Last minute Sherlock themed Christmas cards. Want one?

Here is another chance for you to receive a Sherlock-themed Christmas card this year! You may not get it by Christmas…but how awesome will it be to get one last card?

I will mail these overseas, but you probably won’t get it by Christmas. But believe me, that will be perfect with these cards. (You’re overseas from me if you’re outside the United States.)

I am currently assembling these. There are only 40. Here are the guidelines:

1. email asking for a card. You will have to provide your name and an address for me to mail these to. That’s the only way you can get one! Please also tell me your tumblr address; I’ll want to contact you through tumblr and make sure you’re a legitimate person wanting a card.  :3 

2. You do not have to follow me on tumblr, but if you do I’ll be really happy…

3. There is currently no deadline to this; I will edit this post and make an additional post when all the cards are taken. There will also be no raffle. I will literally send these to the first 40 people who email asking for one.

Please reblog this even if you don’t want a card. I don’t have a huge amount of followers, so I’m hoping to get just 40 people to respond so I can send these all out!  Thanks!

- HolliGenet

December 13, 2012:

This is from last year guys! I’m not sending out cards this year (how anyone found this I have no idea).

Sherlock going Super Saiyan


I have absolutely no idea why you wanted this drawn, other than it’s pure crack. I gave you John too as extra.

I don’t know why I wasn’t laughing as I made this, but I was chuckling pretty hard when the sketch was done.

I was too lazy to do color. If someone wants to add color for whatever reason, go ahead.  LOL