“Oi, Forehead, open up!”

Ino huffed before pounding her fist against Sakura’s apartment door.

“Come on, Sakura, wake up!”

They’d planned this day nearly two months ago. That’s how long it had taken for them to find a day they were both off of work. The lull following the war was over and as the nations worked to rebuild the Allied Villages’ forces were now stretched thin between resuming a near normal amount of missions while any shinobi with other skills were still working with restoration. This meant that if one of them were assaigned a mission the other was pulling a double shift at the hospital.

For the last six months they’d only seen one another, or any of their other friends, if they swung by the hospital or were assigned a mission together. So they had arranged a day where neither of them worked because Ino missed Sakura, Sakura missed Ino, and they both needed a break.

They were going to sleep in and then go shopping followed by lunch with a side of gossip before deciding what to so for the afternoon. So here Ino was pounding on Sakura’s apartment door nearly 10 minutes after they had agreed to meet.

Ino had been sent to get Sakura enough times to know if she was home and asleep her incessant pounding would have been enough to wake her. It was always possible that Sakura had been summoned to the hospital for an emergency, but Ino had just checked in at the hospital on the way from her house and there were no cases warranting Sakura on her day off.

There was also the possibility that Sakura had been called for a mission. When that had happened in the past they had started leaving notes for each other so at least they wouldn’t worry if the other disappeared clandestinely for a week. But Ino had already checked under the welcome mat where Sakura left her messages and there was nothing.

Ino growled and pound on the door a few more times. Sakura was in there she could tell. She pushed back at the dread creeping up her spine as all of the reasons Sakura might not be answering sprung to mind one after the other.

She shook her head and went to the end of the walkway. Sakura’s apartment was the last apartment on this level and furthest from the stairs. It was a modest apartment, nothing fancy. Its best feature, aside from its proximity to the hospital and Hokage tower, was the view from Sakura’s bedroom.

She swung herself over the walkway railing and with a little chakra jumped to the sill of Sakura’s bedroom window. As she secured a hand hold she felt mild panic at what she saw. She knew for a fact that Sakura never completely closed her curtains. She said she liked to watch the moon and stars over Hokage Mountain.

Ino knocked on the window and called for Sakura again. She was beginning to actually worry. She braced her hand against the glass of the window and twisted to rummage through the purse slung across her torso. She was trying to reach the lock pick tools she kept in an inside pocket of her purse so she didn’t see the hand the appeared from between the curtains to open the window.

With a yelp of surprise, Ino fell forward until her upper torso was inside Sakura’s bedroom. She struggled briefly with the curtains before looking up to be met with the sight of the one and only Sasuke Uchiha.

Wait, Sasuke? Last time she heard Sasuke was still traveling the world in search of himself, and redemption, and some kind of closure for a lifetime spent on lies.

“She’s in the shower. She can’t hear you.”

Past her initial shock at seeing him Ino really looked and saw the red across Sasuke’s cheeks and nose. More than just embarrassed he looked flushed, red creeping up his neck. On top of that his overall appearance was disheveled like he’d just come from a fight. There were even red bruises forming on his neck and his collar bone where his undershirt didn’t cov- OH MY GOD.

Ino’s thought processes slammed to a stop as if she’d run straight into a tree trunk. Her brows shot up in sync with her jaw dropping open.

Sasuke didn’t notice her gaping at him as he didn’t seem to be able to look at her.

Sasuke cleared his throat. “It’s my fau-She didn’t forget about your plans.”

She watched his gaze flit across the floor. “She’s been looking forward to today.” he said.

After two more silent, painfully awkward moments Ino grasped some of her bearings. “Tell her I’ll be waiting out front.”

Sasuke managed to nod but still didn’t make eye contact.

Ino worked her way backwards out of the window before moving to jump back the way she came. She thought she did an amazing job not breaking out into hysterical laughter until Sasuke had closed the window.

Sakura’s entire face was red when she stepped out of her apartment a few minutes later. She pointedly ignored the mischievous grin plastered on Ino’s.

Ino cleared her throat. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” she asked before pulling her own purse up into view. Sakura groaned before turning back to her door.

Once the door was closed Sakura went .to where her bag was hanging over the back of a kitchen chair and hesitated before making a bee line back to her bedroom.

She found Sasuke sitting on the edge if her bed working on fastening his pants after turning them right-side out. In a few steps she’d inserted herself between his knees and pulled his face up to hers for a deep kiss. His response was immediate, hand raising to her waist as he melted into her kiss.

She pulled back and their half-lidded gazes met. “Promise you’ll be here when I get back?” she asked.

Sasuke smiled “Aa.”

With a last peck on the lips Sakura was out of the room heading for the front door grabbing her bag on the way. She was gone before she could see Sasuke fall back on the bed his smile stretching into a grin.

Sakura emerged from her apartment the second time sporting a much milder blush and a smile. Ino smirked at her before linking one of her arms through Sakura’s. “Well, let’s get going. I feel like we have a lot to talk about!”