ultimate list of herbs/plants

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Acacia: Blessing, raising of vibration, and protection via spiritual elevation.
Agrimony (cocklebur): Helps to overcome fear, dispel negative emotions, and overcome inner blockages.
Allspice: Adds strength to will and gives determination and perseverance. Gives added vitality and energy. Also good for social gatherings: increases harmony, sympathy, and cooperation between people and stimulates friendly interaction and conversation.
Almond: Attracts money. Promotes alertness and wakefulness.
Aloe: Promotes patience, persistence, and resolve. Also inner healing and overcoming blockages.
Amber: Mental clarity and focus. Protection from harm, outside influences, and psychic attack.
Ambergris: Strengthens the effect of anything it is added to or used with. By itself, gives strength and vitality (substitute: cypress and patchouli mix)
Anise: Psychic opening and clairvoyance. Opens third eye. Aids in perception of and connection to the Divine.
Aphrodisia: Passion, sexuality, and romance.
Apple or Apple Blossom: Promotes peace of mind, contentment, happiness, and success in all undertakings.
Apricot: Encourages sexuality and sensual passion. An aphrodisiac.
Asafoetida: Protection and banishing negativity.
Azalea: Encourages light spirits, happiness, and gaiety.
Banana: Helps overcome serious blockages or obstacles.
Basil: Promotes sympathy, financial prosperity, peace, and understanding. Helps to avoid arguments and clashes. 
Bayberry: Good fortune, blessing, and money and prosperity.
Bay Leaf (laurel): Protection and purification. Repels negativity. Promotes good fortune, success, and victory.
Benzoin: Used for cleansing and purification. Helps to remove blockages. Promotes strength, confidence, and willpower. Strengthens the effect of anything it is added to or used with.
Bergamot: Protection and prosperity. Combined with mint to work faster.
Birch: Spiritual and psychic opening, connecting with spirit helpers. Promotes balance, harmony, in connection to others.
Camphor: Increases one’s persuasiveness and personal influence. Adds strength to any mixture it is a part of. Also used for purification.

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[Mystic Messenger] Re-login to get the iOS Hourglass Compensation

Hello, this is Cheritz.

Since the iOS patch has been delayed due to the review process, we have added realtime compensation (80 hourglasses) for iOS users.Please re-login to collect your compensation (iOS only).

*If you already have received the compensation on Android, a duplicated compensation is not available.

Also, iOS patch date can differ from Android. For example, while there are two patches with Android, iPhone could have only one patch(or vice versa).

Transferring between Android and iOS can keep you from collecting compensations when two devices have different patch counts. Please keep that in mind.

We will work our best to follow your feedback. We apologize for the long wait for iOS users.

Thank you!

anonymous asked:

Okay;; so I have super terrible kidneys, and I get kidney infections literally so often. You would think I get used to how bad they hurt but nOPE. THEY STILL HURT LIKE HELL;A; but I refuse to go to the hospital whenever I get them because I just tend to ignore it till it goes away a few weeks later.. plus cause I hate getting IVs more than literally anything istg. Wouldit be okay if I request what the RFA+Saeran would do?? Sorry, and thank you;w;

(as someone who has a worse immune system than saeran I feel ya nonnie x.x  and I TOTALLY RELATE THE TO THE IV THING. I only have like maybe 2 good spots in my right arm for IVs now, cuz the rest of the spots have scarred veins x.x ) 


- Poor boy would panic. 

- You’re in so much pain, and he wants to help! 

- He would beg for you to go to the hospital, but would respect your refusal. With some bargaining, he took you to a local doctor for antibiotics. With his goal of being a veterinarian, he’d know how important it was to cleanse the infection, and not letting it fester into something far worse. He’d understand just how important kidneys are to the body.

- He’d research and ask so many questions on what to do to help you feel better because humans are far different from animals.

- If he couldn’t watch over you, he’d ask one of the RFA members for help. 

- He’d hug you through it all, rub your back, and hold back your hair when the nausea got too severe, and do his best to keep you on round the clock painkiller and fever reducer. 


- He’d first notice when you took longer in the bathroom. He’d knock on the door asking if you were okay in there. He could tell something was wrong.  When you came out exhausted he pulled you close in his arms. 

- “ Last night..I had a dream that you were in a lot of pain. You said it would be fine and go away, were still in so much pain and the fevers…” he mumbled, “ Is…that what is happening now?” he asked. 

- Giving in, you’d explain that its a kidney infection. 

- At first he’d be packing to help you to the hospital, but you’d explain that not every case needs hospitalization as long as its not severe. 

- He’d still be antsy about it. He’d try to spend as much time as possible with you, but when he couldn’t he’d specifically ask Jumin to let Jaehee have a break and help you. Jaehee would be the only one he’d trust you alone with. 

- He’d have to owe Jumin a favor later for getting Jaehee off work. 

- With a doctor visit, mainly to ease Zen’s worries, you received some antibiotics. 


- She’d known instantly something was wrong. You looked worse for wear, there was a…smell… and you keep making runs to the bathroom, but still being hesitant to enter. 

- She’d have you sit down and tell her whats wrong. 

- Once you explain that its a kidney infection, and that it’ll be gone in a few weeks. You just need some antibiotics. 

-Jaehee would trust you, but she still does her own mountain of research. She would learn so much about kidneys and infections that she’d educate you! 

- After some talking and negotiating with Jumin, she worked at home while taking care of you. 


- He wound seem calm, but in reality he was panicking. 

- He’d call his private doctor without listening to your explanations or whimpers. His mind would be only able to focus on finding an answer and to alleviate your pain. 

- Considering the guy know the average hairs his cat sheds, he’d know with a glance that you were definitely not well. 

- Once talking with the doctor that it was a kidney infection, and that you could manage it. He’d prescribe some antibiotics. Jumin would have Jaehee research kidneys, their role in the body, and infections, and then submit a report. He’d also ask you questions wanting to finally hear it from the patient. 

- He’d have Jaeehee reschedule everything until you were better, or until matters at the office became too pressing to leave alone. 

- He’d attend to your ever need until it past. Afterwards he’d hug you tight, and beg you to tell him whenever something was wrong. You scared him..


- He did a background check on you, so he’s already of your multiple kidney issues. 

- When an infection happens he tosses a bottle of antibiotics at you.You’d catch them and look at him confused. He’d grinned and say, “  Infection? God Seven Zero Seven has you covered!~” 

- He’d spend his day with you researching about Kidney infections, and checking to make sure it wasn’t severe. You kept saying you didn’t need to go to the hospital…but he wanted to stay on top of the situation until you were in the clear. 

- In the past he used to help take care of Saeran, so taking care of you was pretty old school. 


- He could tell you weren’t feeling well, but he had no idea it was a kidney infection! When you told him in an attempt to ease his worry and curiosity, it made him freeze in worry. He remembered the infections he had in the past. He remembered how awful they were. 

- He’d actually have some strong painkillers and antibiotics left over from when he lived with Rika. 

- As weak as he was, he’d have a medical stash of things to take care of himself with. 

-  He’d offer them to you if they’d help. He just wants you to feel better if its possible. 

- Probably just so he’d feel better you’d go and get your own prescription so you wouldn’t use his. Cuz…thats illegal. Saeran needs to learn the legal thing despite his good intentions. 

~ Yoosung 


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