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Who are your fav tumblr blogs and why?

They’re really nice and super sweet and they say good morning and goodnight everyday with added gifs~

I literally think I’d lose my sanity if it weren’t for them tbh. They are actually the best and I love them with all my heart🍃

They’re great and funny and really kind and I love their content so much?? Like I stalk a lot of blogs in my spare time lol

So nice to me and lovely

Top Notch™ human

For talking about BTS with me and just being overall really kind??

The first person I talked to on here~ and for staying a follower?? Like seriously they were like my fifth follower bro.

I love their content and the things they make!! They are also just kinda all around great?

We met on Valentine’s Day because they were my anonymous valentine and they are one of the best people I’ve ever met??

What a precious sunflower~~ Mary is really kind, loving, caring, and accepting of everyone and everything. She is one of my best friends and the world need more people with her type of passion for good.

Memes bro

We used to talk a lot and they were always there for me we I needed them~ they’re really nice and funny and quality content.

Really nice and encouraging^°^

When I first started they were my favorite blog•v•

Mew mew

Never talked but they are really nice and seeing Nikki on my dash makes my day~

Really super nice and talented°^°

I love your content and you stalk me occasionally lol I do stalk you too I just don’t give notes.

Asks me how I am~

@theirnewhome •
Just because why wouldn’t you love them??

Dude there are so many more but these are just from the tippy top of my head~ so like if you aren’t on here it’s probably because I’m p tired from school~ sorry x^x

It’s taken me a long time, but I’ve finally hit 100 followers!

(also I hit 100 subscribers on YouTube wth)

So, in the spirit of originality, I decided to do a follower forever…


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@backin2009 @bluemoonfranta @bondange @buttchair


@crisshowell @catwhisker @cozydan @crushlester @crystalhowell @crisshowell @consivanqueen


@danhowellgifs @dannyhowell @dailybooth @dantiloquent @demonphannie @dailyphan @danyphil @downintheforst @dimplydan


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@hazehayes @howellfromtheotherside @hotlinehowell @happyhappyphan @hermionegoals @honortronnor @heathenshowell


@impastobreath @illmakeuhowell 




@lestersandvirtues @littlegreyhowell @lumoshowell @lesbianphil @lumoshowell @loverboylester @literallydanhowell @lindseymorgan


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@pseudophan @pinofs @pleasedontkickthepj @pewdieberg @pamoonblackbird @phantheraglama @perksofbeingaphangirl0 @phandomausnz @phantastic-dan @pewphan @philsdrill  


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Hey everyone!! So i just hit 1,000 followers today which is INSANE. Thank you all so much for following me and giving me a chance to share my love for Dan and Phil with you. I’ve made a lot of great friends and mutuals so far (in the relatively short time that I’ve been here), and i’m so thankful for that! i love you all!!♡

mutuals are bolded; favs are italicized

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And, of course, @amazingphil​ and @danisnotonfire

Sorry if I left anyone out (this is my first follow forever so there’s bound to be flaws ah). But thanks guys for filling my dash with edits, gifs, art, phan, and memes. ILY!