Mornings with the RFA(V/Saeran)

MOD SAERAN HERE :D i decided to do a random gif HC because i need to clear my mind :) 


  • Each and every morning is always full of laughter 
  • expect a ton of playful teasing and kisses 
  • every moment is filled with smiles :) 

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  • YALL WENT TO SLEEP!!!????\
  • NOPE

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  • every morning was amazing between the two of you 
  • its always filled with laughter
  • they always say laughter is the best medicine!! :D 
  • but  you know 
  • yall had coffee together 

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  • this is how you wake up every morning c,: 
  • you pretend to hate it 
  • but he knows and you know YOU LOVE IT 
  • also 
  • he has his own way of sending you off to work c;

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  • he loves waking up in your arms 
  • he sees it as a beautiful blessing C,: 
  • best believes he records almost every morning 
  • when you are away on a business trip
  • or visiting family
  • he watches them because he misses you so much 

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  • your guys mornings are peaceful 
  • just the two of you slowly waking up 
  • he loves feeling your skin because it reminds him that you are real 
  • his personal angel 
  • did i mention 
  • that it takes you guys forever 
  • to get out of bed xD 

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Hmm… The more I look at him, the more I hope he’s just some random new character.

And I don’t know how a “love” route with V would even work because they would have to gut the whole storyline…

Edit: So, I just looked at THE photo… This person is totally V.


OMG… You play as Rika falling in love with V and creating the RFA? I would be suuuper down with that.

starcrossed8  asked:

Could I get a V/MC fanfiction where V calls out Rika's name instead of MC's in bed? A fight ensues after. Where the story goes afterward is up to you! I just need a happy end and a ton of angst ^-^

Hello Starcrossed-san! Im sorry Im so late on this >< 

The morning rays shined in your face briefly, and you found yourself wrinkling your eyebrows, praying that the sun would pass on by. After moments of that not ensuing you opened your eyes with a defeated sigh. Sitting up you threw your arms up into the air, the beginning of a very feline like stretch that cause a sigh of comfort to escape from your lips.

You rubbed at your eyes slightly, the sight of your shared bedroom clarifying as you slowly came out of your drowsy state. There’s a slight rustle beside you, accompanied by a small groan. You turn your head slightly to the left, smiling as your eyes settle on the mint haired love of your life sleeping by your side. V’s still sound asleep, his breath even and soft. His face is snuggled into his pillow, and you can’t help but adore him. 

Reaching over you run your hand softly through is mint locks, loving how soft it always is. V’s brows furrow softly, and a small laugh slips passed your lips.Lazy hands encase your hand, and you feel soft lips press a kiss to your wrist. However V’s eyes remain close, and a mischievous thought drops into your head. You begin with his forehead, pressing a soft kiss there. You then move onto his eyes, adoringly pressing kisses to each of his turquoise gems. You feel V stir under you, and you smile against his skin. You hover over his nose, but instead of kissing it you simply nuzzle your own against his, knowing how much V adored Eskimo kisses. You finally move on to something that had just recently touched you, his lips. Unlike the soft kisses you placed on V’s eyes and forehead, this kiss is slightly deeper, and you feel V part his lips and return your actions. You hear him groan as you pull away.

“Good morning!” you giggle as your throw yourself back into the bed, embracing him, your head nuzzling into his neck.

You deliver sensual pecks along his jawline, decorating his neck with kisses and showing him just how much you loved waking up beside him.

The mint man whines from under you, still drowsy and sleepy. “Hnnngh, Rika…don’t tempt me love”.

Huh….? You freeze. Had you misheard him? You pull your head away, once again rising above him. V’s eyes are still closed, and you frown. What had he called you?

A dark haze begins to cloud your mind. Unease rides your body, and soon you feel a pit forming in your stomach. The playful mood you were just in dissipates and you find your chest aching. But perhaps you had just misheard him? Perhaps your fears and insecurities were just getting the better of you. Of course. You had just woken up after all. Maybe-

“Rika….?” V mumbles again, eyes still remaining closed, yet brows furrowed. 

Its as if you’ve been thrown into a pit. The dark haze consumes your mind and its as if you shatter. Not just you yourself, but the thought of you. It feels as if your presence in V’s mind, your place in his heart, has shattered. You’re going to cry. You can already feel the formation of tears in your eyes, and you’ll be damned if you cry here and now. So, wearing nothing but your nightgown, you bolt from the bed. You run into the living room, surrounded by portraits of yourself, mirrors with your reflection, and photographs of the two of you together. Seeing them all is too much for you right now. Was your whole relationship something that he was only settling for? Just a second place? That thought brought the tears from out of your eyes. If you weren’t enough for him then fine. You didn’t bother to grab your things. You simply just walked out the front door. 

 V heard the front door close. Confused he rubbed at his eyes, but still did not move from bed. Why were you so upset? Did he do something wrong? One second you had been acting so cutely, placing kisses everywhere and the next you-

As if realizing what just happened for the first time V sharply sat up in bed. He was instantly greeted by the sight of your slippers by the bed, your book collection, your coats, your photographs. The only thing missing was you. In his mind he replayed the scene of what just happened. He called you Rika. Not once. But twice. Called you Rika twice. V sprang out of bed, quickly putting on a pair of pants and heading to the closet to slip on a shirt. You hadn’t even changed. The thought of other men seeing you in your nightgown cause V to bite at his lip. But could he even be allowed to feel such annoyance when he had muttered another woman’s name in bed? Unease took place in his heart. It wasn’t that he missed Rika. Not in the slightest. Waking up next to her…was just something he had done for such a long time. V still had habits from their toxic relationship, and though he didn’t mean them, sometimes they still slipped out.  But being with you, you were just so different. He often wondered if he deserved you. Clearly not, since he had just managed to hurt you so badly.

Along with a shirt he grabbed one of coats, his cell phone, and was out the front door with a flash. 

Stares. Lots and lots of stares. That’s what you were getting. Alright, maybe heading to town in your nightgown wasn’t the best thing to do. But what else where you supposed to do? You were so angry and hurt. You had walked for miles boiling over, you didn’t even know what time it was right now and before you knew it, it was 3 hours after 12 and you were here. You hadn’t even bothered to bring your cell phone. But you couldn’t return to the apartment. Not there. Hurt, pain, and embarrassment all in one day. Lovely.

“MC?” A voice said from behind you, and you flinched in surprise. 

You turned around, “Zen.” You whispered softly. 

Zen looked at your face, eyes red from crying and tears still not fully dry. “What happened? Where’s V? Why are you out here dressed like this?” Question after question left his lips as he shrugged off his large white coat, draping it over your shoulders and helping you slip your arms inside. 

You gave a pitiful laugh, “He’s back at the apartment dreaming of Rika.” 

Zen sighed. Then as he looked around he noticed the stares all around you. “Look, lets get out of here first.”

Zen took you on a brief walk, until you realized you were at the park in front of V’s apartment. With a sigh Zen sat down on a bench, patting the seat next to him. Timidly you sat down, glad to have someone to talk to, yet also dreading it. 

“MC I’m not sure what happened. But V…V would never do something to intentionally hurt you. Are you sure its not a misunderstanding?” Zen asked, looking down at you.

You scoffed. “He called out her name Zen. In our bed. Twice. How is that a misunderstanding?” 

Zen shook his head and averted his gaze from you. “MC, V and Rika were together for a very long time.” 

You shook your head. You didn’t want to hear about this. Stubbornly you turned away, however Zen payed no attention, shown as he continued. 

“After that everything that happened, V is still very unsure of himself. Honestly MC, I still have trouble believing what kind of person Rika was.”

You looked up at Zen, but his gaze was no longer on you. It was further away. Distant.

“We all adored her. She was our center. But to V…she was his anchor. I know this must be painful to hear. But you need to understand, the deeper you feel for someone, the deeper the scars they leave. Even now, I can’t forget the Rika that saved me. And Im sure that V can’t forget the Rika that loved him”.

At those words you sniffled. Tears fell from your eyes. Was Zen telling you to let go? Was Zen really defending V? Defending the fact that V had called out Rika’s name?

As if reading your thoughts Zen let out a laugh, “ I’m not saying what happened was okay. I’m just asking that you look at things from V’s point of view MC. Though he can’t forget about the Rika that loved him, that doesn’t mean he loves her MC. Your existence is still growing inside him. Its still healing the scars. V experienced so much emotional trauma. Its like she’s become a conditioned response in him.”

You felt a spark of angry, “But what about me Zen? Am I supposed to just sit here and be compared to her? To be V’s second place?”

Zen finally turned to look at you, and you flinched as he raised his hand up. To your surprise a warm hand ruffled the top of your head softly. And when you opened your eyes, Zen wore a small sad smile. 

“ You aren’t second place. You’re all that’s in his heart. Its just that sometimes his head gets lost, like its in a fog. I probably have no right to say this, but MC please. I’m not as close as Jumin is to him, and I’m not in his heart as much as you are. But please. Help heal V. He deserves at least that much.”

Zen’s gaze turns away over you, and a small chuckle leaves him. “And besides, who would run around town all afternoon, looking like hell if they didn’t love someone?”

Zen juts his chin behind you, and your turn around, a gasp escaping your lips. V stares at the pair of you, panting and out of breath. Sweat running down his handsome face, his hair matted probably from running his own hands through it. He’s breathing so heavily. His turquoise eyes lock with yours, and Zen’s words come flashing through your mind. V walks slowly towards you, and when he hovers slightly above you, you can see his lips tremble. 

“You’re safe. Thank god you’re safe.” V whispers, and you feel your heart ache. You really did cause him to worry. 

“Hyun. Thank you so much for finding her.” V says, though his eyes narrow slightly as he see’s you wearing Zen’s jacket. 

V tugs on your hand slightly, making you stand. He brings out his own jacket he had picked out this morning, shielding you with it from behind before unzipping Zen’s jacket with a flash, shrugging it off your arms before replacing it with his own. 

“I’ll be in touch later Hyun. Thank you again.” V says softly, handling Zen back his jacket before walking back with you to the apartment.

Zen watches the two of you go. “Honestly…” he mutters

Zen digs his phone out from his pocket, flipping it open. The screen displays a vast array of messages from V, asking if Zen saw you, knew where you were, panicking and searching for you.

“V really does spoil his princess.”

The walk back to the apartment was silent. You kept you head down, ashamed for making V worry so much. Ashamed for never considering him. Zen’s words weighed you down heavily with guilt. 

The door closes behind you, yet you don’t move. 

“MC?” V whispers tenderly, his grasp still on your hand.

You don’t respond. Tears rolling silently down your cheeks onto the floor. 

The sight makes V’s heart break. 

He tugs you into his arms, encasing you with warmth. “Please love. Hate me. Curse me. This is all my fault. Mine. Not yours, do you understand?” His voice falters slightly, causing a sob to escape your throat. 

“It’s all because I’m an idiot. I don’t know what Zen said to you, but this is my fault alright? Mine. You didn’t do anything wrong. Its all because I can’t break this chain she still has on me. I’ll do better, I’ll try to do better darling. Please.” You feel V’s tears against your back, and you can’t hold it in any longer. 

How far was this man willing to go for you?

You wrap your arms around him, sobbing into his neck, clinging to him as close as you possibly can. 

“Jihyun. Listen to me. This isn’t your fault. Its our fault. This is our fight. Alright? We’ll get through this together.”

V says nothing, just squeezes you tighter. Both your sobs echo in the apartment. 

“I love you Jihyun. I love you.”

In the small doorway of V’s apartment, holding each other, crying against one another, you and V were finally somewhere she couldn’t reach.

And that’s it! I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you wanted >< I wanted to show a perspective of the after effects of emotional trauma and abuse, and how to progress. I choose to have Zen be the one to find MC, since Jumin I feel, wouldn’t be able to open up as deeply as Zen would.       

Chatroom Hours

Due to a request, I wrote down all the chatroom hours from day 1 to day 5.

Special thank to @masamunesmistress who was kind enough to tell us the firs hours from day 1!

I hope this is helpful! Don’t hesitate to ask me questions about the route!

1st day:


2nd day:


3rd day:


4th day:


5th day:


Once I finish day 10 I will post the hours asap.

Hope this helps ^^

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Fingertips pls ☹️

Ask and you shall receive Anon-san! :3

Fingertips Between Us Chapter 2

You sat alone on the couch, your head in your hands as you buried yourself into your knees, not caring that your footprints would become visible on the couch. The lights were dimmed and the food on the table was chilled and untouched. After Mr. Han’s sudden intrusion you had sent your sister home, apologizing and reassuring her that you would be fine. The moment she left however, so did your smile that you had set perfectly in place.

You understood that Mr.Han was just looking out for Jumin. You desperately tried to justify his actions, to stop the black feelings in your heart from growing. It was like a dark haze that loomed over you, that taunted you and filled you with resentment. Mr. Han wouldn’t even give you a chance. He saw you as a distraction, as someone who would never be…useful.

Were wealth and status really everything? Were they really enough for Mr. Han to be able to denounce his future grandchildren, his own flesh and blood? You loved Jumin with all of your being, and you were ready to withstand anything for him…but could you bring a child into a world where it would only be loathed and hated?

To top everything off, in Mr. Han’s eyes, were you really that awful?

Your heart sinks even further as your thoughts circle in your mind over and over. You want to cry, you really really do.

But you can’t.

Elizabeth the Third rubs against you lovingly, sensing your mood. You let out a sniffle and a pitiful laugh.

“I can’t cry right Elizabeth? If I do, Jumin would notice right away.”

There was no way Jumin could find out that Mr. Han had come to see you. Seeing Jumin argue with his father…you had no desire to see that. Every time they fought over the topic of you, Jumin would return with a painful look in his eyes that he often tried to mask away from you. Mr. Han was all Jumin had, and you were the one who had opened his heart. Choosing between the two of you always hurt him. You could always tell.

You hear a key turning the bolt on the front door, and you jump, startled from the sudden noise in an empty room. Elizabeth the Third leaves your arms to go greet Jumin, however, you stay seated, composing yourself and setting the same smile you had earlier onto your face.

“Welcome home~” You call out happily, the -ome part of the word raising up a few octaves. You rubbed your nose on the inside of your shirt quickly, wincing when Jumin flickered the lights on.

“MC? Why’re you sitting in the dark? Where’s your sister and Akari?” Jumin asked, concern lingering in every syllable.

You let out a small laugh, “ I had a slight headache, so I sent them away. I’m sorry, I know you were looking forward to seeing them.”

Jumin takes a seat next to you, tipping your chin up with his fingers to examine your face. “You do seem a little pale. Are you alright my love? I’m sorry I got home so late, there was a situation at the office.”

He kisses your forehead, as if kissing your fake heachache away. Being with him was always so warm. It always made you feel so safe. As if you belonged here.

Belonging here…the thought makes tears prickle at the corner of your eyes and you engulf yourself into Jumin’s arms quickly in an attempt to hide them.

Jumin jolts a little, startled. “MC?” He asks quietly, raising an eyebrow at you.

You don’t lift your head from his chest, “I just missed you…”

You feel his chuckle rumble in his chest, and his arms wrap around you and begin to rub small circles into your back.

“I missed you too love. I thought of you every second.” He says, before going on to tell you about his day.

His day. Here you are, wrapped in his arms and his love as he tells you about his day. Jumin smells like fresh lemons and oranges, and as you listen to his soothing voice wash over you, your heart begins to break. How could you ever be apart from him? From this love? From your home?

Jumin stops mid sentence.

“MC…are you crying?” He asks softly, tilting his head down to peer at the top of your head.

Your tears have soaked into his shirt and you shake your head hurriedly.

“It’s nothing! I just…my head…just really hurts.” You lie, more tears spilling from your eyes.

Jumin pulls away from you, before cupping your face in his large hands. “Is that so? Shall we go to the hospital?” He asks worriedly, already rising from the couch.

“N-no! It’s alright! I just need to rest.” You insist, pulling on his arm to stop him from moving away further.

Jumin stays silent for a moment, staring down at you with his dark eyes. The silence continues, tears still in your eyes and him still standing. Jumin’s sigh of defeat breaks the silence, and he squats down to your height on the couch, looking into your eyes.

“Are you sure?” He asks, kissing the corner of your eyes, riding them of your tears.

You give a meek nod, and instantly let out a small shriek when you’re hoisted into the air.

:J-Jumin?” You ask, wiggling in his arms as he makes his way to the bedroom.

“You’re going to rest.” He states, eyes looking straight ahead.

“But I’m not tired.” You state confused, lips slightly pouty.

Jumin halts right when he reaches the bed. His eyes look down at your pouting lips, and he leans forward, nipping them before pulling them away.

He loosens his tie in with his hand as he pulls away, “Who said anything about sleeping? Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to make your headache disappear.

The next morning you woke up to the sound of a suitcase rolling along the floor. You opened your eyes lazily, your body slightly sore from last night’s activities.

A kiss to your lips.

“Good morning my love.” Jumin’s voice rumbles in your ear.

You sit up, holding the sheets against your chest to clothed your naked figure underneath.

“You’re going already?” You ask.

Jumin gives a nod before kissing you again, “We’ve talked about this many times love. This business trip will be brief, I promise. I told you last week didn’t I?” He whispers against your lips.

This time you lean forward slightly, biting his lower lip gently, drawing a growl from him. “I know, doesn’t mean I like it.” You huff pulling away.

Jumin laughs, taking your hands in his own. “I have to go, my flight leaves fairly soon. I’ll call you the moment I land.” He presses a kiss to your hand, and you wave goodbye as he grabs his suitcase and departs from the room.

You fall back into the bed with a huff. Alone for a week. Urgh.

After getting over yourself, you had gone to take a shower and made breakfast. You served Elizabeth the Third her breakfast, and had even logged into the messenger for a while. You glared at the empty living room of the penthouse. How boring.

Opening your phone once more you dialed you sister, wanting to make up for the drama that had happened last night.

Your call goes straight to voicemail. Weird. Your sister almost always answered your calls. You shrug it off, perhaps she was caught up in one of Akari’s messes again.

You smile softly at that thought.

Rising from the kitchen stool you stretch your back, laughing as you see Elizabeth do the same. It’s already noon, and Jumin has yet to call you. You stifle a yawn before scooping Elizabeth into your arms. Maybe a nap would help pass the time.

A loud blaring sound jolts you awake. When had you dozed off? You groan and turn to the source of the noise. Your cell phone. Your sister’s name flashes brightly across the screen.

You sit, flickering on the lamp by the bedside and looking at the clock. 5:45PM.

You swipe your finger across the screen, bringing it to your ear as you clear your throat.

“Hello?” Your voice comes out groggy.

There’s a cough on the other line. You can hear hecticness on the other line, shouting voices and frantic calls.

“Hello miss? Is this a MC, sister of (Insert name here)” (Names are hard okay)

You freeze. A male voice? Calling from your sister’s number? You feel unease rise to your chest, and you stand from the bed, Elizabeth the Third jumping off with you.

“Yes…I’m her sister. May I ask who’s calling?” You respond. The voice hesitates for a moment.

“Miss…I’m sorry to tell you this, but your sister has passed away.” (I’m sorry it’s cliche but it needs to happen)

Your heart stops cold. Passed away? That…that was impossible. She and Akari had just been here yesterday. There was no way.

“H-how?” You manage to choke out.

There’s sympathy in the man’s voice. “She was involved in an automobile accident. She was killed instantly. I’m sorry for your loss miss.”

Your world comes crashing down.  All you had left…gone. Tears began to stream down your face, and your sob into the phone, not caring if the man hears you. Your sister…you had promised to look after her. Promised to take care of her. And yet here you were.

The man is silent for a moment, before continuing, “Miss…your sister’s child, your niece. She’s still alive. We need you to come down to the hospital quickly.”

Those words stop your sobs instantly. Akari. Akari needed you!

“O-of course. I’ll be there as soon as I can.” You hang up the phone, rushing to the closet to tug on a coat.

Within moments you’re out the door, hair wild and cell phone pressed against your ear.

“Come on. Pick up Jumin!” You whisper as you bolt down the stairs.

The dial tone blasts into your ears.

You scramble to the front desk of the hospital.

“I’m MC, I got a call regarding my niece. Akari (insert last name here)!”

The nurse stares at you wide eyed, before nodding and picking up the phone sitting on her desk. She says some things you don’t quite understand before her eyes return back to your face.

“Miss I’ve told the doctor that you’ve arrived. Please, have a seat while you wait for him.” She tells you calmly.

With a defeated nod you return to the waiting room, settling down in a chair. You pull your cell phone out from your pocket. No missed calls. Not even a text message.

You dial Jumin’s number again once more, but instead of even ringing, it goes right to voicemail. What was he doing? Frantically you dial him again and again, tears budding at the corners of your eyes before falling onto your phone screen in large thick droplets. Where was he when you needed him?

“Miss MC?” A voice calls out to you.

Your head lifts immediately from your phone screen. A man in a lab coat looks down at you.

“Doctor?” You ask softly, and he gives you a nod.

“Your niece…her condition is not good.” He says calmly to you.

Your heart drops. No. This wasn’t possible. You couldn’t lose Akari too.

“What…what’s wrong?”

You hear him go over the injuries she sustained. But what he says next, stuns you.

“MC. As her mother has passed away, you are her legal guardian now. Akari will need an open heart surgery, but before we can proceed we need to go over some paperwork…as well as cost.”

You stare up at him. “ much?”

He looks down at you pitifully. “$800,000 dollars.”

800,000. Where were you going to come up with that much money? You could…you could ask Jumin. But then wouldn’t you be like every other woman that had entered his life?

What were you going to do? Akari’s life was in your hands! How were you going to get that much money in time? Your mind was working into overdrive as tried desperately to come up with an answer.

You could get a loan. But how would you be able to pay it off? You shook your head roughly. No. That didn’t matter right now. You could get a loan, work the rest of your life if you had to, as long as you could save Akari everything would-

“Perhaps I could offer you something.”

You snap your head up at the voice. What? Lifting your eyes from the floor, your heart stopped dead in its tracks.  

Ta-dah! Sorry its long haha 

Jumin Helps With School Stress

I feel like this is a little off character??? I dunno, I like it anyway:)))) Enjoy!
School was your nemesis, and if it were alive, you’d be its nemesis. You were on your 3rd year of college and tonight you were struggling to not throw your laptop out the window while writing this god forsaken essay.  You would of just given up if you weren’t deathly afraid of getting a horrible grade, so more writing for you!
Sitting up in the bed you shared with your boyfriend, who was currently still at work, you tried to think of a good topic sentence for your last paragraph.You typed slowly, your fingers grazing over each key, as you tried to think of words. Any words. It was already 2 am, and fatigue had been looming over your head like a moth drawn to a flame. You groaned and pressed random letters on the keyboard out of frustration and quickly deleted the mess of letters left in your wake.
The door to your room opened and walked in your boyfriend, Jumin Han. He looked exhausted, a full day at the office will do that. You momentarily look up at him, not wanting to lose the focus you worked so hard to keep.
“Hey.” You mumbled, erasing the sentence you wrote with a groan following.
“Hello, Princess,” He said taking off how tie and placing it on the dresser near the  door.
He makes his way to the side of the bed you’re on, puts a finger under your chin and makes you look at him in the eyes.
“What are you writing?” He asks and brushes a lock of hair out of your face.
“An essay on um..” You turn your attention back to the screen quickly,“Stockholm Syndrome. I’ve been working on it all day. It’s such a complex thing and it’s exhausting to explain in detail.” You look at him again. He’s just staring at you.
“You still look absolutely gorgeous when you’re tired.” He whispers and kisses your lips again, pushing you back slightly. You two part and he plants another kiss on your forehead. You turn back to the laptop and resume writing as Jumin takes a pile of clothes to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, Jumin emerges from the bathroom wearing…sweatpants? And a t-shirt? The ‘commoner’ ones you got him last month…
You look at him, amazed. Normally, he’d wear some expensive ‘designer’ pajama set that he swore would make him sleep better.
“What’s with the get-up?” You giggle, “Getting tired of being so fancy?” He glances at you with a smirk before tossing his dirty clothes into the laundry basket.
“I was just thinking about how you said they’re comfortable, and I decided to give them a chance.” He said throwing a small smile in your direction.
“And I must admit,” he said as he climbed on the bed, “They are exceptionally comfortable.“  You hum in agreement.
His weight shifts from next to you to behind you and his fingers softly glide up and down your back, sending shivers down your spine.  He moved closer to you, his chest flat against your back and his legs wrap around your hips. You can’t help but giggle.
"What is so amusing, kitten?” His head is perched on your shoulder, watching you type.
“You’re wrapped around me like a sloth.” You stifle another giggle as he wraps his arms around your waist. He kisses your neck, down to your shoulder and back up again.
“Has any sloth you’ve met been as affectionate?” He mumbles into your neck.
“Let me think…” You look around as if you were trying to remember something, “actually, this one sloth-”
His lips are pressed against yours again. Sweet. Soft. Lush.

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hi! how do you think v would react to MC flirting with him?~

*insert lenny face here cause I’m too lazy to go look it up* 


  • He honestly at first has no clue that MC is flirting with him at first
  • Till one night he’s like looking through some old pictures he took, etc. And it just suddenly dawns on him like- 
  • “…Wait… Was she? Flirting with me…?”
  • Yes V, yes she was. 
  • “…Oh”
  • I think he’d seem very smooth with how he would react to MC’s flirting now
  • But on the inside he’s like “oh m y god-” like he doesn’t know if he’s doing okay with this- 
  • He becomes aware of every time you flirt; and he loves it, because you flirting is just so cute to him. 
  • He’s also shocked, like Jihyun is self-conscious of himself, and when he finds out you like him?? 
  • “Wait really?” 
  • He’s happy
  • Flirt with him, 
  • Do it
  • Love the sweet oblivious, self conscious boy; show him he is worth it