My next idea for an OTP is the Phantom (his name is Erik in the book, but I’m talking about the musical) and Christine, from "The Phantom of the Opera"… The problem is that I like Raoul and Christine together just as much…

     You see, I believe that Raoul truly loves and cares about Christine and that Christine loves him, but he doesn’t understand the depth of how the Phantom’s voice makes her feel and therefore doesn’t really understand that needs to sing. He might even think that she’s does opera for the fame, kind of like Carlotta.

     I think that the Phantom also really loves Christine, but he mostly loves her for her voice. He said it himself, he wants her to sing his music. And Christine at least feels compassion for the Phantom, who wouldn’t? But if she’d stayed with him, I think that the fact that he kidnapped her and murdered people would’ve always be hanging over her. The Phantom said that fear can turn into love, but can it really?

     "What about Christine?“ One might ask. I don’t think Christine even knows how she feels.

     We won’t talk about "Love Never Dies”.