The Art of Falling in Love - Chapter 2

Fandom: Mystic Messenger

Pairing: V x MC

Note: Hoo boy, this chapter is long. Not sure if all chapters will end up being this long, but I guess I just have a lot of Exposition™. I hadn’t planned to post this chapter today, but what is a posting schedule?

This chapter is in Jihyun’s POV. Jsyk, this fic will be alternating POVs between Jihyun and MC, but whenever it’s in Jihyun’s POV, it’s completely in 3rd person, including references to MC/Mirae (so, “she/her” instead of “you”). This is just a stylistic preference. 

( ao3 )

Chapter 2: Not V Anymore

Jihyun would have recognized that low voice anywhere. Slightly disappointed at being interrupted, he turned. Jumin stood few paces away, gaping at him with his jaw slack and his brows raised.

“Hello, Jumin,” he said. He reached out his hand, and Jumin stepped forward to shake it. “I go by Jihyun now.”

Jumin’s brows lifted even higher. “Is that so? You said you couldn’t make it.”

“I did. I’m sorry. I had”—Jihyun stole a glance at Mirae before looking back at his old friend—“a change of plans.”

“How long are you planning to stay in the country?” said Jumin.

Jihyun let out a breath, suddenly overwhelmed with a sense of indecision at being asked so directly. He shook his head. “Indefinitely, I suppose.”

“So you’re back.”

“Yeah. I am.”

Jumin took a moment to process this. “It’s good to see you, Jihyun.”

Jihyun smiled, knowing that there was much more sentiment laying behind his old friend’s straightforward words. “Same to you.”

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The Ultimate MM Doge Collection! 

(Doge Jumin is not pleased at all)

I’ve uploaded these on the Mystic Messenger Amino and I’m sure some of you have already seen these but hey who wouldn’t want HD quality memes hahaha. Anyways, I drew this just for laughs, really and I’m proud of the outcome lolololol 

This isn’t the complete set btw, there’s Doge MCs and Doge V without shades as well as long haired Doge V from V route. I’ll make another post for those I guess but for now, please enjoy these!



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