This is the only way the gif will work

My best friend Skylor has an emotional support dog named Violet. We brought her to Metro Con 2013 last week. We learned that some of Parle loves dogs. Especially Conor. Seriously no one will ever understand how many times me and Sky saw someone petting Violet and it was Conor. We’re 95% sure Violet loves Conor and now loves Spiderman.

I did it last year and I'll continue doing this so I'll have a running record of this shit.

Last year (our first christmas as friends) Skylor wrapped all of my presents in several layers. 

Second christmas Sky gives the coolest items and wrapping paper ever.

Wraps EVERYTHING in several layers including the stocking and everything in the stocking. My beautiful best friend got me amazing gifts including that Gryffindor bowtie and that inflatable dinosaur who has lopsided eyes.