My only wish for this year is for 2014 not to be a more hurtful 2010 for Super Junior and ELF.
—  i just don’t want to see a crestfallen Leeteuk who is secretly hiding his prepared thank you speech for the daesang.i don’t want to witness EunHae (and Kyuhyun) trying so hard to not cry because of disappointment.i don’t want to see the members looking at ELFs feeling sorry like they weren’t able to do their best for us,they did but to be frank,we ELF somehow fell short.and lastly,it’s also not a good sight for ELFs to later on say a lot of what ifs.heechul warned us that year but we were too is the right time to make up for it.let’s make sure that 2014 is really SJ’s and ELF’s year.coz it won’t turn out that way if we don’t help each other.2010 has a lot of excuses specially during the Daesang,so let us not give them more excuses to deliberately put us down.if we are gonna do this,let’s do this’s almost time for 7jib,NOW is the right time to prepare.
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Peter's back in freezing Seoul. So what's new?

(NEWS|INFO) Donghae was hospitalised recently – Peter visited him – has a condition caused by stress/fatigue|160128

Peter : This week , I had many questions asking about Donghae condition . Actually Donghae been hospitalised few weeks before When he was hospitalised that very day , I went to visit him . I did not want to be the first to talk about this person .because in situation / things like this , it is a bit sensitive especially when the company didnt give this news / reply back .It best to keep things in secret . but now there are many fans who are discussing about this topic. and also everyone can understand the situation more now so I think that talking about his condition now is relatively safe.Donghae feels better now , but during that day when he was hospitalised . his body condition was not well .I dont know what’s the name of the  illness / disease that caused Donghae to be hospitalised..but I know is that he always under and then his body become fatigue .
What’s better now , he recovering well now & it already not we get to see him back to duty soon. It funny how the human body reacts to stress. If you are always under stress , no matter in any condition you are , even the strongest fittest person will fall sick..Me and you both know Donghae is the strongest person , his skin is dark & he an althete.That day when I visited him that night , he was a bit humourous , that time he was aching in pain due to his condition .But compared to this , he more frustrated because he cant workout.My reaction at that time was “Friend  ? you had more serious stuff you should be worrying about.Compared to the  unattended workout sessions , your health is more important ” but , This is him.Other then this stuff , even since he was hospitalised the few weeks , he’s recovering well slowly & feeling better.And then he will return to his everyday life. so do not worry , for him Everyone do stay positive. I think his brother & Mother must be worried , so the thing is everyone must do is not to let yourself feel stress .And he will recover & return to his normal state .When we are wishing Donghae to recover & get well soon , I want to play a song that hasnt been played for a while .Coming from Super Junior 10th anniversary album track , This is D&E Don’t wake me up.

*talking about Donghae’s condition starts from 30:50 at the link above

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