Shameless Meme: 1/10 scenes

If that wasn’t bullshit, what was I wearing? First time you saw me”
Black top with gold trim, black shiny jeans, thin shoes - no straps - sandals. With your hair pinned high. Dangly gold earrings that made me smile.”

Out To Dry

This is my
Shameless comfort-
To air what blood
Escapes me
And hangs
Like dirty laundry
Across sullied sheets
Of prose
That are cloth
And fibers
By the lines
To sunshine
Where the wind
And passing
Are judgments
Caught in drifts
Of the natural
Change in weather
Where applause
Is rarely certain
As a shower
Of promised fortune
For the verse
Of rarest gifts
That marks
Its biggest challenge
By the risk
It takes explaining
As a presence
So often hated
In the light
Of clearest day
Where an honest
Show of hands
Can make
Or break its meaning
Just as storms
Come raging  
And wreck
The shirts that dry
While those
Who air
Their grievance
Are never the ones
That wear it
Or dare
To cast their effort
And brave
The climates cold
And bold
As fairest measure
Of worth
In the colors faded
On apparel
Duly noted
As the uniform
Of precious souls
Who despite
The fickle setting
On routine cleaning
And expressing
What dirt
Imbues them
With the sense
Of simple worth.

- J. Pigno


Shameless US AU where Ian enlisted after Mickey’s wedding, but instead of going back to Chicago after quitting the army, he went to New York. Little did he know that a few months after he left Mickey left too. He dyed his hair, changed his identity and joined NYPD. When Ian goes off his meds once again, goes on a drug bender and completely fucks up, Mickey is the one sent to take care of the situation. It’s the first time they see each other in years.