is out, and the weather is getting warmer, time to get out all my sunglasses. Seriously counting down the days till Summer. I use to love Aviators, but I’m starting to like retro and vintage styled ones too.

Tiara: My emergency tiara, in case the one I wear to school breaks. 

Mini Kleenex Box: I got this in the mail as a sample, I'm addicted to it. It’s so mini and perfect because I have a cold right now, my nose is killing me, I can’t breathe.  

Tangerine: It’s that time of season again, where tangerines are sweet and seedless (here in Canada anyways) the best fruit ever.

 EOS Strawberry Lip Balm: I still haven’t found that one chaptstick that actually makes my lips perfect, like it keeps it moisturize I guess, but in a way my lips are always dry. This one tastes so good though, not that I lick it… you know after you put it out sometimes your tongue touches your lips ahah, but ya it tastes so sweet. 

The Great Gatsby (Cliff’s Notes): I’m dumb, I know, but I swear I actually read the whole book of The Great Gatsby. But I got to admit, Sparknotes & Cliff’s Notes are my lifesaver.

Everyday Cards: Walmart GiftCard, American Express Prepaid GiftCard, Yogurty’s Froyo GiftCard, Starbucks GiftCard & Student ID Card. I love carrying giftcards because it handles the paying part so much easier & faster. These are all stores near school, so I carry them for easy & often use. [The AE prepaid card is also great for online shopping, if the online store is a scam you only lose however much you have loaded on your giftcard instead of like $1000.]

MK Wristlet: from mysocialoutlet, this is a flat wristlet, doesn’t fit much but perfect for cards, coins, usbkey. 

Purse of the WeekTassel Hobo Purse from Yeswalker, it’s large, fits everything I need it to, there are a few easy pockets to hold my phone, keys, or any misc items. 

What’s in your purse? Make your post, and tag it under #whatsinmypurse & #dremathemoment :) Have a lovely weekend, xoxo